Sunday, January 18, 2009


What's Good?
I know this is random but since the Notorious movie is out,there has been a lot of emotions circulating in the air. Biggie was one of the most influential rappers of my time and the 90's. Biggie introduce me to hip hop when I moved to Brooklyn. I really listen and tried to acquire everything he brought to the game. I really get emotional sometimes when I sit back and reminisce. People don't understand the power of his music and how every song affected a county of people. He help people of Brooklyn develop a sense of pride that makes every Brooklynite standout amongst Stars.

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MONAE. said...

Although the rates are up and down I think the Notorious movie was GREAT. I really forgot how good music was back in 95. I literally smiled through the whole movie because its like B.I.G was alive again. Now I don't mean to sound crazy like I knew him or anything cause I didn't. My point is this movie brought back alot of good memories - I danced, laughed, and cried to this movie. Idk I just felt really good watching it. I wouldn't change anything about it except the actors for Lil' Cease and 2Pac, I just didn't get the character placement.

Brooklyn should be proud.