Thursday, December 25, 2008

Part II (Top Movies of the Year)

What's Good
Here we go, these are the top movie of 2008. I have not seen all the movies of 2008 but I'm pretty these movies or at least most of them are on your top 10. Let's Get to it!

1. Batman: The Dark Knight
This is by far the BEST movie of 2008,Better yet the best movie of all time! Special Thanks to Heath Ledger who played the part beyond perfection. God bless his soul... No bad guy will ever be celebrated as much as this man. I never seen someone act out a character such as himself. No other Batman will be as good as this one.

2. Miracle at St. Anna
Spike Lee reveal so much in this movie. This movie was very emotional. I loved the film because no one ever told the story about the Buffalo soldiers. Giving glimpse of racism even against Negro Soldiers. There is scene that found very funny when the soldiers where denied service for some Ice's and how they were kicked out the restaurant. They later returned with guns drawn and punk'd the white store owner into serving them their Ice's. I really recommend everyone to see this film.

3.The Incredible HULK
This movie redeemed the legacy of this cartoon since the last movie. The graphics were very cool. There isn't much to say because everyone knows the story of the HULK but the way it ended there is for surely a part two of movie.

Robert Downey jr. being suited for IronMan was the best decision for the casting director. His sarcasm and slight humor matched him for this role. This movie was so great. I loved the graphics and I for surely cant wait until they put Terrence Howard in the War Machine suit.

5.Eagle Eye
So many movie critics said this movie was horrible but I found it to be exciting. Don't we love it when they display accidents by the government. Shia did a great job as the dumb founded kid who is trying to find out what is going on. I think sometime they show these movies to prevent Government from allowing these thing to happen in real life....Think about it.

6.Pineapple Express
If getting weed was this adventurous people would never smoke weed. The staff from "Knocked Up" did it again with another well needed release of comedy. I love their movies it reminds me of Adam Sandler and his boys that he always keep around for all of his movies.

7. Transporter 3
Here goes your 3rd serving of ass-kicking moves. The storyline to this series is really pointless but it has an after effect on you. The movie always have in the mood to try a move or two on your lil cousin or roommate. This movie can go forever as long as Mr. Statham stays healthy.

8. The Curious case of Benjamin Button
Give a round of applause to Brad Pitt. I really feel this film was more on the love side of things when there was much more they could of put emphasis on. The love side of the film knocks the notebook off the shelves.

9. WallE
Don't front like this movie wasn't poppin'. This kid happy film caught the attention of many adults and stroked their interest for a simple kid flick. Check it out for yourself. I guess all the bright colors got me.


Ashley Spinelli said...

So i've only watched 4 outta 9 movies in total, but the list is solid, it was mainly about the fast-paced action and excellent acting (Ledger, etc etc) Benjamin Button looks really good also so that'll be number 5 soon. i think '08 def had its share of good films. But Wall-E spoke to me even though it had probably less than 10 minutes of dialogue. What about the last robot? Aw and the love story they stuck in there. Hmm makes you think where Pixar will take us (children's movies) next. Batman -- i can't begin to explain how good this movie was so i'ma leave it where it is, at number one rightfully placed.


Ashley Spinelli said...

oh yea, Miracle was a good film also!! Josh you convinced me to go see it and i'm glad i went man