Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Is It Over?

Whats good?
I'm really concerned with all this ignorance. If you didnt know about the Ransom and Joe Budden Beef well let me get you up to speed. Lately Joey and Ransom have been beefin 'beyond rap. Dumb ass DJ Vladd interviewed Dumb-ass Ransom allowing Ransom to amp up all the internet soldiers. This interview sparked a response from Joey which was dumb to even stoop down because you put your foot in his ass on the Rap scene. Joey approaches the man, they did what they did.This led opposition to seek out an equalizer which brought innocent people into it. This video was the smartest thing this man could of done by deading the beef because at the end of the day if any man end dead the other man is going to jail. Stupid asses the FEDS is always watching. Ransom, as far as the tape you dont get points because it wasnt your hands that touch that man. It wasnt boss move neither because a boss will always lay his knuckle game down the only time goons get involved is when them thangs gotta come out, just speaking from an East New York point of view.So back to our regularly scheduled program!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Josh Days Music Update!

Whats Good?
My bad I know ya'll usually expect Max Statz to do the Music updates, But this one is for Brooklyn. This is the real way the song should have been done. Jay got out done on this one. Street fididididam!

Brooklyn (We Go Hard) Freestyle - Fabolous

Courtesy of OnSmash.com

Finishing Last!!!

Whats Good?
How is everyone doing during the countdown to the New Year? I hope everyone got their 2009 priorities straight. Do you mind if I spill out for a second? Well fuck it its my blog so I'll write whatever I want.(Get used to it). I want to know what the fuck is wrong with these dumb-ass B^+@#35 of today. I've seen some of the best men around get shitted on! What is wrong with you bitter woman? Personally I'm content in every situation, but some of the dudes I know are seriously frustrated and it frustrates me that as hard as I try I can't help them. This is your question... If you woman swear to God that there are no good men why do you get scared or feel that the dude doesn't fit your credentials. When you want something you have to make a sacrifice especially if your dumb-ass keep chasing all handsome guys and keep getting your heart broke. Happiness have cost are you willing to pay the price? Stop listening and waiting for approval from your friends because at the end of the day they are all miserable and why should you let someone tell you when to be happy.So stop being shallow and get with the program ladies. That very gentleman that you walk past everyday can be your wish in disguise.Until the day Long live the DOG......Roo

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Part II (Top Movies of the Year)

What's Good
Here we go, these are the top movie of 2008. I have not seen all the movies of 2008 but I'm pretty these movies or at least most of them are on your top 10. Let's Get to it!

1. Batman: The Dark Knight
This is by far the BEST movie of 2008,Better yet the best movie of all time! Special Thanks to Heath Ledger who played the part beyond perfection. God bless his soul... No bad guy will ever be celebrated as much as this man. I never seen someone act out a character such as himself. No other Batman will be as good as this one.

2. Miracle at St. Anna
Spike Lee reveal so much in this movie. This movie was very emotional. I loved the film because no one ever told the story about the Buffalo soldiers. Giving glimpse of racism even against Negro Soldiers. There is scene that found very funny when the soldiers where denied service for some Ice's and how they were kicked out the restaurant. They later returned with guns drawn and punk'd the white store owner into serving them their Ice's. I really recommend everyone to see this film.

3.The Incredible HULK
This movie redeemed the legacy of this cartoon since the last movie. The graphics were very cool. There isn't much to say because everyone knows the story of the HULK but the way it ended there is for surely a part two of movie.

Robert Downey jr. being suited for IronMan was the best decision for the casting director. His sarcasm and slight humor matched him for this role. This movie was so great. I loved the graphics and I for surely cant wait until they put Terrence Howard in the War Machine suit.

5.Eagle Eye
So many movie critics said this movie was horrible but I found it to be exciting. Don't we love it when they display accidents by the government. Shia did a great job as the dumb founded kid who is trying to find out what is going on. I think sometime they show these movies to prevent Government from allowing these thing to happen in real life....Think about it.

6.Pineapple Express
If getting weed was this adventurous people would never smoke weed. The staff from "Knocked Up" did it again with another well needed release of comedy. I love their movies it reminds me of Adam Sandler and his boys that he always keep around for all of his movies.

7. Transporter 3
Here goes your 3rd serving of ass-kicking moves. The storyline to this series is really pointless but it has an after effect on you. The movie always have in the mood to try a move or two on your lil cousin or roommate. This movie can go forever as long as Mr. Statham stays healthy.

8. The Curious case of Benjamin Button
Give a round of applause to Brad Pitt. I really feel this film was more on the love side of things when there was much more they could of put emphasis on. The love side of the film knocks the notebook off the shelves.

9. WallE
Don't front like this movie wasn't poppin'. This kid happy film caught the attention of many adults and stroked their interest for a simple kid flick. Check it out for yourself. I guess all the bright colors got me.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

As We say Good Bye!!!

What's Good?
2008 as we know is coming to a close. Some very good things happen to me this year. I joined a Fraternity (The Omega Psi Phi Fraternity inc.), I realize some other things in life that I can't mention on the blog. Some very influential music was release this year as well. I experienced all the ups and downs of the basic college student's life.This post will be seperated into three parts,first with music. Lets get to Josh Days' highly approved albums, movies and moments of the 08. Although the year is not over, if anything happen I will edit this post. Lets get to it.
Top ten Albums of the year

1. Joe Budden- Mood Muzik 3
Joey delivered this album/mixtape just in time. Joe Budden spazzed out on this album, confronting everyone!(even Jay-Z). Joe Budden will always be one the illest M.C.'s that will be over shadowed by the industry. In my opinion no one is fucking with Joe Budden in a battle, he is just to nice. For all the haters who are saying as they read this "that I'm bugging need to sit back and listen to Mood muzik 2 and 3. I will promise you that you will be a believer.

2.Mario- Go
Even though this album was released December 11Th of 2007 I still feel this is an album of 2008. This album was one of the best albums out and circulating for the 2008. Mario provided many good songs that are actually hits. Alot of people til' this day does not know about this album and if you are one of those people out of the loop you should take time out to give brother-man a chance.

Nas dropped 2008's most controversial album with the major disagreement of his album's title. The original title was supposed to be named "Nigger" but everyone had a say-so in his artistic choice for the word. Nas did a very good job on this album. He played the governments' rebel shaking up a few things in our day to day thought process.

4.N.E.R.D.- Seeing Sounds
Sorry but I had to go left field with this one y'all. Urban society's most musically accepted rock group N.E.R.D. released their highly anticipated album since their three year hiatus. some songs are really easy on the ear and the rest you have to listen to get the message. I love these guys. Shout out Dre AKA Bobby James!

5.Ne-Yo- Year of The Gentleman
Ne-Yo has always been known since his debut album to always provide good music. Every scenario in all of his songs gives his listeners a vivid picture to imagine. His Albums always help the R&B department when other artist begin to give you three good songs out of twelve. My favorite song is Fade into the Background. Even though he gives this scenario over and over it just gets better every time.

6.The Dream- Love/Hate
Although a lot of people hated this album i really feel it was a well put together album. For some reason he share alot of characteristics as Ne-Yo, I kinda look at him as his dark counter part. He displayed his song writing abilities and his features were great too. The song with him and Rhianna was great, they put a little light on celebrity relationships.

7.T.I.- Paper Trail
Through-out all the drama this man has seen in the 08' he still dropped a pretty dope album. This got everybody swingin' their wrags(gucci & luois) in the club. I remember in his T.I.P. days this man said he was going to the best rapper and i would say he's the best but he is damn near close. This album definitely stayed on deck for about a good month. I wish him the best of luck during his incarceration." PSC Pimpim"

8.Drake- Comeback season
Heart Break drake surface on the Hip-Hop scene with this classic mixtape/album. This Mixtape out did alot of rapper's albums. His style is so unique and from listening I can speculate that he is the Geppeto behind your favorite rapper's success. No harm intended. Listen out for this man he has many songs out now and a new album approaching named So Far Gone. Please visit October's very on blogspot for a free download of this album.

9.Lil Wayne- Tha Carter 3
I'm Sorry, But this album was fairly good even though it didn't live up to its hype. It still was better than most albums of the 08.His track with Babyface put him above the rest when it came to this tough decision.

10. Kid Cudi- A kid Named Cudi
Cudi lands himself at the number ten spot for embracing the different side of music. All his songs sound similar with that metronome sound off but it's very catchy. His style of rap is so weird in a good way. He stand in the lead for the Freshman of rap but still don't count out Wale.

*Listen i know some albums were;nt up there but this is truely my choice of albums that i listened to.

Monday, December 22, 2008

I still Got it

What's Good?
well this is a post from my insomniac days! I just felt like posting a rhyme, since rap will always live in me. I still got it! Ask the homie D.King. Oh yea! dont steal my shit...sike go ahead..lol nah for real dont.
check it....
She said she from cop killa queens
I said umm humm
She smiled said oh please/
Days don't be a hater
Cuz u see grass it aint sweet/
But listen ms I'm from the streets/
But never mind that/
I'm fisher days
And girl you a fine catch/
You got ya own
Best believe
I don't mind that/
Come take a ride
Rest ya feet and recline back/
Cuz with this winner/
We go 550 cruising
Picking them chicken dinners/
Girl you cruising for bruising
Ya pockets they abusin/
Till u finally act out/
My offer still on the table
You a fool if you back out/
We cud have these babies
Girl I'm cool wit a packed house/
But easy...
chase your dreams soon
Before you lose
In the trap house/
ms. independant
for ya gucci
i got them stacks out.
and what was i sayin'
i aint cool wit a packed house
i was tippin
that was game
it sound good/but its wack now
i gotta go/
here's my shorty with the bags now

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Pensar (Think) [This Is For The Ladies]

Whats good?
Good Afternoon Ladies! Once again I was inspired by all the important woman in my life to write this post. Well this how it started. Ashley and I was having one of our talk the other day and we began to speak about the differences in woman. Can their ever be a perfect gentleman? You know every woman is different in all aspects, so to cater to their needs accordingly will always be rough. During my collegiate years I have about five woman I interact with on a day to day basis. We spend so much time together you would think we are married. All these woman are very different to the extreme extent. If you had a chance to build a man (like the store build-a-bear) list 7 things you would like or if you just would take a pre-made one. Ashley make sure they respond.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Josh Days is Back!!!

Whats Good?
You know I been on hiatus for a while. People are always wanting to know your next move especially in 13th grade(college). I took a break because somethings just weren't right with-in myself. There was so much i was looking for when the whole time i never needed it. Yo woman can be a major distraction sometimes. All the things you pursue in order to get them had me in a blur. The hype of being the Man has been my down-fall even though i never asked for it. People say its all on how you carry yourself. This has always been my issue since high school i guess there is a higher calling for me to do my "thang". My homie Ash asked me what is swag and why is it a major attribute for people? For those who don't know peep it. Swag is something you are born with you cant force it, nor can you develop it over time. Swag is how you carry yourself in a manipulating way. You can be the ugliest person in the world but if you have swag u can get anyone. Confidence is the key. No matter how much you deny it it will always haunt you because its a part of you. So if you don't have it ,don't force it. Like don't try to hang around stars to get it or go Greek for your recognition because people will still identify you as that person who wasn't worth shit and they have this attribute under their belt they think are somebody when in all reality they aren't. With that being said JOSH DAYS ....is back! so fuck it say what you gonna say do what u gonna do. as far anyone "tryna" assassinate my character...its not happening,I'm invincible. Write your post on juicy campus and st. johns gossip. Gracia's

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Check it out [1.5]

Whats Good?
Well once again Hip-Hop's most beloved rock group has done it again with more of a social touch to their new video. N.E.R.D. releases their second single Sooner or Later from their third LP Seeing sounds. I must admit when i first heard the song (thanks Dre) my last perception of the song would have not been in a stock market. Well check out the new video and decide for yourself! Seeing Sounds in stores now!!!

Sorry for the Randomness!!!

Whats Good,
Speaking of commercials, this is by far one of the funniest commercials ever. I remember me and my older brother dying in laughter watching this commercial all the time. Dunkin Donuts brought the comedy everytime. Now commercial just dont have that comedic touch anymore.

I promise i will be back with some real good post soon........CoCo lol

Sunday, December 14, 2008

one word? Hilarious!

Yo my homie Ashley put me on to this video that was too funny! Check it out..."Weird Al dont got nothin' on them!"

"OUR SOCIETY" First Party(please support)

THE OFFICIAL TRISTATE NO SCHOOL NO WORK HOLIDAY SHUT DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jpdakidd1 (347)327-6366 or M. BUNZ (267)236-6801


Whats Good?
Real talk people I really fell off the face of the earth. I look back alot at the time today and asked what if I was still rapping ( Yes I was a rapper). I didn't stop because I got a rude awakening cause i was really good but working in the industry really made me depressed about how business was conducted with the bosses. I swear Like its so true, like A&R's lose sight of whats real because they are too busy living as stars when in all reality they are supposed to be seeking and developing raw talent into stars. Clear as day i remember spending days with Dash developing our game. Learning and grinding with Jameelah Ricks up at Def Jam. Now I see people like Dash, Web and Teyana growing in the industry. I remember listening to Teyana in Jameelah's Office and saying she could be big but Def Jam is gonna front on her and pushing Dash's talent and day in and day out fronting from all these wack-ass A&R's who never did their jobs(Now they are all unemployed). Damn I wonder sometimes how it would be if I didn't go to college and finish pursuing a Music career
Well I was Blogging and hear what teyana is actually up to and her music sounds real good on that mid 90's flow which is the kind of music that doesnt disappear like most fads of music. Dash is always Grinding- Good Luck! Yall time is very soon.

U make me feel - Teyana Taylor

Saturday, December 13, 2008

We Have to Do Better?

Whats Good?
I'm not a big fan of television but there has been some very offensive commercials. Targeting the urban culture which by majority is the African American and the Latino community for advertisement has gone too far. Advertising has found its way to manipulate the minority community by feeding people garbage making them feel that if you use this product you are cool. I may seem a little old but I clearly remember when cigarettes and malt liquor was heavily promoted where I grew up. On every billboard there was a Newport ad or Old English ad displaying young adults drinking and smoking having a grand ol' time. There was never an ad with a positive message that told you to live in an opposite life.They place the most offensive product in stores for my generation.Remember Homeboy and Home girl potato chips....OMG that was the worst blow ever but did they see the real message to that NO! Well since my campus is the worst damn campus socially I have found myself to take a liking to television. All I see is garbage and lately this is what I have seen ..... Mercy on the Black and Latino people who are socially irresponsible for participating in these acts...I guess they were house Ni**as in their past lives!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Blog Alert

For the Latest in fashion and the going-on's of everything check into...
Urban Meets Life

Check It Out [1.0]

Whats Good?
Welcome to my new edition of post.The New edition provides new music videos that is creating a buzz or posted before it does.All music is highly approved/recommended by me or Max Statz. I know everyone checks out the video blogs but here is my Newly approved video By Ryan Leslie. I'am really looking forward to this album because he is just a prodigy at this music sh*t. Well enjoy his second single How it was supposed to be.

Courtesy of WorldStarhiphop.com

When it's Cold outside!

Whats Good?
Listen Folks The semester is coming to an end, so spend time with that person you share your moments with ( For the players, Just the main one). Get that good ol' playlist of song thats relaxing with some incense and call it a night.

Here are some classic albums that can fix the setting.
1.Usher- Confessions
2.Musiq Soulchild- Juslisen
3.Mary J. Blige- Share My World
4.Lauryn Hill- The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill
5.Aaliyah- One In A million
6.112-Room 112
7.Raheem Devaughn- The Love Experience
8.Carl Thomas- Emotional
9.Maxwell- Now
10.Mario Barrett- Go!
11. Ne-Yo- In My Own Words
12.John Legend- Get Lifted
13.R. Kelly- 12 Play
14. Donell Jones- Where I Wanna Be ( The most well put together R&B album) *(CLASSIC)

* Notable songs
1.Sade- Kiss Of Life
2.Jodeci- Forever My Lady
3. Erykah Badu-Next Lifetime
4.Common- Come Close
5.Portrait of a Woman- Donell Jones
6.Lion,Tigers and Bears- Jazmine Sullivan
7.Goapele- Closer
Try to get these songs if you dont already have them!!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Max StatZ Music Update

Whats Good?
Here are some music updates...

Chris Brown's new single touches a new level. He sings about all his mistakes giving his fans sorta of a musical confession.
Chris Brown- Save me

The Dream Gives his fans a new song , I guess until he drops a new album. Rockin that sh*t is very relative to his last album. The song is cool though i like the vibe it delivers.
The Dream- Rockin that sh*t

Brandy is making a very strong comeback since her last album. Afrodisiac was such a well put together album on reflection of her life at the moment. I know she been through a lot during her hiatus. Her last single Departed was a great song but not too much support from the new listeners. Don't get get it twisted though she still have her same fan base.
Brandy- Locked in Love

Common Rocks the Bells once again with a left field hit with Gnarls Barkley's own Cee-Lo Green. Here's another song from his forth coming album Universal Mind Control coming to stores this Tuesday December, 9th
Common-Make My Day

Courtesy of Concreteloop

Pensar (think)

Whats Good?

I have been listening to music all day and I have come across some songs that have made me think. Jazmine Sullivan is one of the best up and coming songstress of today's R&B era. She has been writing more than singing the past four years of her career. Lions, Tigers and Bears is her most compelling song and her new self-titled album. Listening to this song makes me think about the casualties of Friendship and love. Have you ever been so close to some one of the opposite sex you nearly fell in love with them? The major issue with that kind of friendship is very dangerous because if you express yourself and the other person does not agree(maybe out of fear) everything you built up for all those years can be compromised. The chances of your friendship lasting on the same note it was on is very slim.....very slim. Jazmine's song spoke about her not being scared of anything but loving her friend and since she knows that loving a friend can be dangerous she would rather keep her feeling to herself. Is it really fair to hold back knowing that your very perfect match is under your nose. To actually have a friend before your feelings begin to kick in is the best kinda of relationship.... Trust I would know.

Please Purchase Jazmine Sullivan's self-titled album available now in stores!!!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Max Statz music Update:

Watup music heads,
Here is another dose of music, I'm not really going to explain what it is. Its pretty much self explanatory

Lupe Fiasco - Hustlers and Customers
Courtesy of Onsmash.com

Max Statz,
Trust Some, Fear None

The Recession is here!!!

Whats Good?
We are truly in a recession People! Remember when people were more than happy to hire college students for seasonal jobs. Now in today's time You'll be lucky if someone even hires you to work period. I understand to the fullest when i was told that college is the safest place to be during these times because if you get a job it will be very unstable keeping it. So people if you are looking to find employment after college please intern because it is the safest way to build a strong relationship with any company you plan on working for. Students who major in Public Relations please feel free to write your email in the comment or personally send a message to my profile.

My First Love! (Kelis Rodgers)

I remember back in the Days when everybody had their childhood crushes and they liked Beyonce, Aaliyah, Alicia Key,Mariah Carey, Monica and Mya. I was a little left field with the rebel girl from next door because she was beautiful. Everything about her said I'm free! Shit i still got a crush on her til' this day although she is married.

When race doesn't matter?

Whats Good?
Well folks if you haven't heard the news about O.J. Simpson, well here it goes. In Clark County regional Justice center Mr. Simpson was basically sentence to life in prison. The Judge sentenced him to at least 15 years in prison and at the health threatening age of 61 Simpson can die in prison. My reaction to this mans reaction of his actually fucked me up inside(excuse my language). The Judge on reminder through-out the trial said that her reflection from the 1994 murder trial will not be reflected in this trial. While giving his apology she firmly rejected with no remorse and stood with a scornful expression as she watch Mr. fall apart. Mr. Simpson was wrong for his action he should contacted officials but the judgement of 15 years was extremely to harsh since no one was murdered or severely harmed, just a man claiming his property. Selecting that judge who was clearly a friend of Mr. Goldman was a horrible selection on behalf of our court system. Mr. Simpson should have been more cautious and known that America was going to put him under the jail the next time they got a hold of him.

(Photo by Issac Brekken-Pool/Getty Images)

Friday, December 5, 2008

Every Urban Kid's Fetish!!!!!!!!!

Whats Good?
well I did some surfing from my Christmas list for the #2 thing out of three that makes me happy. I'll tell the three later, but number 2 is Sneakers. Every kid from the hood is raised with a deadly fascination with sneakers. I don't know how to explain it but getting a fresh pair of kicks makes me glow. When growing up there were many kicks I couldn't get because Mom Dukes had more kids than the show Family Matters. These are some of the kicks I have to get because I didn't have them growing up. Just in case you were still wondering what's the three things on the list well here it goes.
#1. Money
#2. Sneakers
#3. Sex (Good sex w/a Female*) *-for y'all dudes that be playing the homo shit
Check the Kicks at:

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Max Statz music Update:

This is Max Statz back again with a music moment.
For all the real hip-hop heads out there! You probably have already copped or heard some of it.
But, check out the album from The Abstract (Q-tip).
Q-tip came back hard in 2008, for real. Check track 12,tell me what you think.

Q-tip - The Renaissance
Shaka - Q-Tip (courtesy of Imeem)

- Q--Tip

Max Statz
Trust Some, Fear None

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My New Artist Bid

Whats Good?
Yo listen people. I been saying for some time now(almost a year) that Drake is going to be the premier artist of Hip-Hop. This man has not let me down yet. His slow toned delivery leaves you to understand everything. The man has been certified by many people and now he has my bid. Drake for New artist of the Year!!! I might as well say this now, there is someone up and coming that i have heard and seen some of his shows. Dash Dollars will a name that will strike many years come the top of the year. Here a track from Drake courtesy of Onsmash.com. I really feel this is how Kanye should have used that beat because that auto- tune shit didn't cut. I understand that you have reached an influential stand point in your career but you you cant feed your fans bullshit ...do R&B on your own time. Bring that shit I bumped in my car for damn near 6 to seven months. Here goes Drake off the Say You Will beat.

Drake- Say whats real

Pensar (think)

Whats Good?
Today I have been stormed by one person's emotions. Could you believe that you can feel a certain way about someone and really let it boil up until you have an outburst? I really think that people should express themselves because this is a carefree time in life. there are too many things to worry than a person who consistently neglect emotionally in some shape for or fashion. Today's Mission is to express your feelings to at a minimum of three people. If you ever want to express any of your feeling please contact me!