Saturday, January 31, 2009

Lil Wayne CBS All Access Interview

Lil Wayne seems to be able to pull off and do anything these days, even an interview on CBS.  Here is a clip of Lil Wayne with an exclusive pre-grammy interview with Katie Couric.

Monthly Throwback!

I am going to start off a little tradition on the blog, and put up throwback tracks every month. The tracks will be from OLD SCHOOL hip hop to something not TOO recent that will just have you saying "damn, I remember when this hit."

This month's throwback is from one of the greatest groups to ever grace the name Hip-Hop. If you know hip-hop all I have to say is Midnight Marauders… Do you know what a Marauder is?? Be a Marauder of Music at midnight haha.
This is February's Post by the way.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pensar (When Fashion Goes too Far)

What's Good?
AAHHH man check this out. This image troubles me very much. I'm wondering how fashion has gone too far. Yeezy is my boy and all but this dude is leaving question marks all over his head. Lately in the media he has said some things that has left all of his fans shaking their heads. I know fashion has taken a 360 to where your clothes is a sense of expression. but DAMN. Every guy looks Happier than the other in this photo. Listen, Man Purses ARE GAY i don't care about any sexual preference of my readers but some things are just not appropriate for a heterosexual male. I'm pretty sure Homosexual males would like to keep their swag to themselves since everyone exiles them in the anyway. Kanye first the horrible album which spoke nothing about this "depressive state" of mind you were in and now this horrible fashion statement you are making.

Pensar (who's To Blame)

What's Good?
Well Listen up to some terrifying news I have received. Ohio state University has put a social moratorium on seven historical African American sororities and fraternities. The university Officials stated that due to prior violent altercations, The University decided to suspend the Org's. The African American Greek lettered org's stood up in unity to resolve this situation bringing light to the truth by explaining that the reported altercation that was posted in a newsletter was absolutely false. The moratorium is now removed. I found this situation very intriguing because of the situation my line brothers and I are facing with keeping the legacy alive by expanding. When the African American Greek lettered organization were restrained with a dilemma they stood up for one another. The Org's at St. John's don't know how to put their differences aside to conquer one task. It's call Greek unity for a reason because when you stand together all your ideals can become reality. So whether or not if they are "Skaters", "CAT" or "Paper" you still have to treat the NHPC like a business. So today I declare that all African American Greek lettered Organizations to build a relationship with every Greek Lettered org..

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Music Update

What's Good?
You already know the deal. Here go some music to add to your playlist.

Chris actually found some time to shake Rihanna off and work in the studio again. This song is pretty good, it reminds me of Just fine from his first self titled LP.
Marques Houston calls upon Mr. I'll make your remix a hit Loso to show how they would do it for you ladies. I guess this song is for you.
Juelz Santana Cruises on the beat. Seem like Skull Gang isn't doing too well so now he has to hit the drawing board and make it work for Juelz again.
Well if it isn't one of our favorite white boys. Justin Timberlake is making a comeback since his last successful album.
Bow Wow goes back to the old ways making the slow jam rap songs. Johnta Austin contributes as usual. I personally wouldn't buy a Bow Wow album but for those who do, I hope he delivers a good one for you guys.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


What's Good?
Here is the actually track.....Ride wit me.

I wanna give a special Thanks to


What's Good?
Yo this shit is too exclusive. Ya fucking boy H to the izzo rips the fucking stage apart at club love. Shout out to Jeezy but damn Jay You killin'em. Im TOO HYPE!!!

Damn What more can i say!

Sunday, January 18, 2009


What's Good?
I know this is random but since the Notorious movie is out,there has been a lot of emotions circulating in the air. Biggie was one of the most influential rappers of my time and the 90's. Biggie introduce me to hip hop when I moved to Brooklyn. I really listen and tried to acquire everything he brought to the game. I really get emotional sometimes when I sit back and reminisce. People don't understand the power of his music and how every song affected a county of people. He help people of Brooklyn develop a sense of pride that makes every Brooklynite standout amongst Stars.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Absolute Comedy!!!

What's Good?
Check out the random life of people down in the 3rd ward of New Orleans. This Homeless dude got rhymes for days, He is the best homeless rapper so far. Green Eyezz is too funny for letting me see this video!! Check how the dudes in the background is hyping him on.

Here Go another Video that is too funny. Thanks Ashley...."Alah RACK BAR"

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Are You Black??

Are you Black?
Ask yourself that question..

If your answer is yes, why? What designates you as Black? Because your skin color is brown? or is your answer just I am Black thats what I am?

If you consider yourself black, you are most likely of African Descent. Therefore, if you are in America, you are an African American.
WHY are you called Black is what I am getting at. Why label yourself as Black?
(YES this applies for West Indian descent Too! lol)

We as African Americans were given the distinction as Blacks in times of slavery and inequality. We do have darker skin but we do not have black skin, just as Caucasians do not have white skin. So why were and are we called black?

Click this link to see the definition of black and scroll through all of the definitions past the basic definition: (read all the definitions)
Definition of Black
Now why would you want to be called black?
i.e. look up the definition of white also...

Nevertheless, we recognize ourselves as black and stand strong by empowering what it is to be black. But our culture, lifestyle, soul, love, strength, and wisdom whether African American or black is ours.

Just a thought... nothing more... not preachin'
MaX StatZ,
Dont Be Afraid to look up in the Sky

Portrait Of A Woman

What's Good?
We Honor Tachina Arnold For this post of Portrait of A Woman. She is really beautiful and her face is timeless. She has been around for years and best known for her acting part in the television sitcom Martin as Gina's best friend. I used to be looking at the television when I used to hear how Martin Lawrence say she was ugly. I guess only me and Cole feel the same way. Her resume is pretty deep with many acting performances such as Drillbit Taylor, Preaching to The Choir and UPN sitcom Everybody hates Chris. I know she is probably over the limit but I'll still treat her like a lady.

Music Update

Giving you a few more tunes for the iTunes. Shout out to imeem.

Twista came with a hot track right here. He always comes with a few tracks that hit. This track is definitely on that intimate feel. It rocks though.
ummm..... Go In Time. Thats all I gotta say.
Watup Brooklyn and Watup Cali.


Both of these dudes are making a statement in the game right now. Young Chris is coming back on his solo tip collaborating with the up and coming Wale. Both ripped it to me, see what you think.
1 Love.

Service To All Mankind

When was the last time you gave back to the community? Financial contributions are nice but actually giving time out of your day is the true blessing. Mainly for my younger years, I gave back to my neighborhood by volunteering my services to make my environment a much more healthy place. H.E.L.P. USA has been the recipient of my service when trying to change the attitude of at risk youth. Now I'm a recipient of their service which they dedicated themselves to do since 1986. I would of never thought after graduating high school that I would attend one of New York's Great universities. H.E.L.P. USA has made that possible for me. I'm now a Junior at St. John's University. One day I will return to H.E.L.P. to keep their vision alive for many more decades. Homelessness and unemployment is rising due to the recession. Many people are losing their lives and H.E.L.P. is trying their best efforts to provide for those who have lost so much during these times. Homelessness not only affect adults, it also affects their children. Children can lose focus in school or not even become social with their peers which is absolutely abnormal for a child. You can make a difference by just volunteering a small portion of your by mentoring a child who is at risk. one a week can make a difference it surely worked for me. Check HELPUSA.ORG and see where you can give back....Every minute counts!

Music Update

Whats Good?
You already know the drill! Here go some new joints for Y'all, can't say I never gave y'all nothing.

The rap and R&B duo puts together another joint for the clubs. J.R. Rotem supplies the sounds to get the spring break hunnies up to speed when this track hits the sound waves in the Keys down in Florida. This is not one of the Duo's best work but it cut the standard.

Well for the most part this is a very uncommon blend but hey the song is pretty good. Guess he put Max B's salary to use by hiring R. Les to put the vocals on the track. This is the common follow up for a second single. Look out for Pray IV Reign coming soon!
Get ready to go back to school because Nas school's the listeners once again. This track sounds like it didn't quite make his latest project Untitled (N.I.G.G.E.R.), but its still dope. Do I hear a lost tapes part 2!

Ginuwine has returned! The Singer /Dancer has a pretty good catalogue of albums. Hopefully he will keep it that way. This is pretty good and reminiscent of the "Bachelor". He is also a D.C. Native. Shout out to the home of the GoGo.
Ginuwine- Even When I'm Madd

Monday, January 12, 2009

Say Good Night To The Bad Guy (Heath Ledger)

Tonight on January 11Th Heath Ledger was awarded one of the many award to come for his terrific acting contribution in the Batman- The Dark Knight. During the announcement of his win all in attendance stood up with a mixture of emotions. Grieving his death and and showing pride in his achievement. R.I.P. Heath Ledger...

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Pensar...( Response)

What's Good?
This one is out of Humor! Ladies please dont trip. It's only a JOKE. Fella's Get ready to laugh!
If I was a Dog
I think I would understand/
How to keep these Girls just falling/
My phone they wont stop calling/
and never break a heart with regret..../
If I was Dog...
Would you see me the same/
(would You see me the same)Ohhhhh
If after lust I just stop calling/
Your name I cant recall it/
(Call it)
And say my broken heart is to blame/....
I wont listen to her/
and say things just cause it hurts/
(just cause it hurt)ohhhh
I'll tell her friends to mind their buisiness/
Keep her down by hurting her feeling/
If she wanna smile a Man ,What she wants/
If I was a Dog.........

Blog Alert!!! ...It's A Man's World.

What's Good?
Fellow Blogger and steady readers, I have a treat for you guys. My boys just started a Blog and after listening to their ideas, I'm pretty convince they are gonna be around for a while. These two guys will bring on the comedy through real men questions. Its a good Duo because they are two different types of people from two different sides of the U.S. (East & West Coast). Stay tuned and listen to both sides of seriousness and Comical behavior. IT'S A MAN'S WORLD!
Check it Out
A Real Man's World

Music Update!

Whats Good?
How y'all folks doing? Here go some music to add on the itunes or Window's media!
This is one of the dopest songs in the club and in everyone's stereo. Trey Does his one two thing and teams up with Mr. Ill make your R&B remix hot. Fabolous delivers a bit of comedy to add to the track. "What's Good with ya/ What's Poppin yo/ You on the floor shining/ You must use mop and glo/" - Fabolous
Bow Wow resurface with his second single. Welcoming back JD as a label and mentor they collaborate once again to speak about their problems on wax.
Bow Wow Feat. Jermaine Dupri - Roc Da Mic

What more can you say? Dream makes a duet with his label mate Mariah Carey to create another song which sounds very good.
The Dream feat Mariah Carey- My Love

Weezy F. teams up with the most versatile man in the music industry to bring you this gritty sounding track. Skateboard P can make everything sounds good with him and his super production duo in him and Chad.
Lil Wayne and Pharell- Yes

Friday, January 9, 2009

Tis The Season!!!

Tis The Season For SNOW, COLD WEATHER, and for some the COLDEST WINTER lol
For those who are frequently fly as myself,  it is not the weather to ruin your kicks.
So it is the perfect weather to throw on your boots.
For my DC peoples, you already know to throw on those Nike Boots.
Some people might throw on the Timbs but Nike Boots wearers... Flyer than the Rest of them, still got my Nike Boots!

So it's only right to hand it over to Wale.

Wale "Nike Boots" video (Directed by Chris Robinson) from Elitaste on Vimeo.

Shout outs to Vimeo for the Vid.

I'm Owt,
MaX StatZ

Portrait of A Woman

What's Good?
The entry of "Portrait of A Woman" is honoring award winning, Philanthropist and Loving Mother Taraji P. Henson. The D.C. Native born September 11Th, (No I wont tell the year, we'll keep her beauty ageless) has quite an impressive resume. She has won 6 acting awards and nominated for 15. I really feel this year she will win the biggest award (Academy Award) for supporting actress for her new film with Brad Pitt in The Curious case of Benjamin Button. I really like everything about this woman because she has the realistic beauty of a woman and not the fabricated magazine ideal woman every young boy fantasizes about. I really wish her many more years of success in her career and life.

Pensar (All By Yourself)

What's Good?
Damn, I had a real talk session with some real good friends of mine from college. We spoke about some real good things that was nerve pinching. One of my friends (Ms. Janeese Lewis) said I was bitter. It really struck a nerve with me but I loved it because it made me feel like I was almost misunderstood. Listen closely I' am far from bitter and neither am I in denial. Why when '09 is the year of the Lady. LOL! Lets get to the point of this post. Remember how Beyonce help start a revolution of independent woman which evolved into a mosh pit of bitter egotistical women. This woman help lead a rally and left everyone of her followers for dead. Honestly speaking Beyonce made woman have a resentment for men and now she is happy with a man leaving behind a bunch of disgruntle bitches with no guidance. Whoops she sent y'all up shits creek with no paddle. SORRY but, I find this completely hilarious how she now sings about a nigga's halo.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Where's The Love?

Whats Good?
.....Listen I don't know what has come over me but I will start my New Years properly. Check it one of my resolutions was to live life the way i wanted to and not how my counterparts want me too. This post is dedicated to those who obtain things differently than others. Yes! I may admit I was influenced by many people's thoughts on how Greek life is operated on an socially accepted scale. We are not going to get into the full aspects of things. For those who don't know ,well I' am a proud member The Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc. I have sat back and looked at how many FRIENDS I have shaded or shy'd away from because of my shallow expectations. When something is wrong it's wrong and there are ways to approach every situation. When the situation is not handled properly it leads to negative actions. When you back someone in a corner and constantly abuse them they will begin to fight back to where even a helping hands is portrayed as a trap for fools. I will not deny my participation in my feeling because they are my feeling, But as a FRIEND and not a fellow Greek person I apologize for not pulling you guys out of that corner. They knew like everyone else knew that to every action follows with a reaction. I just want things to be the way they are supposed to be ....Listening to Lupe , talking about all the crazy dunks and about a borough that we have bitter sweet relationship with. I will not carry the burdens of '08's decisions. Anything That happens in my Fraternity stays in my Fraternity so please lets stop the questioning because our business is not for your understanding!
Over and OWT
Joshua Peters 3 NuO spr'08
Fearless Four

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Whats Good?
Yo! Im sorry but I had the urge to tell everyone that I finally made it to wing nite! OMG! Those wings are the best. Anyone who goes becomes a steady "participant" every monday. Lemme tell you the scenario....Every monday at O'neiil's in Queen they have a wing nite, where it is 20 wings for 5 dollars and you can have them in any sauce of your liking. Im'a big dude and I couldn't eat all of them. I basically forced myself to eat those last couple wings. Mark and Jay looked at me and call me a boy because I couldnt hang. Trust me I will mentally prepare next time.....I will not lose. Today was a good day though. I got to shoot around for a second and see how far i need to push myself ..starting as i write this blog that im going to lose 15 pounds by the 21 of January please cheer me because i really need the support.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Air Yeezy!!

Watup It's Max Statz again. Yo whether you rocked with 808's & Heartbreak or not, I know you waiting for that real Kanye. Well so am I! Here is a track Kanye hopped on with a flow we can remember. I also, threw in a track off of Common's album Universal Mind Control that Kanye had a ill hook I know the fellaz and the ladies can all relate to lol.

Big Screen - GLC ft. Kanye West

Punch Drunk Love - Common ft. Kanye West

Shout out to imeem for the music.
Why Air Yeezy?? I just wanted a reason to throw this pic in here somewhere.

A Few Words From The Man On The Moon Kid CuDi

Watup yall, Max Statz here... had a little hiatus, but I'm back like I never left. Check out this interview from Kid Cudi with his story on how he made it to the Good Music label, and advice on getting into and being in the game.

If u haven't copped that mixtape, ummm... Go get it!

Hustler Watch: Kid Cudi from Eighty81 on Vimeo.

shout out to Vimeo.

Im Owtt,
Max Statz

Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Pursuit of....

What's Good?
Can I get deep with yall? Where is the center of your peace? Out here in this busy city life moves too fast, don't You agree? What brings you to a halt and slows you down from reality? Everyone wants to find their "Nirvana" in life. All the running we do in life we never actually sit down and ask ourselves where is my peace, my happiness, my center. We spend alot of time appeasing our audience so that we can be on a placatory ground. If there is something out of the ordinary that will give you your moment of peace then go for it. Trust me when I say this, "it help you find yourself when you sit down and find out what it is and practice it". Live free without worries for at least 8 out of the 168 hours in a week. I just felt like uplifting people because to much is going on in the world. Udeservtubeehappy. My little trip to St. Thomas....

Friday, January 2, 2009

Portrait of a Woman

Man I wish they made woman like this still. Everything about them says Mother, Caretaker, Wife and provider. So I dedicate this one to my Woman. Just keep posted for my New section "Portrait of Woman".

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Pensar (Fantasy or Reality?)

What's Good?
Sometime I see stuff like this and out of all the relationships i been in ,I wonder can there ever be a peaceful moment in a relationship? I just want to know is this only me. Thinking to much or do people really want this kind of stuff. A dedication to someone that seems so un-real basing it off my reality.....Tell me what you think!

Happy New Year's

What's Good?
Hey people, we have so much to be thankful for. We have lost so many people this year and gained so many people we can be pleased to say that they are our friends. I' am personally gracious to have everyone in my life and I thank you guys for contributing to all scenario's you played a part in. I have patched some friendships before the year came to an end because honestly I really appreciate you. Roje thanks for your steady loyalty its dearly a blessing to have you as a LB and a best Friend. Dash and David I'm so happy we are all friends again because we still have mission ahead of us. To my two LB's Lenny and Lin there isn't much to say you dig Y'all my LB's we seen each other lives in a short time as 12 weeks. Mark Bunz shit my nigga our friendship is on the rise ...LUTV. Dre aka Bobby James you are part of my drive i reflect on your struggle and say shit can get ugly at anytime in Life so please be Thankful for everything. Green you'll always be my lil brother don't forget that. To all my D.C. peoples AAAYYYY my extended love goes out to y'all sometimes i feel like I should of been raised in D.C. just without the Nike Boots. Rebecca, Lil sis from another thanks for just being there when i needed that real advice (I'm Focus)lol. Shanique Ahh man where do I start shit you help me with everything shit i don't think i would be alot of places without you. Sweet you know I had to put you up here. Our friendship have seen so many levels and I really feel i needed you in my '09 or something would have not been rite. I don't know if you feel the same but fuck it I'll put my foot forward first. Rob My nigga i wish you the best of luck in all your endeavour. Donnie my dude big business is at the top just keep climbing. Sorry If you didn't get a few sentences but some mentionable people at least gotta be mentioned....BIG WILL,Sean Kay,Trey Eight-O,Chip, My Jersey Girls(Tiff,ASH and krissy) and yes last but not least GodFrey you made the list my nigga!
Special Thanks to Ms. Smith for inspiring me to the blog world! (Dont get hype)