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A season that has had so many high points and low points just landed on Cloud 9 for now. St. Johns with the huge upset over #3 Duke Blue Devils today at MSG has got to be the story of the year to say the least and all the credit in the world has to be given to Coach Steve Lavin for what he has done with this group of players.

"Miracle at Madison" is what I phrased it before the game began but the way The Johnnies played it didn't look like a miracle. It looked like they damn well deserved it.

"Even if we showed up and competed, we may not have won." is what Coach K had to say about the Johnnies after the game.

Justin Burrell said about the win over Duke, "It's a great win but it's only one." And rightfully said. SJU faces Rutgers, UCLA and UConn in there next three match ups and from what we witnessed tonight, there should be no reason they can't sweep.

Special thanks to @JonRothstein for quotes provided.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Check It Out: Wiz & Short

What's Good?
Wiz drops his new video  to On My Level Feat. Too Short. Rolling Papers Coming Soon!

Check It Out: Moment For Life

What's Good?
Nicki Minaj release the visuals to Moment For Life after fighting all the internet hunters from releasing it early.  YMCB

New Music: Smoke DZA & K. Lamar

What's Good?
Smoke is Fresh Off The Smoker's Club tour and now on the road to releasing his highly anticipated album. He links up K. Lamar on this one so you know its #MONSTER no #HYPEBEAST

How Far We Go -Smoke DZA Feat. Kendrick Lamar & Mara Hruby

Music Update: Chase N. Cashe -I Don't Want Nothing

What's Good?
Chase N. Cashe of The Surf Club introduces his first single to his Mixtape titled 'Gumbueaux' coming soon!
I Don't Want Nothing -Chase N. Cashe
Shout Out To 2 Dope Boyz

Check It OUT: Tabi in...Love Leaves

What's Good?
Tabi Bonney goes stupid hard on the visuals for this one. Too bad it only a preview!

Music Update: SchoolBoy Q (Free Album)

What's Good?
I made The Purchase Last Week Via itunes but he dropped the free one today. Support good music people. As a Hip Hop supporter I really appreciate the West coast more than I ever did. Now with all the new talent these guys are really making it.

Check It Out: Funny Sports

What's Good?
The Wizards need to pick this guy up just for halftime shows ...

Women's Fashion: Winter Tips

Happy Thursday Guys and Dolls!!

          So, it clearly looks like WINTER is here to stay. If you are into warm groovy hats then order this trendy but warm SPIRITHOODS Wolf Hood. I purchased the first hat which retails for $70. The hat Dawn from Dirty Money is wearing retails for $130

Enjoy and stay warm 8-)

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Check It Out: Stalley in SLAPP

What's Good?
Stalley and the good Folks of Creative Control brings us the visuals to Stalley's First Single titled 'Slapp feat. Rashad'.
Lincoln Way Night's is due to be release 2-8-11.

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Check It Out:Mos(T) Def(INETLY)

What's Good?
Why This Is Just Touchdown?

Shout Out To Chike & Coodie


What's Good?
Amanda Diva and Creative Control bring you the twelfth episode of Technicolor Lover.. the Diva swings by Madison Square Garden to perform at the Big Apple Games.

Check It Out:Kendrick Lamar Signing In Carson,CA

What's Good?
I have been saying it time after time and I will say it again..."Rap is moving to Cali". Many Artist that are from the EastSide are migrating west for that sound and that lifestyle that inspires the music. Kendrick Lamar is hands down the best "New" rapper out for the last year. XXL, do I hear my story?

(U were there for me...One day I'll Be there for Her! Keep Blogging)


Blake Griffin aka Biggie Griff, entertains us once again except this time he isn't posterizing players instead he takes a different direction with teammate DeAndre Jordan. Check it out.

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The Game - Purp & Patron (Mixtape)

The Game has been very quiet lately.. but by the looks of the amount of tracks.. he has been workin... this is a two disc mixtape with a lot of features.. ready for the album...

Tracklisting is after the JUMP...

Tabi Bonney - Postcard from Abroad

Produced by Smiles Davis, Tabi Bonney gives us his first project of 2011 and promises much more.. I am about to give my listen.. I have heard great reviews... Presented by LRG

Check It Out: Fly Union* Kendrick Lamar* SchoolBoy Q

What's Good?
This is something epic...

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Music Update: U-N-I

What's Good?
U-N-I teams up with BJ the Chicago Kid to create more music to vibe to. West Coast in The AM!

Check It Out: Melanie is Making Her Way Back...

What's Good?
After being on many campaigns representing today's new artist such as her self, Melanie is now on a new campaign to her re-introduction. Keep a good eye out for new music coming very soon.

New Artist Alert: K.J.

What's Good?
"Although he's only 19, Kj Hamilton is a self-proclaimed revolutionary rapper, way ahead of his time. Born and raised in Georgia, this southern rapper has made his way up north, calling The Big Apple his new home. Still, he never forgets where he came from and holds nothing back as he shares his life experiences throughout the verses of his songs.Fascinated by the arts, music has always been his outlet." -CLE Magazine

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Check It Out: Breezy Art

What's Good?
Chris Brown and friends give their perspective on what their style are. Mostly everyone today has the same perspective on what style which is do as you please. I believe that a lot people basically have the same style but with different brands. All the people who wear high ends brands sometime are hype chasers and actually deface the name of the brand...sad to say.


What's Good?
The Influencers are one of the best documentary film makers from a substance point of view. Given the opportunity to sit down with some of the most influential people in today's culture places them above the rest. In this episode they got a chance to sit down with Steve Stoute.

Nicki Minaj ft. Lil Wayne - Romans Revenge 2.0

Figured wayne would spit wild on this track too..

Lil Wayne X Rolling Stone Cover X First Interview Out

Lil Wayne will be on the cover of this issue of Rolling Stone... This will be his first interview since being released from jail up at Rykers... talks a little bit of everything..

here is an expert:

- When Wayne sat court-side at a recent Miami Heat/New Orleans Hornets game he was upset that Lebron James and Dwyane Wade never came over to talk to him. "Them niggas never speak to a nigga," he says. "They don't chuck me the deuce or nothing. Nigga spent all that money on them fucking tickets ... Come holla at me. We sit right by them little bitch-ass niggas. At least come ask me why I'm not rooting for you."

Lupe Fiasco - Lasers (Album Art)

drops and will be in stores on March 8th!!

Check It Out: Kevin Hart X Sucker Free X Do's and Don'ts

He talks about Waka Flocka right here.. hilarious man...

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There are two teams that are only deserving of being talked about this post season. The Green Bay Packers and The New York Jets.

The Packers defeated Mike Vick and The Eagles, then went on to dismantle the Atlanta Falcons and now look like favorites to make it all the way to the Super Bowl.

The New Jets took down Peyton Manning and the Colts then took out Tom Brady and the Patriots and are one win away from reaching the Super Bowl, just like last year.

As a New Yorker I am proud of the Jets. Lot of people will say "they need to stop talking...They are unprofessional...They are too cocky." and most of these people are fans of teams that didn't make the playoffs or teams that got beat by the Jets in the playoffs. What people need to understand is that you can the Jets need to stop this and that but they WON'T. So please, keep your childish cries in a tissue or sleeve cause this isn't flag football.

And this man right here, Bart Scott, means business each and everyday. Take a listen.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Women's Fashion:Nails Done Everything Did...

Good Day my Beautiful Flowers!

I apologize for my hiatus, I had some personal matters to handle but I promise I will update you every week with some FashionGasms :-)

I am a women of fresh manicures! If you are too, there is this new OPI Shatter polish priced at $9. This Polish is a special kind of top coat used to create the cracked look. Because this is a new product the best way to obtain it is by ordering the polish from

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Check It Out:

Okay, as you all now every couple years Sean Combs a.k.a Puff a.k.a Puffy a.k.a Puff Daddy a.k.a. Sean John a.k.a. P. Diddy k.k.a. Diddy reinvents himself to attract the music crowd. Check out his new song ft. Luda.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Music Update: Tearz Part 4

What's Good?
Mickey Factz has just release part four to his 4 part song titled Tearz. ....Oh Yea its a Justin Rose Track!

Portrait Of A Woman: Coming Soon!

What's Good?
November's Children once had a segment where we celebrated the beautiful essence in women instead of sexually exploiting them. This year we plan to bring it back with a twist. We are not following celebrity women this time around. We are following YOU!!! We want a woman of any color because beauty is beauty.We will be providing a photo shoot for all women selected. Any women interested in participating please send us two photos and a one paragraph bio. Please send this information to and title it Portrait Of A Woman

Thursday, January 13, 2011

What's Good?
It's been circulating the internet everywhere. Mickey Factz has everywhere I agree!... The Producer's Name Is JUSTIN ROSE 

Random Throwback: The Realest Nike Commercial

What's Good?
Remember when everybody was chasing the lights to be on varsity? When this commercial came I always got hype. Nike Should create another commercial like this.


I tweeted earlier this morning that Blake Griffin had the death stare down after each dunk. Last night him and Mario Chalmers of the Miami Heat got into a little altercation and both are T'd up. Less then 13 seconds later, Baron Davis drives to the hoop and dishes it off to Griffin who throws it down. The best part is what he does after. He has stone cold face.

Check It Out:

Nickelus F recorded his track over the H.A.M. beat.....and yes he did Kill H.A.M.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Artist Alert: Soulfully,Me

What's Good?
Today's Rapper has to have a college degree...Sad but true! Memphis, Tennessee's own Soulfully Me is def going to be a name that can't be denied. In all honestly he is relatively close to J. Cole flow wise. Please give this young man a chance because his work ethic should be rewarded with at least a listen.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Check It Out:

Yes Yes... pt.2 is on the way....Ski Beatz making magic again.

Whoopish Whoopish Pish!

Check It Out:

The world premiere of S.T.A.L.L.E.Y 's new song "The Tune Up".

Check It Out:

Da$h released his third mixtape “Living What I’m Throwin Up.”

Check It Out: Wiz Khalifa, Day Today: Waken Baken Tour

An inside look at Wiz Khalifa's Waken Baken Tour... Can hear some new songs also... check it out..

Blu – And If You See The E Drop ‘Em (Compilation)

Blu releases his music when he wants.. but nonetheless we will always get quality hiphop from him everytime... dope.. Wish more people would follow this dude but his music isn't about the mainstream. Here is a compilation I ran into over at the good ol H.E.R.

Check It Out: Wiz Khalifa ft. Snoop Dogg, Juicy J & T-Pain - Black & Yellow (G-Mix)

You Know what it issss

J. Cole X Live in London

Crowd is still hype for J. Cole out in London Town..

Women's Fashion: Lipstick For 2011

Good Day My Darlings! 
      2011 is the year of the lip shade! Ladies step out the box and upgrade yourself from the typical lip gloss and try some daring colors. Pictured below is singer VV Brown she is wearing a shade of a beautiful bright berry colored lipstick. 
 I am an advocate for all my fashionistas to try hues like sexy pink, soft orange, coral, plum, and poppin’ red!

You can purchase these colors from MAC as well as your local beauty supply store. Lipstick can be from $10 to $100 it depends on your wallet! Make sure to try the color before you buy the color! Ladies have a lipstatic day xoxo

Music Update: Hard As A MuhF*cka

What's Good?
Ye' and Jay just gave the word to release this crack. Jay is def on his Ye' shit and Ye' well you already...
(Via NahRight)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Check It Out:

A short film called "Freedom" by Dizzle based out of the Boston area, he created this for his final project at Boston University of Communications. 

Check It Out:

Check It Out:

Proteges of 9th Wonder Actual Proof are dropping their newest freEP, The Talented Tenth, on Saturday.

Melo To NJ?

The Nets have been the front runners this whole time just unable to put a package together that Denver would feel good enough with. Well after this past Friday and even more last night, it seems Denver has found what it's looking for and Carmelo is on his way to New Jersey along with other valuable assets. Here's what the proposed deal look likes.

Nets get: Carmelo Anthony, Chauncey Billups, Rip Hamilton, Sheldon Williams, Anthony Carter & Terrico White.

Denver get: 2 first round picks, Devin Harris, Derrick Favors, & Anthony Morrow

Detroit get: Troy Murphy & Johan Petro.

Denver now wants NJ to take Al Harrington as well but the Nets right now are reluctant to do so. Hey NJ, if you don't Denver will pull the plug and you'll be at square one. Losing with no fan base.

The Nets need to take his contract and look to pair it with other players before the deadline and make a deal. NJ can't let this deal get away from them. Anthony has said he wanted Rip to join him in NJ and having Billups not only adds chemistry for Anthony but Rip as well since they were teammates back in the Piston days.

For the Nets this is the perfect scenario. You get to keep 3 or 4 first round picks and you get Melo and look to add other All-Stars. All reports are that Chris Paul, currently with the Hornets, would play where ever Anthony went.

The Nets have to play smart here. Take whatever you have to take and make due with it. In the long run, when they move to Brooklyn, they will have a nice team that could feature Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul and maybe even, Dwight Howard.

The deal could be done in the next 48 hours sources say. Follow me on twitter @TimmyD_WSJU for all the latest news

Oh & go Cam Newton!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Check It Out:

Smoove tunes by Flying Lotus....The beat gives you a good massage

Check It Out:

Here is a teaser for Melanie Fiona's upcoming project

Talib Kweli-Cold Rain

A new track from Talib Kweli. His first time to release solo material in a while, although Reflection Eternal’s record last year was one of the best out there. Talib’s a master at what he does, and with Ski Beatz on the production this is a great track. Off his upcoming Gutter Rainbows.

Check It Out:

It's 2011 & you know Pac Div had to start it off #RAW...
Pac Div is setting to drop one last mixtape entitled Mania!, before they set their own label up. Check out for the debut Grown Kid Syndrome Record Label

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Friday, January 7, 2011

Check It Out:

Peep the Album Artwork for Watch the Throne by Kanye and Jay-Z. Look out for a track from the album dropping the 11th of this month.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Check It Out:

Off of The Phone Tap(e) Mixtape, here is an official unofficial visual for From L.A. ScienZe ft. L.A.
Download: ScienZe-The Phone Tap(e) Mixtape

Check It Out: JUSTi X Stalley at DD172

Here is another video series from JUSTi while at DD172 .. we get to hear more from him and Stalley. Make sure you check out JUSTi on

Check It Out: Dreams Of You

What's Good?
I came across this band today and felt they were extremely blog worthy. Grillade appears to be the name of the band and I am truly impressed. They give off a vibe like The Foreign Exchange but with Badu instead of Phonte. Give them a listen...

Check It Out: Fearless

What's Good?
Bravo has finally exhaled out his issues after the hood spoke on the uprising of his career. Being That I was raised with him I am actually rooting for him to make it. E.N.Y. is a place for no man. I hope your career flourishes...Inshallah

Shout Out To Genesis Homes

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Check It Out:

Vado(Violence And Drugs Only) the Harlem native gives us a sneak peak into his upcoming video Wake UpxBeat Knocking.

Check Me Out

Something many of you do not know is that I am into the Arts. So today I dropped by Jakes to pick up a few odds and ends, and the outcome was this. Modeled after one of my favourite artists Jackson Pollock, I call this The Story of My Life. All the feelings of Loneliness, Heartache, Confusion and moments of "Wow...and Really Though!?" gave me inspiration to produce this painting. What do you think?

Check It Out: In The Morning

What's Good?
Dave Raps Releases some new material where he give a competitive version to J. Cole's In The Morning track. We as the people have to support real artist before the force feed us the wackness. Next Thing Blogs will be bought out by payola.

Check It Out:

Remember Floetry? Well Marsha Ambrosius "TheSongstress" has just released a video for her second single "Far Away" off of her solo album Late Nights & Early Mornings.

Damn...Check This Out

So MeLo-X has released the video for Orgasmic Audio and may I say marvelousThe video captures a sexy but sweet artistic vision which explores the sen·su·ous body of model Danielle Phaeton, as she let’s the music take control. 


What's Good?
In my interpretation of how influencers become who they are is solely by becoming yourself and allowing the world to Appreciate you one person at a time. Influencing people should never be an intention but as a accidental occurrence of letting you inward grace shine out to the world. Cheating the form of influencing people can always lead to your destruction. In today's time where people desperately search to find themselves end up going to all the places in New York that seems trendy and end up losing themselves. PLEASE watch this short film where some young intellectual men express on film what INFLUENCEis.


Check It Out: Just Dance

What's Good?
Breezy explains what keeps him young, relevant and secure...Dance! Check out the visuals that Mechanical Dummy put in place to help Chris Brown express his love for dance!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Check It Out:

Terrace Martin continues to drop magic on the mic. The lyrical talent of Kendrick Lamar and CyHi Da Prince turned the track out. Ninjaz Out here is Thirsty....

Download-Terrace Martin – Thirsty f. Kendrick Lamar & CyHi Da Prynce


Can you say New York City Basketball is back and once again the Mecca of it all? I and millions of New Yorkers will agree to it!

A night after The St. Johns Red Storm defeated the number 13 team IN THE NATION The New York Knicks defeated the BEST team in basketball, The San Antonio Spurs.

The Johnnies are 10-3 overall and 3-0 in the Big East and have won the Great Alaskan Shootout as well as the Holiday Festival. If they can go down to The Purcell Pavilion and defeat the #15 team in the nation, Notre Dame, they should be a ranked team by the time the polls come out on Monday. IN LAVIN, WE TRUST.

The Knicks are 20-14 on the season and have defeated a lot of superb teams including Oklahoma City, Chicago, New Orleans and now San Antonio and fought strong in their games against Miami, Boston and Orlando. They sit number 6 in the East but with continued play could move up and be number 5 or 4 by the end of the season especially if they add Carmelo Anthony. Truthfully though, why would the Knicks want to break up the good thing they have going?

All I know is New Yorkers have a lot to be happy about especially since this is a basketball first city.


Check It Out:

Murs and Terrace have teamed up to create Melrose, which drops February 8th. Even though Melrose is not how it used to be (Thank You Bush), these dudes bring Melrose's glory back to life.  

Directed by Van Styles


What's Good?
Amanda Diva and The Good Folks of Creative Control brings the 11th installment of videos following The Diva's life. This video shows a compilation of bloopers,funny gestures & her love for her Blackberry. What's Good Diva can we sit down and build real quick!?!

New Music: Let Loose

What's Good?
Pac Div will always be one of my favorite groups outta Cali. One day they will be recognized without the radio help. #RIPRADIORAP !!!
Shout Out To

New Music:MadeMen

What's Good?
Rozay links up with Drake once again. This song actually goes hard.
Shout Out To NahRight.Com

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On "Black Monday" we find out who every one will play in the playoffs and which coaches will be fired. So far Eric Mangini of the Cleveland Browns has been fired and next up, with all likely hood, will be Marvin Lewis of the Cincinnati Bengals. But lets get to playoff predictions!

Wild Card Round:

(6) New York Jets vs (3) Indianapolis Colts

The Colts won their final four games of the season to win the division and head into the playoffs. Peyton Manning hasn't been the quarterback that we have all come to admire and defenses have come to fear. After a three game stretch where Manning threw 11 interceptions, Peyton was able to find his self and lead the team once again to the 3rd seed in the division.

The Jets season, in one word or less, headache. After losing the first game at home vs the Ravens 10-9, you could hear fans starting the "Oh no" train. Gang Green wouldn't let that game hurt them as they ripped off 5 straight wins, one against the Patriots, before losing 9-0 vs the Packers. Fans could be heard again, "Oh no". Again, NY went on to win four straight (three in game winning fashion) but then were slaughtered by New England. They would follow that up finishing the season 2-2 in their last four games and becoming the 6th seed.

Match up: The Jets faced The Colts twice last year. NY won in the regular season while Indy won when it mattered, in the playoffs and in the AFC Championship game. The Jets D will have to be very rough with Peyton and Coach Rex Ryan will have to make all the proper calls if they are to win this game. It is a win able. Peyton and his troops have to do it the way they have always done it, on the arm of Peyton. Stay away from Revis and target Antonio Cromartie and the rest of the Jets secondary that has been a question mark all season.

Winner: Being able to rest most of their starters including their running backs I'm giving the Jets the edge. The Colts isn't the same team and Peyton is being relied on too much. NY wins 27-21.

(4) Seattle Seahawks vs (5) New Orleans Saints

If you told me a 7-9 team would win their division and host a home playoff game this year, I'd call you crazy. Right now though, that's whats happening. The Seahawks, after defeating the St. Louis Rams last night, have won the NFC West division and will be playing the Saints. Only advantage they have is home field, which in some cases can be all you need.

Super Bowl Champs one year, wild card the next? My how things change so quickly right New Orleans? Not to make it sound all too bad, the Saints did win 11 games this season and just by the luck of the draw and the fact the Atlanta Falcons won 13 games, NO has to take the wild card spot. Again, 11 wins vs a 7 win team shouldn't be a biggie.

Match up: Saints have the weapons on offense to blow out every team. With Reggie Bush and Pierre Thomas finally healthy in the backfield, Drew Brees has more weapons at his disposal. Seahawks have had a sub-par season. 7 wins but a feel good story with Mike Williams making a strong comeback in his first year back in the league. To bad it won't be enough.

Winner: Saints 37 - 14.

(4) Kansas City Chiefs vs (5) Baltimore Ravens

KC has had a terrific season. From being a top 5 draft team last year to winning their division this year (10-6) you have to say they did a great job. Matt Cassel finally showed up and Dwayne Bowe looked like the receiver they thought they would get when he was drafted. Jamaal Charles ran for close to 1,500 yards and the defense played very solid football. The Chiefs are a solid team.

The Ravens have had a strong season as well. Missing Ed Reed for the first six games of the season was definitely a blow but they were able to hang strong with Ray Lewis leading the defense and Joe Flacco leading the offense. Anquan Boldin really did come out and be that number one receiver but played a solid role.

Match up: The Chiefs are 7-1 at home while the Ravens are 5-3 on the road. A very good game in the making and as they say, football comes down to three or four plays. If you can execute them better then your opponent you win if not and they do, you lose.

Winner: As much as I love KC to win I have to go with the Ravens 24-20.

(6) Green Bay Packers vs (3) Philadelphia Eagles

Green Bay hasn't had the season a lot expected them to have. Had to win get in on the last day of the season in a division thought to be their by many people. Injuries definitely plagued them but they were able to overcome and reach the playoffs. Aaron Rodgers has to be one of the best quarterbacks in the game right now. After spending all those seasons on the bench behind Brett "Drama" Favre, Rodgers has shown he was the best fit for this team after the Favre Era was over. The only problem I see is the run game that really doesn't exist.

The Eagles started the season off with Kevin Kolb and ended it with Kevin Kolb. Guess they made the right choice in letting Michael Vick play all the games between to make sure they got a playoff spot. The resurgence of Vick has to be the best of the year. Vick has had a terrific season for Philly and is giving them the chance to win with his quick feet and, get this, strong arm. Philly's D has been the only problem. Injuries have been a problem as well as when Kolb is on the field as QB.

Match up: Defenses have figured out the only way to beat Vick is to literally BEAT Vick. Lot more blitzes and rushes have helped D's contain Vick and The Packers "Psycho" defense will cause a lot of disruption for Vick and the offense.

Winner: I'm taking the Eagles 30-24. Vick has proven that no matter what you send at him he will figure away to beat it. The lack of run game by the Packers will hurt them because Philly can load the back field with corners and safeties to watch Rodgers.

This is your WILD CARD PREVIEW. Enjoy & Comment!

Music Update:Ms. Sullivan's Farewell

Dammmmmn GINNNA!    
 Another one bites the dust! Earlier today on twitter Jazmine Sullivan stated :
 "I’m making an official announcement that i am taking a break from music. i’m trying to figure out who i am… w/out a mike, paper or pen. i promised myself when it wasn’t fun anymore i wouldn’t do it. and here i am. i’m not saying i wont ever sing again in my life becuz i dont believe that. but in this moment… rt now… i got some things to figure out. i love u all and appreciate u soooooo much. u have no idea believe that. but in this moment… rt now… i got some things to figure out. i love u all and appreciate u soooooo much. u have no idea how much u’ve inspired me and fed my ego. but the truth is that i have to believe in me whether you all do or not. and thats what i’m lookin for that belief in myself. me. I. I love us. thanks for being here for me and riding with me on this journey. let us continue." (via @jsullivanmusic)

I dont know about you guys but I am mind boggled about her decision. I know she has to be frustrated with her album sales and lack of pr team amongst other things. But she might not be where she wants to be right now but she is getting there...