Sunday, August 30, 2009

Music Update

What's Good?
We are only a few days away from school and the summer has come and gone. I hope I kept your playlist in good order. There will be music updates all the time so don't worry about that. Just keep rocking with the Best. Dear Summer....

D.C. chillin' P.G. chillin', Ya boy Wale teams up with The Ms. Jazmine Sullivan to pay homage to one of the dopest Hip-Hop groups ever.
Wale feat. Jazmine Sulivan- World Tour

Through-out all the drama that has been circulating around the R&B diva , Mariah has seem to stick to the PR side of things and stay quiet. L.A. Reid knows what's best. MiMi presents a new song which is a remake of a 1984 greatest hit by the rock band Foreigner.
Mariah Carey- I want to know Love is

The man on the moon has come back to earth, giving the fans some more music. The Left field rapper has been pretty successful on giving his twist to today's genre of "rap/Hip-Hop".
Kid Cudi- Follow Me

The Jigga-Man has return believe no rumors of a retirement! When you stand as the best , to where a genre of music's fate is your hand you can only do one thing and one thing only PERFORM. You can't front when you think Rap is dead, Jay does provide what is needed.
Jay-Z- Venus vs. Mars

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Check It Out

What's Good?
Once again I was surfing the web and boom! I seen this video that is by far overly racist but so racist that there is absolute comedy. So as the world know Usain Bolt destroyed another record by a landslide. Well some comedians put together a skit of Hitler, YES! I said "Hitler" seriously upset about Usain Bolt breaking records. Trust me you will laugh and who wouldnt laugh at the fact of seeing Hitler in agony.


Petey Greene shows you how to eat a watermelon...and says Be Yourself...
This dude is going on and on about Watermelon lol
Terrible lol...smh

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Music Update

What's Good?
Listen to this track by Trey Songz. This Album is going to be fire. I heard his one of his album cuts titled "Love Lost", which is a very well put together song see for yourself
Trey Songz- Love Lost

Monday, August 24, 2009

Pensar ( If This Doesn't Work)

What's Good?
As I stood in the line at bursar office(Blown)this PSA was on and it seemed so real. I really feel this 5 minute clip got the message across than the most expensive PSA( 7 pounds). The clip shows a very vivid image on what can happen when texting and driving.

Check This Out

What's Good?
As I was sufing the web, I came across this video and it seemed so wild. A bit too gross but the message was so clear, Like I understood everything. Sometimes it seems that way when tryna explain your point of view. PLEASE WATCH THIS VIDEO!!!

StatZ Music Update:

Plenty of Tunes for you cuz I haven't in a while
Produced by Timbaland...pretty crack... Just waiting for this Blueprint 3.
New artist Mike Posner...Singer/rapper/producer...has a few collaborations with Big Sean..This dude definitely has his own style though. He is coming out of school too...DUKE.

This is off of their How Fly Mixtape that I posted earlier this month...This is one of their bangers off of the tape. Here is another from Wiz fukn with Wiz right now.

Memphis Bleek has been quiet...The question still is there will he ever blow??pause.

This track is KILLER...from the up and coming young artists...

Friday, August 21, 2009

Jeremy Shockey got dogged

The New Orleans Saints watched as their teamate Jeremy Shockey took a loss...
The Houston Texans were way too hood with it...NFL is funny as hell...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

New Slimmer PS3

Playstation is going to release this smaller version of the PS3 for $300 in the first week of september.
Pretty Dope.

Desire, Want, & Need

New Air Jordan Spizike in a new Color way
Supposed to release in Feb 2010...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Please do not let the summer go without giving back. I'm pretty confident that many people will show up, especially my fellow undergraduates because we do have some time on our hands before school start.

Here are the remaining events for the month of August...

August 28, 2009: HELP Suffolk - End of Summer Ice Cream Party

August 29, 2009: HELP I - NYU sponsors Fun Day

August 29, 2009: Help New Horizons - NYU Back to School Field Day at Betsy Head Park

[Contact Jill Perine at 212-400-7015 or]


Dom Kennedy New Video

I've put up a few tracks from Dom Kennedy and also put up his recent mixtape for download Future Street/Drug Sounds. Classic Mixtape, but check his new vid for Of All Time ft. BJ the Kid.

Friday, August 14, 2009

iPod Shuffle

Going through the iPod I remembered:
How much of classic this album is... Nas did his thing this go around for sure...

Game Over!!!

What's Good?
So the news is very true. MICHAEL VICK is finally back! He has truly payed his debt to society, Let's get to the entertainment. The most entertaining quarterback signed a 2 year deal with a second year option to the Philadelphia Eagles. Now the question is...How does Starting Quarterback Donnovan McNabb feel about this. He personally has not put out a statement but there are two different stories involving the emotions of the Syracuse Orangeman. I really feel Vick who once saved the NFL can do it once again no matter how much scrutiny he encounters. I really feel what he did was wrong and his fans insensitve response was even worst. "let He who has not sin, cast the first stone".


What's Good?
This should be a celebration folks! IM BACK! its been a while but i have some fresh thoughts and our little segment named pensar is gonna be pretty interesting. Just to start it off Where do you see yourself in 5 years. We are all young college students or professionals so life can take us anywhere. Where do you plan to be and have you done anything to successfully approach that outcome. Well back to buisness, IM BACK!!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

NBA Live 2010 Preview

The new live has debuted... Will it retake its crown as the basketball game to play... I will say no even though it looks aight...2K is still where its at.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Curren$y & Wiz Khalifa - HOW FLY THE MIXTAPE

Wiz Khalifa & Curren$y - How Fly

Curren$y and Wiz finally dropped their How Fly mixtape. I only say finally because this is the mixtape/album I have been looking forward to dropping for a long time. Both of these dudes rip everything and are due for their spots in the game. Please download and listen if its anything I put up on here....Listen to this...
haha JEts Taylor gang wats good...

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Max Statz Music Update:

Here are some tracks, I've been putting up a lot of up and coming tracks so I wanted to give some names everybody recognizes aighttttttt
Lil Scrappy is on his come back after a long break. This track still has the lil scrappy vibe to it and has a new feel to it. Ludacris beat the track up too.

Lil Scrappy f. Ludacris - Addicted to Money

Lil Boosie always has good tracks talking bout the ladies and can stay pretty relevant for us 2 relate. The melody sounds familiar lol and Bobby V adds a lil something to it.

Lil Boosie f. Bobby V -Nobody

ummmm... New Lil Wayne lol

Lil Wayne - Million Dollar Baby

Alright I lied lol, I had to give you 1 track from an up and coming rapper:

Im not gonna explain him or the track...just listen with no bais...

XV - The Rabbit Hole

The Clipse ft. Pharrell - I'm Good Video

Funny Drake Spoof

I've been watching this for a lil while and I had to put it up lol...
They clowned drake and wayne but its funny as hell

Friday, August 7, 2009

Delonte West Rap

DC native Delonte West decided to give everybody a taste of what his rap skills are like....
BUT his topic of choice is that good ol KFC lol and other food spots lol
funny as he is with DC rapper KayeM from Largo...hometown was good

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Monthly Throwback!

Here is your August Monthly throwback:

I have been watching Diddy's new show Making the band where he has all instrumentalist.. and it keeps my attention more than any other year... maybe because I play instruments and love to critique them lol but anyways it got me thinking of Diddy back in they day and my nig BIG

Biggie Smalls feat. Puff Daddy - Hypnotize

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Loso's Way

If you haven't copped the new Fabolous Album - Loso's Way you need to go cop...
Fab came with possibly the greatest album he has had...

Check out the Movie Loso's Way that comes with the Album

Curren$y Video Preview

Curren$y - 16 Switches (Video Preview)

Off of This Aint No Mixtape

Desire, Want, & Need

Max Statz Music Update:

Aight here are some mixtapes and tracks I would recommend to you...

This is real hip-hop from 3 homies from Cali... Another underground classic mixtape with the same vibe/potential as the break out mixtapes of all the other up and coming hip-hop artists.

The cleveland native that is not Kid Cudi lol spits fire...Ive put a few tracks of his up before but here is a creative track he did over a rock track...shit is dope...His mixtape called the Cleveland Show is coming soon. If this track is too out there for you check this throwback with Kid Cudi

There is nooo way this wasn't getting on the blog lol Wale and Gucci ripped it on the DC GOGO CLASSIC. Wale's album is dropping in September.

Please do not forget about the Game... This mixtape is Game being The of the best mixtapes I have heard him drop. Has a tribute to Mike Jackson with an ALL STAR line up with Chris Brown...Features from Chris Brown, Rick Ross, Snoop, Maino, Ja Rule, Lil Wayne, Busta, and Fat Joe.

I Am Back!

Vacation was great...
dont really need to explain... 5 Islands in a week

check the photo....the bucket hat was really blockin the sun lol