Thursday, March 31, 2011

Music Update: Cloud -Lovel James

What's Good?
Lovel James just dropped another single off his 'Birth Of Love' project. The young R&B star is surely making his way to high notoriety since last opening for J.Cole at Morrisville.

Check It Out: Kendrick Lamar Speaks W/ Lu Parker About Compton

What's Good?
Kendrick Lamar takes Lu Parker through the rough streets of Compton to give her and his distant fans a deeper look into what inspires his music. Kendrick Lamar has surely come a long way since the very beginning of his career. I can surely relate with his music and his perspective because It's very similar to mine but on the other side of the country.

Check It Out:

Another collabo by Jones, Cam, and now featuring the infamous Lady H, they dropped the new track Gettin' to the Money and may I say its a classic Jones track.Check It Out x2.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

MLB Predictions

With Opening Day coming tomorrow here are my 2011 predictions:

AL East: Boston Red Sox
AL Central: Chicago White Sox
AL West: Texas Rangers
AL Wild-Card: Tampa Bay Rays

ALCS: Red Sox vs Rangers

AL Champs: Red Sox

NL East: Philadelphia Phillies
NL Central: Milwaukee Brewers
NL West: Colorado Rockies
NL Wild-Card: San Francisco Giants

NLCS: Phillies verse Brewers

NL Champs: Brewers

World Series Champs: Red Soxs

NCAA Pay Players?

I've been hearing that NCAA wants to pay players now because they need money to get around. That is a load of garbage. The NCAA wants to pay players so that they can stop having to deal with all the problems that come when a player gets payed by outside sources like we have seen over and over again happen.

I have friends who are student-athletes so I'm not being biased here. I have no problem with these guys getting a free education to play a sport but I am against them making money off it. Here's why.

In today's modern University there is the three major sports; Baseball, Basketball and Football as well as Soccer and Lacrosse, etc. There are 32 baseball players, 52 football players, 15 basketball players and 20 soccer players (roughly) now take that and multiply it by 200k (which is close to the average tuition now a days). That's 2,380,000$ dollars not including housing, meals, clothes, apparel, traveling, hotels and such.

People will say that the school makes money off these kids and such but no they aren't because they aren't allowed to put players names on jerseys and sell them. Yes fans will buy University sporting gear but not because a certain players name is on it.

Schools need to also fund itself, pay teachers, workers and coaches who bring assistants along with them.

Jobs are being lost everyday in now a days economy and the NCAA wants to pay players most of which are one and done even though they already get a free education and all that other stuff.

Lets get real people, it is called STUDENT-athlete. Not athlete. They are AMATEURS not professionals. They get what is NECESSARY not what is wanted.

People will say "well why don't they just get jobs" well here's the thing. Between classes, practice, workout sessions and studying to keep their average up so they are eligible to play that is hard but again, they are given everything they need.

It's funny cause the people I see agreeing are the same people that are going to hate the kid when he goes professional cause he'll make in one year more then they make in their life...

New Music Update: Love & Stadiums(Mixtape) -Mateo

What's Good?
Love & Stadiums introduces potentially one of the R&B's newest stars. Cosigned by R&B's superproducer and writer Kerry"Krucial" Brothers, Mateo brings you a new melodic tune. Since his hit with Goapele and Ab-Liva, Mateo has grabbed the ears of all R&B junkies.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Check It Out: Anti-Freeze -Pac Div

What's Good?
Pac Div releases the visuals to 'Anti-Freeze' which happens to be my favorite song of the 'MANIA' project.

Check It Out: Feel Good -Fly Union

What's Good?
The countdown begins... Fly U's new video.

Music Update:Jazzy Girl -Ev4n Holt

What's Good?
Ev4n Holt has surely been on the up and up since we last discovered him. This time teams up with producer Dallas and features Remy Banks to give us another trunk knocker.

Check It Out: A Hip Hop Discussion

What's Good?
Malice, DJ Bee and Chad Hugo gets on a panel hosted by DJ Cornbread to discuss their experience with Hip-Hop and at what moment did they begin to take it seriously.

 Shout Out To Revolution Media Group

Monday, March 28, 2011

Music Update: ReturnOf4Eva (MIXTAPE) -BIG K.R.I.T.

What's Good?
Mississippi's own's Big K.R.I.T. has finally delivered the most highly anticipated mixtape of the year thus far. 'ReturnOf4Eva' will solidified his spot as XXL's top freshman and continue to build a solid foundation for his career since his first NY performance at Brooklyn Bowl. ReturnOf4Eva brings quality songs such as 'Dreamin', 'My Sub' 'American Rapstar' & 'Sookie Now' Featuring fellow statesman David Banner.Enough talking and get you some southern flavor!

Music Update: Rapper Sh!t -Ab-Soul & Kendrick Lamar

What's Good?
Ab-Soul is next up on the TDE line-up dropping Newest Project 'Long Term: Mentality' set to be released April 5th.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Check It Out: The Weeknd "House of Balloons"

This right here brings you back to the smooth sounds of R&B. Something that you can sit back, relax and bump the whole tape through without stopping. A must have in your iTunes. Check It Out.

Rick Ross – RetroSuperFuture II ft. Wale & Wiz Khalifa

Video to their track off of Ross's Ashes to Ashes mixtape

Check It Out: Wiz Khalifa X MTV's 'When I was 17'

Wiz made it in the game...

There are a few interviews so you will have to scroll through to just see Wiz's interview parts..

Rich Boy - 12 Diamonds (Mixtape)

Rich Boy has been quiet for a minute but just dropped this mixtape with the producer Supa Villan. Surprised its not with his usual producer .

Rick Boy - 12 Diamonds (Mixtape)

Continue for the tracklisting

Friday, March 25, 2011

Check It Out: Cupid -Lloyd

What's Good?
Lloyds releases the visuals to his next single 'Cupid'. The track was produced by Polow Da Don and directed by Mickey Finnegan.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Check It Out: TechnicOLOR LOVER VOL. 14

What's Good?
Amanda Diva and the good folks over at Creative Control follows Deevs through the subway while she practice her comedian skills.

Check It Out: Make It Rain Remix - Will Smooth Shawn+ Morris

What's Good?
Will Smooth and Shawn Morris gives some bars over Travis Porter's 'Make It Rain' track! 718 Digital gives the visuals.

Check It Out: Gang Bang Big Sean+Wiz Khalifa @SXSW

What's Good?
Big Sean and Wiz Khalifa teams and perform 'Gang Bang' at SXSW! Big Sean's 'My Last' video will be premiered tomorrow on 106 & Park!

Shout Out To Lola

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Music Update: Nothing Lesser -Young Roddy & Trademark

What's Good?
2 Dope Boyz and Cooking Soul brings an ear novelty with Curren$y's cosigned artist. Young Roddy and Trademark Da Skydiver have surely been putting in their work since Spitta's hiatus. Collabin' with 2DBZ and Cooking can only lead to good things.

Music Update: If I Die Today -Lil Wayne Feat. Rick Ross

What's Good?
Wayne leaks the second single to the Carter IV.
Via [2dopeBoyz]

Music Update: Birthday Boy (Mixtape) -Cam Major

What's Good?
Cam Major has surely been paying his dues to one day get his turn to sit at the table. Cam releases his next project 'Birthday Boy' to allow his fans to get closer and to make another doubter a believer.

Shout Out To FastLife

Check It out: Dreamin' -Big K.R.I.T.

What's Good?
It's about time! All of that anticipation isn't healthy. March 28th, that is all Im gonna say!

Music Update: Century Girl -Theophilus London

What's Good?
Caps leaked a new song that didn't quite make the album.

Shout To 2Dope Boyz

Music Update:Lovely - John West Feat. Pusha T

What's Good?
While checking out Heather's new site she posted this song that is great to the ears. I don't know where John West is from but he will surely be around for a while.

R.I.P. Elizabeth Taylor

Dame Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor better known as Liz Taylor born 2/27/1932, the Oscar-winning actress, pioneering AIDS activist, Fashion Icon/Beauty, bold yet intriguing personality and a much publicised private life, including eight marriages and several near death experiences has died today.

Her family said in a statement:
"She was 79, and had been hospitalized in recent weeks for congestive heart failure."

1960, Taylor became the highest paid actress and signed a million dollar contract for her role in Cleopatra. Which is still a look many girls mimic today.So as we mourn today, We here at NC salute you Liz Taylor for all you have done and send our deepest condolences to your family, friends, and fans. R.I.P

Women's Fashion: Dresses

I'm on vacation now but for some reason I still get up early and browse the net for fashion finds.
I came across this website called
These dresses are Summertime Fine!!!!
If you love American Apparel clothes then these dresses will add flair to you closet.
However make sure ALL your bills are paid because it retails at $90 to $140.


Check It Out: Beautiful People -Chris Brown

What's Good?
Let's get past Robin's un-called for need for confusion! Music will last through everything! Here is a video MTV screened through their site for Chris Brown's Euro-Pop influenced track titled 'Beautiful People'!
Album in stores now

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Odd Future X Dave Raps - Swim Good

"The latest track from Odd Future's vocalist Frank Ocean titled "Swim Good". It's a wild track featuring vintage 808s, funeral music, and lyrics about the dead." The track features up-and-comer Dave Raps, who we have posted about a few times. check it out..

Check It Out:Terrace Martin Tribute to Nate Dogg

What's Good?
Terrace Martin Fulfills his obligation to pay homage to a West Coast Legend.

Album Release: F.A.M.E. -Chris Brown

What's Good?
After all the drama and success Chris Brown has seen in this past two years, he has definitely grown. The fans and music listeners have certainly waited to see where he has moved to musically. F.A.M.E. definitely has a Californian influence to it, where he sings upbeat songs such as 'Beautiful People' and 'She Aint You'. He also goes back to his original R&B upbringing with songs like 'Wet The Bed' & 'Up 2 You'. The R&B and Hip-Hop world are changing sounds to the likes of artist such as Wiz, Big Sean, Drake, Chris Brown and many more. The album features star artist such as Justin Bieber, Wiz khalifa, Big Sean, The Game, Ludacris, Lil Wayne and many more. Available now In you your local stores and Itunes!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Music UpDate:Fear Of God (MIXTAPE) -Pusha T

What's Good?
Pusha T has finally branched out on his own! The Hip-Hop world is surely excited about seeing his independent growth.

Music Update: Rooftops -Wiz Khalifa Feat. Curren$y

What's Good?
another leak...WITH SPITTA
Shout Out To 2DopeBoyz

Check It Out: DKing Performs

What's Good?
DKing shows you a night in the life of being a star before your time!

New Artist Alert: Maury Miller (Pos P)

What's Good?
"Pos P. is the leading force in the East coast underground scene. One man army is what he likes to call himself. The leader of Rebel Musik which is a brand that represnets indivuality at any cost. Pos P. got his start in a local group called AOD (Army of Darkness). They only recorded limited material which never surfaced to the public. Then as he graduated high school he got placement on local producer Be-Life's first compalation then the next and the next one. Now in 2010-11 Maury Miller FKA Pos P. has prepared to drop his debut mixtape "Hello New World Vol.1"

Music Update:Do You Know -Jay Rock Feat. KoKane

What's Good?
The Top Dawg Entertainment  General, Jay Rock is up next for next project. TDE has produce most LA's promising artist so far.
Do You Know- Jay Rock feat. KoKane

Shout Out To TDE

Music Update: All Dogs Go To Heaven -Game

What's Good?
The Game leaked his tribute track for the Late Nate Dogg...

Shout Out To 2DopeBoyz

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Pusha T - Raid ft. 50 Cent & Pharrell

This is ill...

Cover Art: Pusha-T - Fear of God (Mixtape)

The mixtape cover artwork for 'Fear of God'
Pusha will drop 'Fear of God' on March 21

XV - Awesome ft. Pusha-T (remix)

I definitely would put XV on this years xxl freshman list over a few that made it... Here he is with Pusha on the track..

XXL's 2011 Freshman Class Cypher #3

Can't wait for Krits album to drop

Shawn Morris ft. Will Smooth - Make It Rain (Freestyle)

Shawn Morris and Will Smooth collab for a freestyle over the make it rain track.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Thank You, Johnnies

Hardest part of the season is always to say that it is over especially if you are one of the 10 seniors on a team but today (or last night) we say goodbye to a season full of magnificent memories instilled in the minds of Johnny fans all across America.

After losing to Gonzaga 86-71, 10 seniors hang up their jerseys for the last time but for once in their four year careers they can hold their head up high above the clouds because of what they have done.

Four years ago these kids were nothing but new recruits coming in and continuing the "dark ages" of St. John's Basketball. Four years later they are the reason that there is light once again shinning on the campus of St. John's.

After an amazing season which captured a 21-11 record (12-6 in the Big East) along with two tournament championships, multiple upset wins over high ranked schools, finally getting nationally ranked themselves and also making it to the NCAA Tournament I sit here today and thank all these seniors for the hard work that they have put in. They brought life back to New York City and made a city proud to wear their colors.

Again, Thank you seniors for all the hard work and dedication that you have shown to this University over the years. You will always be the reason for the St. John's turnaround.

-Tim Dimas

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Check It Out: Just-I - Vagabond (Official Video)

Shot by Buddy Stolze.
Edited by Atom Christie and Buddy Stolze.

Off This is My Album, A Real Mixtape...

Music Update:Joan Of Arc -Ryan Leslie

What's Good?
Ryan Leslie is prepared to begin his road to putting out his next project titled 'Les Is More'. Here is his first single Joan Of Arc...You ready?!?

Shout Out To H.E.R.