Wednesday, December 24, 2008

As We say Good Bye!!!

What's Good?
2008 as we know is coming to a close. Some very good things happen to me this year. I joined a Fraternity (The Omega Psi Phi Fraternity inc.), I realize some other things in life that I can't mention on the blog. Some very influential music was release this year as well. I experienced all the ups and downs of the basic college student's life.This post will be seperated into three parts,first with music. Lets get to Josh Days' highly approved albums, movies and moments of the 08. Although the year is not over, if anything happen I will edit this post. Lets get to it.
Top ten Albums of the year

1. Joe Budden- Mood Muzik 3
Joey delivered this album/mixtape just in time. Joe Budden spazzed out on this album, confronting everyone!(even Jay-Z). Joe Budden will always be one the illest M.C.'s that will be over shadowed by the industry. In my opinion no one is fucking with Joe Budden in a battle, he is just to nice. For all the haters who are saying as they read this "that I'm bugging need to sit back and listen to Mood muzik 2 and 3. I will promise you that you will be a believer.

2.Mario- Go
Even though this album was released December 11Th of 2007 I still feel this is an album of 2008. This album was one of the best albums out and circulating for the 2008. Mario provided many good songs that are actually hits. Alot of people til' this day does not know about this album and if you are one of those people out of the loop you should take time out to give brother-man a chance.

Nas dropped 2008's most controversial album with the major disagreement of his album's title. The original title was supposed to be named "Nigger" but everyone had a say-so in his artistic choice for the word. Nas did a very good job on this album. He played the governments' rebel shaking up a few things in our day to day thought process.

4.N.E.R.D.- Seeing Sounds
Sorry but I had to go left field with this one y'all. Urban society's most musically accepted rock group N.E.R.D. released their highly anticipated album since their three year hiatus. some songs are really easy on the ear and the rest you have to listen to get the message. I love these guys. Shout out Dre AKA Bobby James!

5.Ne-Yo- Year of The Gentleman
Ne-Yo has always been known since his debut album to always provide good music. Every scenario in all of his songs gives his listeners a vivid picture to imagine. His Albums always help the R&B department when other artist begin to give you three good songs out of twelve. My favorite song is Fade into the Background. Even though he gives this scenario over and over it just gets better every time.

6.The Dream- Love/Hate
Although a lot of people hated this album i really feel it was a well put together album. For some reason he share alot of characteristics as Ne-Yo, I kinda look at him as his dark counter part. He displayed his song writing abilities and his features were great too. The song with him and Rhianna was great, they put a little light on celebrity relationships.

7.T.I.- Paper Trail
Through-out all the drama this man has seen in the 08' he still dropped a pretty dope album. This got everybody swingin' their wrags(gucci & luois) in the club. I remember in his T.I.P. days this man said he was going to the best rapper and i would say he's the best but he is damn near close. This album definitely stayed on deck for about a good month. I wish him the best of luck during his incarceration." PSC Pimpim"

8.Drake- Comeback season
Heart Break drake surface on the Hip-Hop scene with this classic mixtape/album. This Mixtape out did alot of rapper's albums. His style is so unique and from listening I can speculate that he is the Geppeto behind your favorite rapper's success. No harm intended. Listen out for this man he has many songs out now and a new album approaching named So Far Gone. Please visit October's very on blogspot for a free download of this album.

9.Lil Wayne- Tha Carter 3
I'm Sorry, But this album was fairly good even though it didn't live up to its hype. It still was better than most albums of the 08.His track with Babyface put him above the rest when it came to this tough decision.

10. Kid Cudi- A kid Named Cudi
Cudi lands himself at the number ten spot for embracing the different side of music. All his songs sound similar with that metronome sound off but it's very catchy. His style of rap is so weird in a good way. He stand in the lead for the Freshman of rap but still don't count out Wale.

*Listen i know some albums were;nt up there but this is truely my choice of albums that i listened to.

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