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On "Black Monday" we find out who every one will play in the playoffs and which coaches will be fired. So far Eric Mangini of the Cleveland Browns has been fired and next up, with all likely hood, will be Marvin Lewis of the Cincinnati Bengals. But lets get to playoff predictions!

Wild Card Round:

(6) New York Jets vs (3) Indianapolis Colts

The Colts won their final four games of the season to win the division and head into the playoffs. Peyton Manning hasn't been the quarterback that we have all come to admire and defenses have come to fear. After a three game stretch where Manning threw 11 interceptions, Peyton was able to find his self and lead the team once again to the 3rd seed in the division.

The Jets season, in one word or less, headache. After losing the first game at home vs the Ravens 10-9, you could hear fans starting the "Oh no" train. Gang Green wouldn't let that game hurt them as they ripped off 5 straight wins, one against the Patriots, before losing 9-0 vs the Packers. Fans could be heard again, "Oh no". Again, NY went on to win four straight (three in game winning fashion) but then were slaughtered by New England. They would follow that up finishing the season 2-2 in their last four games and becoming the 6th seed.

Match up: The Jets faced The Colts twice last year. NY won in the regular season while Indy won when it mattered, in the playoffs and in the AFC Championship game. The Jets D will have to be very rough with Peyton and Coach Rex Ryan will have to make all the proper calls if they are to win this game. It is a win able. Peyton and his troops have to do it the way they have always done it, on the arm of Peyton. Stay away from Revis and target Antonio Cromartie and the rest of the Jets secondary that has been a question mark all season.

Winner: Being able to rest most of their starters including their running backs I'm giving the Jets the edge. The Colts isn't the same team and Peyton is being relied on too much. NY wins 27-21.

(4) Seattle Seahawks vs (5) New Orleans Saints

If you told me a 7-9 team would win their division and host a home playoff game this year, I'd call you crazy. Right now though, that's whats happening. The Seahawks, after defeating the St. Louis Rams last night, have won the NFC West division and will be playing the Saints. Only advantage they have is home field, which in some cases can be all you need.

Super Bowl Champs one year, wild card the next? My how things change so quickly right New Orleans? Not to make it sound all too bad, the Saints did win 11 games this season and just by the luck of the draw and the fact the Atlanta Falcons won 13 games, NO has to take the wild card spot. Again, 11 wins vs a 7 win team shouldn't be a biggie.

Match up: Saints have the weapons on offense to blow out every team. With Reggie Bush and Pierre Thomas finally healthy in the backfield, Drew Brees has more weapons at his disposal. Seahawks have had a sub-par season. 7 wins but a feel good story with Mike Williams making a strong comeback in his first year back in the league. To bad it won't be enough.

Winner: Saints 37 - 14.

(4) Kansas City Chiefs vs (5) Baltimore Ravens

KC has had a terrific season. From being a top 5 draft team last year to winning their division this year (10-6) you have to say they did a great job. Matt Cassel finally showed up and Dwayne Bowe looked like the receiver they thought they would get when he was drafted. Jamaal Charles ran for close to 1,500 yards and the defense played very solid football. The Chiefs are a solid team.

The Ravens have had a strong season as well. Missing Ed Reed for the first six games of the season was definitely a blow but they were able to hang strong with Ray Lewis leading the defense and Joe Flacco leading the offense. Anquan Boldin really did come out and be that number one receiver but played a solid role.

Match up: The Chiefs are 7-1 at home while the Ravens are 5-3 on the road. A very good game in the making and as they say, football comes down to three or four plays. If you can execute them better then your opponent you win if not and they do, you lose.

Winner: As much as I love KC to win I have to go with the Ravens 24-20.

(6) Green Bay Packers vs (3) Philadelphia Eagles

Green Bay hasn't had the season a lot expected them to have. Had to win get in on the last day of the season in a division thought to be their by many people. Injuries definitely plagued them but they were able to overcome and reach the playoffs. Aaron Rodgers has to be one of the best quarterbacks in the game right now. After spending all those seasons on the bench behind Brett "Drama" Favre, Rodgers has shown he was the best fit for this team after the Favre Era was over. The only problem I see is the run game that really doesn't exist.

The Eagles started the season off with Kevin Kolb and ended it with Kevin Kolb. Guess they made the right choice in letting Michael Vick play all the games between to make sure they got a playoff spot. The resurgence of Vick has to be the best of the year. Vick has had a terrific season for Philly and is giving them the chance to win with his quick feet and, get this, strong arm. Philly's D has been the only problem. Injuries have been a problem as well as when Kolb is on the field as QB.

Match up: Defenses have figured out the only way to beat Vick is to literally BEAT Vick. Lot more blitzes and rushes have helped D's contain Vick and The Packers "Psycho" defense will cause a lot of disruption for Vick and the offense.

Winner: I'm taking the Eagles 30-24. Vick has proven that no matter what you send at him he will figure away to beat it. The lack of run game by the Packers will hurt them because Philly can load the back field with corners and safeties to watch Rodgers.

This is your WILD CARD PREVIEW. Enjoy & Comment!

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