Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Check It Out: Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar - Michael Jordan (Video)

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Kid Cudi performs REVOFEV live on Conan

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Here is a Kanye West interview at 96.3 Now TV... He talks about his Runaway Film and also speaks about blogs and tumblr's..

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Just Blaze speaks out against Quincy Jones' comments about comparing Kanye to him. Quincy Jones said that he shouldn't be mentioned with Kanye West... Just Blaze weighs in on why Kanye should... I agree... Quincy Jones' statement was weak to me...

Check It Out:

Talks about how well he knows his fanbase.. how his journey was a long one but it feels good to be where he is now...

check out his Source Cover with Rick Ross:

Monday, November 29, 2010

Check It Out:

What's Good?
Everytime I hear this song, I think about J.Cole and how much this song would have been dope if Puff used his reference and featured him on it....Just my thoughts.

Check It Out:

What's Good?
Jesse Boykin has been a growing name in the R&B world. The visuals displays his time at the 2010 Soul Train Awards in his new song 'Come To My Room'.

Jesse Boykins III -Come To My Room(Official Music Video) from LightUp Film on Vimeo.

Andre Johnson vs Cortland Finnegan

All I have to say is, Finnegan should attempt to be the leagues most QUIETEST person.


What's Good?
Trey Songz just release his latest mixtape titled after his famous ad-lib quoted on twitter. This mixtape he jacks a couple beats and give you couple of his original work.

Courtesy of Miss Info

Kid Cudi - Mojo So Dope (Video)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Music Update:

What's Good?
The Beautiful Ms.Ambrosius has blessed us again with her harmonic tone. Sextape 3 is a real laid back vibe. so enjoy that sunday with the significant other and let that angelic voice set the mood.

Courtesy of 2DopeBoyz.com

New Music Update: In My Zone 2

What's Good?
Chris Brown releases his second installment from his  In My Zone Mixtape series hosted by Dj Drama's highly celebrated Gansta Grillz collection. The first In My Zone was a very major event with hit songs such "No Bullshit", "Big Booty Judy" and "Too Freaky". I would Like to Introduce and #cosign In My Zone 2.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

LeBron vs MJ: Part 2

So a couple of days ago I brought to you what seemed to be a "new" Michael Jordan commercial which was mashed up with LeBron's new commercial. Key word in that sentence, MASHED. That Jordan video aired June 16, 2008. For those that aren't math wizards, that's two years ago. What does this all mean? No clue. Maybe the media thought it'd be a good way to stir up conversation? Whoever did the mash up though wasn't sneaky enough or maybe, just maybe, Jordan actually did do this.....

(Here's Jordan's video from 2008)

Kanye West X Macy's Thanksgiving Performance

Friday, November 26, 2010

Cam Newton

It seems every year there's a story about an athlete doing something wrong and it always comes out when he's on top of the world. This year's story belongs to Cam Newton. The Quarterback for Auburn is a Heisman candidate and has his team ranked 2nd in the Nation. He was the backup for Tim Tebow, now the Denver Bronco, at Florida but decided his best chance to play was by transferring out. He landed in the grasp of Auburn but reports, as all of you I'm sure already know or can figure, are that he took money to come to the University.

Reports are his dad took the money, not Cam but as Cam is apart of that family he is at fault here too. No real charges have been filed but a lot of speculation looms around this star athlete.

Personally to me it's a shame. If the facts are true and his dad took the money without his acknowledgement it is going to be a tough thing to swallow. I'm proud of the young man though. He could have easily allowed all these things to run through his head and let his game slipped but he didn't. Today he stepped on the field against the 11th ranked Alabama Crimson Tide and was in a DEEP hole to say the least. Down 24-7 after the first half against one of the nations top defenses, Newton took over throwing 3 TD's in the 2nd half (4 total). Cam and his team walked off with a great road victory and Newton still riding his high that he's been on all season.

The media will be the media and as long as Cam knows that no matter what the outcome is, people will look at him no different, he will continue to play great football and not only help his team possibly win the National Title but help himself bear the trophy every college player desires, The Heisman.

We here at Novembers Children are all #TEAMCAMNEWTON. You should be too.

LeBron vs MJ

New Jordan video aired. Mash up between LeBron's commercial and now bits and pieces of Jordan's story in the league. The video ends with Jordan saying "Maybe you should stop making excuses". Shot at LeBron? You tell me.

Check Something New:

"Many artists have claimed to be what the game’s been missing.
This upcoming artist, Saba Jenga is truly a rare talent destined to bless the hip hop industry. HiLo Entertainment’s First Lady. LISTEN to her first single off of her upcoming EP, titled Saba’s Saga vol.1. which is set to release Dec. 15th.
Check her out on www.sabassaga.tumblr.com

Music Update: DJ BlackHouse Presents...

What's Good?
DJ BlackHouse is back with the 7th installment of his Rhyme and Reason Mixtape Series. A highly notable mention on this mixtape is SRG's feature on track 10. Remember when we first started and said "we support the up and coming artist" well this is our first step to making artist successful.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Check It Out:

Curren$y speaks on his success...

Just Like Dad

Marcus Jordan showed shades of his dad, Michael Jordon, last night in his game. "Baby Jordan" or "Air Jordan Jr." Which nickname. You decide? Watch the video. At the 1 minute mark is when Marcus shows out.

New Artist Alert

What's Good?
You guys may know him for his MTV Sweet 16 appearance but now he is striking out as an artist. Music has always been his calling especially being raise by Musical Mogul L.A. Reid and not to mention having 90's R&B Vocalist Pebbles as your mother. The new R&B artist has experienced his ups and downs in celebrity gossip and life problems before releasing a single song. Now with his career on the right path Aaron"A.R." Reid is pushing for his official introduction to the world. Here is his first single off of his untitled project due soon for release.
 CrazyLuv by rockstararmp3

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Fly Union - Value Pack 6

Fly Union has done it again and dropped a dope "value pack" of music for us to hear.. definitely go get value packs 1-5 if you havent.. these dudes give you that quality smooth hip-hop that most artists cannot connect with..

​1.Grand Opening
2.Long Run
3.Good To Go
4.Feel Good
5.Partner (Monkey Wrench)
6.U Know Who You Are (Jerreau)
7.Grand Closing

New Music Update:

What's Good?
I hope Everyone enjoys their Turkey Day. Live through your music.

Kanye is really on top of his game. I hope he enjoys this feeling. His album is so incredible, he truly touched a new plateau in Hip-Hop.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Music Update:

What's Good?
S-T-A-Double L-E-Y stands for Stalley on top...Stalley has been mia for a lil bit but he's back. The DD172 affiliate is wrapping an album and the fans are truly ready for this event.


Props to ONSmash

Check It Out:

Talks a little bi tof everything..

Friday, November 19, 2010

Check It Out:

Lloyd Banks X Ryan Leslie in the Studio

Music Update:

What's Good?
Breezy is lining up In My Zone 2 for black friday and I can only imaging how crazy this going to be. Kevin McCall show his vocal side of his talents.


Check It Out:

What's Good?
I can relate to this song on so many levels because piano is symbolic to so many things that I either experienced or currently experiencing! Some thing weigh on you overwhelmingly but you man up and push the weight. Sometimes its better to labor that burden.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fashion Forward

What's Good?
The Good Folks of 10 Deep presents their Holiday '10 look book. Black Thought was in attendance. I love what I'm seeing as far as the vest, hats and glasses. I better start saving my chips.

Holiday 2010 Preview from 10 Deep on Vimeo.

Well Then....

Now we've all seen dudes get dunked on but have you seen a dude get jumped OVER.... peep the vid. Props to SRG ( @SRGbeDOPE )

Less Is More

Fly Dot U

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New Music Update:

What's Good?
Wiz teams up with Tim and the good ol' folks at Stargate to create a solid track.

DJ Zeke ft Sacia "Work It Out" Prod By Airplane B

DJ Zeke "THE COLLEGE CLUB KING" brings the 2011 Ladies Club Anthem .. you might hear this in a club near you soon enough. If you like club music this is right 4 u.

SRG - Keys To The Sky ft. TIME (Prod. Son Sound)

Check it out .. first single off of his upcoming project D.O.P.E.

Check It Out:

JUSTi "I'm Here" Episode 2... here is warming up for a performance/video.. dope..

Check It Out:

What's Good?
Foreign Exchange is so live. I really this kind of music. Authenticity is in stores now!!!

The Foreign Exchange - Maybe She'll Dream Of Me (Official Music Video directed by Matt Koza) from The Foreign Exchange on Vimeo.

Check It Out:

What's Good?
I been waiting for this excerpt for a while. Malice is speaking some good stuff. It still baffles me on why he stop rapping and what his reasoning is for this sudden change.

Malice's Book Excerpt #3 from Malice of the Clipse on Vimeo.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Check It Out:

Big Krit, Wiz Khalifa, and Curren$y perform their track live

Check It Out:

Naledge and Freddy Gibbs - Player of the Century... dope vid for the dope track..

Music Update: Jay Electronica

Jay Electronica is back with some new music for us.. If he can consistetly come out with music while just being officially signed to Jay-Z's Roc Nation label we might be seeing a lot more of his name everywhere. The Announcement track is illll. check it...

Brandon Jennings

For all the 9 teams that passed up on Brandon Jennings I just want to say my condolences to you and your franchise and one team in particular, The New York Knicks. Knick fans imagine Jennings with Amar'e. Yeah. Check out this video on Jennings quick jump shot. It's going to be the reason he's going to be deadly for years to come.

Check It Out

Its been oh sooo long but now I'm back to flood your ears with music magic. 2010's best mixtape hands down I think is "Save Bewler:The Memoirs of Muhammad McFly"and here it is. First time I heard this was in the Dojo (courtesy of LP) and this mixtape was getting nothing but love from the Hip Hop fiends. This mixtape I would say is in a class of its own, but thats for you to judge. Here it is

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Check it Out

What's Good?
Amanda Diva is making progressive moves to ensure that her career elevates to her expectations. Check out her PSA to all men that haven't grown up yet.

Courtesy Of Onsmash

Denard Robinson

If you watch College Football you know that Denard Robinson is one of the most versitile quarterbacks in the game with his ability to pass and run the ball kind of like Michael Vick. That's great an all but this is one of his many flaws (watch video) but it's safe to say he won't need to do that a lot in his career.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

New Music Update

What's Good?
Kanye is going strong still with the Good Friday Movement. He teams up with Talib Kweli and Consequence. Even after the drama I guess he's doing for the sake of G.O.O.D. music.

Check It Out

What's Good?
Rihanna Drops the video to What's My Name, which is the newest single off her lastest album titled "Loud". So You Check This Video out while you wait for J. Cole's Link to free up on everybody's site.

Friday, November 12, 2010

J. Cole - Friday Night Lights (mixtape)

The links are hard to find because of so many people flooding to download it... J. Cole has arrived yall.. COLE WORLD
Please Don't flood this link

Pensar: It's ALIVE

What's Good?
Yesterday, Kanye West went under some scrutiny from MSNBC when asked about his statement toward former President George W. Bush. During times of crisis in New Orleans During Hurricane Katrina's fury, West spoke out against the president for his lack of effort to send help. His most controversial statement of that interview was him calling President Bush a "Racist". A couple days ago President Bush spoke out about Kanye's statement and said "That was one of the most disgusting moments of his presidency". MSNBC sat with West to get his feed back on Bush's reaction.

In my belief to this matter, I don't Blame Kanye for his outburst because at the time Bush was one of Americas most unfavored Presidents. So much controversy stood over his Presidency and he didn't make an attempt to speak on any of it. We understand that being a President is the hardest job in the world considering your pay, but when the people who vote you in, needs answers your job is create an answer. As far as Bush being a racist, I would like to believe he is not but he shows no favor to the black community and showed no urgency to help one of Americas most impoverished  African American populated cities. Not to mention that there was a state of emergency...Keyword "Emergency"! When 9/11 struck America, help was available before the smoke cleared. A whole city gets washed away and it took days to respond, not to mention that only African American people were on every media outlet baffled to why there hasn't been any help for the past few days. I commend Kanye for his progressive change in society to make things better. Understanding first hand that the world is changing and that white and black people are becoming one, some people still have it in their hearts that the oppressed should remain oppressed.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Music Update:

What's Good?
#FRIDAYNIGHTLIGHTS is going to be crazy, 2 hours to go.

Shout Out Onsmash.Com

Check It Out:

What's Good?
Young Chris has always been one of the best young MC's. It is a crime that he will most likely not see fame he deserves. When You coming up behind a giant you will always live in their shadow.

New Music Update:

What's Good?
J.Cole is giving in because the anticipation is growing outrageously. Wale teams up on the track! ROCNATION                                            

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Check It Out:

What's Good?
J. Cole puts out the teaser to his next project, 'Friday Night Lights'. BBGUN shot it and it took place at my school (St. John's). It was crazy seeing public safety in the joint.

J Cole - Friday Night Lights (shot by BBGUN) from bbgun on Vimeo.

Music Update:

What's Good?
LOL @ the Chris Rock segment. I can see the full creation of this album. Kanye may have not lost it. The Blame Game is so true. Once again courtesy of H.E.R.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

N.E.R.D. -God Bless Us All (Live on Leno)

Listen to the real track.. song is wild...

Music Update:

Produced by Soundtrakk

Bonus iTunes track

Produced by the late great J. Dilla .. rest in peace

Probably on his album No Mercy coming in December

Kanye West Gives His Thoughts

New Music Update

What's Good?
J.Cole hooked H.E.R up with a bonus track. This will not be on 'Friday Night Lights' tho.

K. Lamar X MTV Sucker Free Sunday

Go get OVerly Dedicated if you havent yet...

Lil Wayne Speaks Out

"I forgot about yesterday" ... sway is a funny dude tho...

Monday, November 8, 2010

Check It Out: Rick Ross - MC Hammer (Video)

Making 'Start It Up"

Dallas Scars

Not the most creative title but you get the point. A team that was suppose to be a Super Bowl contender is looking like a Super Bust. The Dallas Cowboys are 1-7 after getting mollywhooped ( Definition: When a grown man beats another grown man as if he were a girl under the age of 10. Getting mollywhopped is not a regular beatdown, but a beating where the victim is so physically or mentally incapable of fighting back they go down like a little female dog) by Green Bay last night 45-7.

Today Wade Phillips, the mastermind behind this embarrassment was fired and Jason Garrett the Offensive Coordinator has taken over as head coach.

The season is about over for the Cowgirls. Nothing more can be done. Honestly, the Buffalo Bills, who are without a win, are more impressive then Dallas at this point.

Check It Out : Jordan x Melo- "Do Whatever It Takes"

Jordan drops this new commercial featuring Carmelo Anthony and his new Melo M7. The commercial is entitled "Do Whatever It Takes" and features Melo truly doing it all. Check it out and let us know what you think!

Check It Out:

What's Good?
A while back we dropped a song by the talented Florida native Dave Raps. Here is the Official Video to 'I Get Doe'.

Tyga X DJ Drama - Well Done (Mixtape)

What's Good?
Tyga & DJ Drama teams up to bring you Tyga's new mixtape 'WellDone'. The Gangsta Grillz collection has come a long way with a wide variety of artist. Tyga has been pretty busy and has had some success this year especially with his latest collaboration with Chris Brown. Without further ado...

Friday, November 5, 2010

New Music Update:

What's Good?
My fellow Virgin Island natives has dropped another mixtape after their quarrels with Akon's Label. These guys have ink'd some the illest song in your playlist. No Off Days the mixtape speaks for itself when speaking about their work ethic. V.I. MASSIVE!!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010


What's Good?
Since elections were complete and the Democratic Party lost the majority of seats in the Senate, many republics have already lashed out. I know I am not a man of politics but when I watch my fair share I become completely sick to my stomach. Our President has put shame to many demographics of people in this very nation he represents. America has become America for it's resilience and hard nosed attitude, so why our President can't reflect that attitude. During Bush's administration the world spoke out and Bush continued to carry out his will. When the republicans Formed their Tea Party, They made so many attempts to deface Obama image. President Obama, my aunt and I speak about you everyday and how you remain to keep your image in the perception of the people as the "Humbled Oppressed Black Man". We voted you into the White House for a reason now its time to put more "GRASS-ROOTED" educated people in your corner for "WAR TIME" strategies. Today on MSNBC  Mitch McConnell spoke out against you. He demanded that you the PRESIDENT come his way or no way. America does not negotiate with TERRORIST because thier plan is to create another tax cut and give the power back to the banks who leased out their space on AMERICA'S SOIL. WE DO NOT NEGOTIATE WITH TERRORIST, INTERNALLY OR INTERNATIONALLY. AMERICA SHOULD NOT BE FOR SALE!

Check It Out: Nike "The Love"

Check out the new Nike "The Love" video. The video is an appreciation of Nike and some of its more popular products featuring athletes, kids, and sneaker heads alike. The video is directed by Lionel A. Cook. Check it Out!


welcome back Lil Wayne.. here are some dope wayne tracks:

Dom Kennedy X Maestro Knows

Dom Speaks his mind..

Kid Cudi Performs 'Maniac' on Jimmy Kimmel

Skip vs John Wall

Skip Bayless does his John Wall Dougie impersonation. Got to give him credit hahaha.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

New Artist Alert:

What's Good?
Kevin "K.Mac" McCall has been a growing star with his production. Now with the success of Chris Brown's mixtape In My Zone and Fan of a Fan with Young Money's recording artist Tyga, K. Mac proves he is no rookie behind the boards. Always with his passion of being an artist McCall always worked on his multifaceted style music. Singing well and rapping exceptionally well put him above many artist finding their way towards stardom. Today he shares a song on the R&B tip with you.
Shout Out to the 12th

Desire, Wants & Needs: Air Jordan 13 White/Black/Varsity Red

This holiday season will be another memorable one from Jordan. On December 18th, 2010 Jordan will release the Air Jordan 13 White/Black-Varsity Red, which has not been retro'd since its original release in 1998. Will this shoe be atop your Christmas list? Let us know!

Air Jordan 13
White/Black-Varsity Red
December 18, 2010

For More Pics Click Here

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

John Wall --- Rookie of the Year

Even though it's only the beginning of the season, John Wall has every right to be doing this....

Monday, November 1, 2010

Desire, Wants & Needs: Nike LeBron 8 V2 “Christmas”

This Christmas brings another classic colorway from Lebron James with the new Nike LeBron 8 V2 “Christmas.” This shoe is scheduled to hit select retailers on December 26th. Is this a must have for you this holiday season? Let us know.

Check it Out:

Rosss .. ha

Check It Out: Big Sean - Too Fake (official video)

Do itt

Check Something New:

Off his upcoming tape The Day Dream Academy ... dope.. straight outta NY check his past mixtapes

Philly Rapper down with the homies Phli Hi Club.. goes over this Ross beat.. check it

We've put up a few of his tracks, definitely check this track out as his next project is dropping through Ashley Outrageous.