Saturday, July 31, 2010

Music Update

What's Good?
This week has been crazy...But we do it for you!

Marsha puts on for  the ladies re cooping from a sour relationship with a farewell of bad wishes. its sounds a little personal but good song.

Wow, Did Russell's little nephews come a long way. They have the hip hop world supporting them, so sky is the limit. The mixtape got pushed back for his purposes but i really hope the Atlantic signee work close on his album too.

Thursday, July 29, 2010


What's Good?
I don't know what to think, so i'll let you be the judge...

Thanks In Advance...

What's Good?
Bo and I would like to thank everyone for their support for our one year of existence. Many people have started blogs when the wave came in and we stayed calm not panicking about competition because we knew we can survive the wave.Our originality shows through all the love we get for upholding the LIFESTYLE. Everyone has a dream they want to conquer and with that aspiration you will always need support. Help us approach our dream by just one visit a day. We are some of the biggest supporters when involving Dreams just ask those who you see on the blog. Thank You for your support.

Music Update:

XV just signed a major deal.. shout outs to him... check this track out of the newly signed artist

Classic Kid Cudi... Chill Vibe.... No word on if its going to be on his album..

Bun-B has his project dropping soon.. so it was only right for Drake to be a feature.. check it out

Wale dropped this track, or I would call poetry of words over music... this is off of his upcoming mixtape also... not really a song but interesting...

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Music Update:

Harlem's own Cam'Ron and Vado collab on another track... Will Dipset and Harlem make it back to the top?

This track is off of this 2010 XXL Freshman's upcoming mixtape Str8 Killa which is free. His EP Str8 Killa is dropping for sale on 8/3. Smooth track here that tells a story..

Yo Gotti has been slowly creeping up to the top names in the south.. Here is a track with all of the rappers associated with the song title lol...

Wale is back... he is dropping his next mixtape, More About Nothing, on August 3rd.. Interesting to see how this tape will turn out...

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Just Vibe With Me...Vibe With Me

What's Good?
I just been outta sync today and just felt i share something off my playlist with y'all.

Check It Out

What's Good?
There this new kid in town named Mac Miller. Now with Wiz putting Pittsburgh on the map its time for new artist to emerge. I wonder why they haven't colab'd yet? I guess it will come in a near future. Honestly I posted a song of his a while ago but he is def a cool cat.

Check It Out

What's Good?
Fabolous is still going strong with his recent mixtape TINC 2. He does a joint video to 'Tonite and Love Come Down'. All I can say OMG (Usher's Voice). Aristotle was behind the lens on this one.

Shout Out To Corey Bravo

Monday, July 26, 2010

Ski Beatz - Cream of The Planet ft. Mos Def (video)

This beat is ridiculous.. thanks for the inspiration Ski Beatz...
Mos Def spits the truth as ussual.. 24HR Karate School drops September 7th now.. September is going to be a great month for music.

Lupe Fiasco - Building Minds Faster

Its classic Lupe ... Switched the whole them of BMF track up in his own way... listen up and check it outtt...

Curren$y in DC (i@WOL and Avi8ted Thoughts Coverage)

We had the opportunity to be up on stage when Curren$y came down to DC up at Club 24. Here is coverage that some of the homies took while we were there.. Avi8ted got some exclusive at Cmonwealth also..This first video from i@wol also catches a short performance from DC's own X.O. and the homie @ANOBE with Curren$y while performin..

Shouts to the homies over at Avi8ted.. dope vid

**Free Concert**

What's Good?
Musiq Soulchild is performing at Wingate field,NYC tonight at 7:30pm. This guy is one of my favorite artist by far. If you are into good music come see him perform. Oh yea! did I mention its free.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

New Music Update

What's Good?
Rowe Stussy has been patiently waiting to emerge on greater market. The time is soon coming while everybody searches for new talent. Check it out ,how he rips the Kanye Beat.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Monthly Throwback:

This song is one of my top 25 easy.... which consists of probably 7-10 Marley tracks lol but relax to this on your weekend.... keeep listening to all music yall... peace

Bob Marley & The Wailers - Waiting In Vain

Check It Out

What's Good?
Tabi Bonney Just Dropped His New Video To 'Nuthin But A Hero' From His Upcoming Project Titled A Place Called Stardom. Honestly Speaking Out Of All Bonney's Music That I heard This One Is Definitely His Best. I See The Maturity.

Neako - The Rubix Cube: Yellow Edition (mixtape)

This is the Newark, NJ Rapper/Producer's 4th series of the Rubix Cube. He has features from Curern$y and others... He produced about all of his tracks except for about 3...

Check It Out: Nas Interview with Tim Westwood

Nas talks about working with Damian Marley for Distant Relatives (go get that) and talks about his upcoming solo album.. You will be interested in who he says wants to produce the whole project... he talks other things too... check it out..

Ground Zero Hero

What's Good?
D.King just sent in the exclusive video of his 'Who Dat' freestyle....Check It Out!


Service (7 Days Away)

What's Good?
Well we are 7 days away from Street Soccer USA 2010 Cup. This event if you didnt know is being held in Washington D.C. July 30th at 5:00pm to August 1st. I cannot stress enough how much your attendance means to us. If you need a little more inspiration to attend check this video out. Oh yea! Everything is FREE!

New Music Update

What's Good?
D. King is back like he left something. Now with Groud Zero on the way people say he can be XXL freshman material. Time to get those shows going. Well on this track he rips the 'Who Dat' beat.Follow him @DKINGONLINE
Shout Out To Brick Klick ENT

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Throwback Vid of Curren$y (Pilot Talk in Stores Now)

A preview put out for his album lol
go get it in stores

CURREN$Y - PILOT TALK IN STORES NOW from Creative Control on Vimeo.

Check it Out: The Clipse on When The Last Time

The Clipse x LA Leakers: When The Last Time from LaLeakers on Vimeo.

Pusha doesn't like The track anymore... still classic... they ripped it... check it

Pensar ( The Diddy Conspiracy)

What's Good?
Everybody knows I always acknowledge all aspects of music and something fell upon me. Diddy has been The Mogul of the music period. Well Russell set the trend but Diddy globalized and marketed it. Now in the industry with so many accolades under his belt Diddy is looking to reign again as Hip-Hop's leading man. What I've noticed in the past few months is that Diddy is rebuilding his legacy through his 1995 blueprint. If you haven't noticed , Diddy is placing some of Hip-Hop's front runners in the place of his 1997 Bad Boy roster that went missing. Peep game...Have you noticed  that Diddy is treating Ross like BIG? Running around the music industry insulting Biggies legacy saying that Ross is the new BIG. Using his mogul image in all of Ross' Appearances to popularize the Miami native. His next artist is Nicki Minaj who is soon to step out as Kim,well not Kim but surely consume her image. Minaj may not be the best lyricist but she can get help just like Kim did. All the provocative clothing with raunchy but sexy attitude has become Minaj's image.
Now beefing with Lil Kim the media will make sure that Minaj stands on top and put Kim's memory to past in the eyes of the young generation who didn't experience the first Bad Boy era. Dirty Money is obviously Total. Which you can see now because its Diddy and Dirty Money. Once these two vocally talented woman place themselves in the musical gap when it opens Diddy will push them down the ears of every undecided listener. More acts will come soon but peep game while its formulating. He will rebuild his empire but without all the failing acts he invested in over ten years ago.

Check It Out

What's Good?
Listen, Although I' am a brief listener of her music, I am surely a full fan of the body and yes! she has one.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Music Update

What's Good?
I was Checking my Boo's page out (Herfection, She Don't Know Yet) and found this song by Kendrick Lamar and man I tell you "It was refreshing".

Shout Out To Herfection

New Music Update

What's Good?
So with 'Pilot Talk' crushing my itunes, I  been patiently waiting for the next wave of music.
So with all the speculation of Trey joining G.O.O.D. music day, he keeps the fans entertained. The greatest question is will he lock it down with this ablum.
Now with the anticipation of J. Cole's debut album 'Cole World' set to release anytime now, He gives us 'Premeditated Murder' which is his reflection of his three steps. (Where He Been, Where he's at and where he is goin. It was good look seeing the homie at Brooklyn Heatwave yesterday on his civilian flow.
Premeditated Murder -J. Cole

Shout Out To 2 Dope Boyz

Chip Tha Ripper - Independence Day (mixtape)

Missed posting this a lil a week or 2 back.. had to put it up though... Chip is next up on Kid Cudi's Dream On label.. This is his second major mixtape after The Cleveland Show.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Check Something New: GRAM G. - Sensation

GRAM G is a rapper out of the dmv that delivers his own unique style giving us "feel good music". "Sensation" by Gram (Produced by Bo Zone) is an ode to self confidence. Believing in yourself goes a long way when others may not see what you see and continue to hate. So appreciate your craft and eventually the nay sayers will follow. This is the lead single from his upcoming mixtape Pardon The Interuption (PTI) with production from yours truly, Bo Zone.

Check Something New: ev4n holt - Uphill Battle (mixtape)

Rapper and OKills family member ev4n holt has dropped another quick project. Featuring production by KReam Team, Super 3, Envoy, and a few industry instrumentals from the likes of Jay Electronica and Kanye West, ev4n sets out to prove why he is different from every other hip hop artist. ev4n simply raps about his life experiences (the Uphill Battle) while keeping it interesting with witty lyricism.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Service Or Entertainment

What's Good?
         July 30th - August 1st, 2010 HELP USA will be hosting The 2010 Street Soccer Cup. This tournament is held in Washington D.C. where I hope to see all my D.C. people in attendance. The Street Soccer Cup was created to promote awareness on HOMELESSNESS in The United States Of America. Each major homeless shelter in each of the major cities of the U.S. brings forward its best talent to represent the state. The Three day Tournament is going to be filled with entertainment for all spectators and volunteers. Please make this event very memorable with your presence. Most importantly everything is FREE even your admission!

New Music Update

What's Good?
So it's Friday and I have nothing to do... Well atleast I got y'all...

Well Cudi, Ye',BIG Sean is on deck with their single for the G.O.O.D. music week. This is going to be epic.

For all of those people who thought they were going to get a chance for drake detox forget about it because No More Thank You's (Mixtape) should be here very soon!
Do It All -Drake

Shout Out To OnSmash

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

New Music Update

What's Good?
Music is definitely doing good maybe not on a sales level but its doing good!
Trey Songz is definitely on board for G.O.O.D. music day which is going to make history. Well here is the first single and its featuring Nicki Minaj. This album has to be crazy because you guys can say you heard it from NC that Chris Brown and NeYo are going to put some heaters out there come the end of the year hopefully.

Rozay is crushing the rap game as we speak. Linking up with Diddy was the best thing in his career. Diddy
You really need to take back your co-sign about the whole Biggie thing, I was truely heart broken.

Check It Out

What's Good?
XXL and G.O.O.D. music signee just dropped the video to his new single on his debut album 'Finally Famous'. "Bullshittin' is definitely something different and has a comical stretch. #POW

Nikki has come back to the love trilogy. Nikki is definitely the girl that no man can let go...Too bad it wasnt her he got caught with.

Check It Out (#SoftTweet)

What's Good?
Here is the video to Usher's best song off the album. Yes, Ladies Im on my grown man ish'. I can't listen to shoot'em bang bang all day.

As We Say GoodBye

What's Good?
Today as I came into work I recieved some horrible news about one the greatest owners in sports history. George Steinbrenner passed on this morning from a health complication but left a great legacy guiding the Yankees to win 11 pennants and 7 world series. All though his relationship with New York was bittersweet we still had certain respect for each other. I send my Condelences to the Steinbrenner family and the Yankees organization. Lets finish the season strong and bring another one back to New York for GEORGE!
George Steinbrenna

Monday, July 12, 2010

NAACP Backs Legalization of Marijuana

I am for legalization but I wish that this woman who is making the argument had a deeper knowledge of marijuana facts and arguments for legalization. She has the opportunity to have her voice heard but her lack of arguments to legalize marijuana (like the reasons why marijuana was criminalized in the first place) might hurt her push... but I am for it.. it will get us out of this terrible economy and keep minorities out of jail... What I didn't like is the reverend in the video comparing the marijuana use to his drug use like crack cocaine... no where near the same homie... what do yall think about??


What's Good?
As we all come to red lights in life, Do we actually stop and analyze all the turns we made in life. When analyzing these turns do we need a specific setting or do we go home and shut the world out. Living in New York City has lead me to many up and down and more downs than up but when its up(pause) its up big time (pause). If you live in New York or any other major city please take time out from everything because this busy life style can be the death of you. I understand the economy is rough and that we want to find jobs to continue in life but we have to stop and meditate on our thoughts.

              Time is expensive to share with everyone, so  Save Some For Yourself - J. Peters

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Check It Out

What's Good?
Rick Ross just dropped the hottest song of the summer...

Check It Out

What's Good?
MTV brought out a new show titled 'When I was 17' which covers some of today major stars' adolescent years. This one introduces the most innovated producer of my time...Mr. Pharrell Williams. I find this one so inspirational because he is my music idol. Creating a genre of life in music by going left feel of what the urban community needed Pharrell and the Neptunes are the pioneers of the Dunk and Fatigue era which now brings you music's evolution and changing point of the new era of music. Maybe I went a little too deep.

New Music Update

What's Good?
Yo Drake linked up with some great producers to make a hit, not to mention the late 90's feel to his Aston Martin Music feature on Rick Ross album...Well it's the same beat! The J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League is too official with beats and an honorable mention to 40. Shout Out Bobby James

Saturday, July 10, 2010

New Artist Alert

What's Good?
Many artist submit music and at least once a month we put out one good aspiring XXL freshman. This months artist is Dave Raps who is from a couple places as shown on his profile. Dave Raps is quite on track to where hip-hop is going. His flow meets a lot of things that are in existence in the rap world but  with development he will find his way. He definitely will be a known name in this place call stardom. Give 'em a chance now before you will need a ticket for his band wagon.


Music Update

What's Good?
So all the fuss and web pandemonium has come to an end. All the anticipation was worth it. Jay-Z definitely did the dam thing. I can sit here and quote the whole verse but I'll let you check it for yourself. Jay really confronted all of the "illumanti" accusations.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Check It Out:

Rick Ross - Super High ft. Curren$y & Wiz Khalifa (Sativa Remix) (Official Video)

Curren$y - Roasted ft. Trademark & Young Roddy

Watup to the homies at Creative Control...

Music Update:

2 Mixtapes & 2 tracks:

I have put up a his pre-game tapes before, and you should expect the same rockin mix from him with artists ranging from Wale , Ross, Drake, Gucci, Fabolous, Wayne, Bun-B, to the Diplomats.

Straight out of the DMV, Phil Ade is definitely getting his rep up with all of the cosigns on this mixtape.. this is a follow up from his last tape in 09.. there are features from Wale, Raekwon, Raheem DeVaughn, Tabi Bonney and more..

Blu always drops a random track... waiting for him to really hit the waves with a mixtape that everyone can't deny...check it out...

Definitely a dance song for all of the dancers out there... but it is supposed to be her next single.. check it out..

Check It Out: Dom Kennedy - 1997 (Video)

download his "From the Westside With Love" mixtape if you haven't...

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Cash Money/Young Money Still not Paying Royalties

Well known producer Bangladesh who produced "A Milli" off of Lil Wayne's Carter 3 album... He tells about how Cash Money still doesn't give out the royalties to producers for their work... He talks some other things too... check it...

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Music Update:

Some tunes for the itunes...
2 mixtapes and 2 tracks, check them out

This is just dope.. this is a mix of Outkast greats... 28 tracks of great Outkast... The title is great too with all of these artists putting mixtapes everywhere... please download this if you love good music lol

This is off of Curren$y's album Pilot Talk which drops July 13th... I expect a lot of production from Ski Beatz with Curren$Y in the future.

Charles Hamilton disappeared from the game... He was one of the first to be put on the XXL Freshman list a couple years back but he has had his problems.. here is the latest tape..

If you're not familiar with Black Milk, he is a rapper/producer that was a "apprentice" of if not the best, one of the best producers ever in hiphop J DILLA... Black Milks production is better than his rhymes but I still listen...

Lil Wayne - We Be Steady Mobbin ft. Gucci Mane (Video)

Free Wayne

Thursday, July 1, 2010

NC Presents... Inside The Mind: Creative Control

What's Good?
We got a second to look inside the minds of Chike and Coodie who are the owners of Creative Control. These artistic minds are responsible for bringing you the like of 'Window Seat' (by Erykah Badu) and 'Address' (by Curren$y and Stalley). With a great following and high demand these guy are no where the starting line. Check it out as Chike and Coodie drop some gems. Shout out to D. Kendrick and Valantina

NC- Inside The Mind: Creative Control from Lucky Statz on Vimeo.