Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Young Chris, Curren$y & Emilio Rojas - Asphault (Produced by DJ Green Lantern)

DJ Green Lantern just dropped a tape The Invasion 2k10 with collaborations of a lot of different artists in the game.. The mixtape link is down at the bottom but here is the link to one of my favorites on there with Curren$y, Young Chris & Emelio Rojas.


Because of y'all, our great supporters, we have been nominated in the 2010 black weblog awards in the top hip-hop blog category. We actually found out by a follower @ing us on twitter (@NovChildren)... But please vote as we will keep bringing you the quality hip-hop lifestyle blogsite that novembers children has been. WE APPRECIATE YOU!

Check It Out: J. Cole Live in NYC

I saw this over at herfection but this is at the J&R Music Fest that was held about a week ago. #ColeWorld

Big Sean - Finally Famous Vol. 3 (Mixtape)

Monday, August 30, 2010

DJ Black House - RhymesXReason 5

DJ Black House released this double disc volume with about 50 songs from the best & upcoming artists in the hip-hop community.

This mixtape includes artists such as J.Cole, Andre 3000, Ab-Soul, Talib Kweli, Jay Rock, Big Sean, Freddie Gibbs, Curren$y, LE$, Lupe Fiasco, Diggy Simmons, Nipsey Hussle, K.Sparks, Skeme, Henny & P.Dukes, The Cool Kids, Vado, Trademark Da Skydiver etc.

RhymesxReason 5 is a perfect combination of lyrical content & masterful production.

New Music Update:

What's Good?
Music has been Good lately, don't you agree?
Trey has on the wave as far as music and his T.V. spot on BET. His past two videos was good graphically but doesnt grab the consumer so i'll just vibe to the music.

So Loso is coming back to Stores I believe after his street shaker TINC. Now releasing an EP to his second installment of There Is No Competition. By the way R Les is on the production credits.

Drake is fresh off a world shaking twitter moment with Minaj. Time to get back to this music.

Check It Out:Diddy 3 Minute Ciroc Commercial

Ciroc Obama did a 3 minute video for his Ciroc Vodka... Check it Out..

Check It Out:

What's Good?
N.Y.M.I. is definitely a good look on the wax. I'm impressed! This song is so relative because so many of my friends were excellent athletes who didn't get their chance to shine because of horrible event. I know don't know if he is a new artist but he is dope.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Pensar...(I Will Not Sleep Anymore)

What's Good?
Sean Walker opened my eyes in so many ways. Every night I speak to my mentor I always tell her to get some sleep. After watching this video I completely understand her grind. This is definitely my wake-up call! I hope you can relate to it. Thank You Sean Walker.

Music Update

What's Good?
Ye' just dropped this track last night but fuck it. This song has a full roster shall I say. Props to H.E.R.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Mack Maine on Carter IV and Lil Wayne

So Carter IV will be released the day Lil Wayne is released from Rikers Prison... There will also be a Wayne EP titled I Am Not a Human Being, that will drop on his birthday September 27th.

Big Sean - Finally Famous Vol. 3 (Tracklist)

1. Final Hour (Produced by Don Cannon and Nick Kage)
2. Meant To Be (Produced by DJ Spinz)
3. What U Doin’ (Bullshittin’) (Produced by The Olympicks) | Video
4. Money & Sex feat. Bun B (Produced by No I.D.)
5. Five Bucks (5 On It) feat. Chip Tha Ripper & Curren$y
6. High Rise (Produced by Don Cannon)
7. Crazy (Produced by The Olympicks)
8. Home Town (Produced by Eliseo of Treal)
9. Supa Dupa Lemonade | Video
10. My Clost Sayitainttone (Produced by Key Wane)
11. Too Fake feat. Chiddy (Produced by Xaphoon Jones)
12. Fuck My Opponent feat. Tyga (Produced by Trillionz)
13. Made feat. Drake (Produced by WrighTrax)
14. Ambigious feat. Mike Posner (Produced by Clinton Sparks)
15. Memories (Produced by Key Wane)
16. Bonus Track

Supposed to drop next week but who knows..

NEW music Update

What's Good?
.I know we been M.I.A. but Bo and I have been grinding. We are in the process of building a full staff so this blog will have a new look and alot of stuff to keep you occupied on your blog time.
Here is the final cut (No tags) of 'Loving You No More' By Diddy Dirty Money feat Drake. Honestly Diddy Needs to release the abum because the anticipation is over flowing

Mr. Hudson has properly fit in to the way the G.O.O.D. label was constructed. I really like this his music and if you haven't heard any of his music ...get from under rock.

Desire Wants & Needs

What's Good?
Tell me this is not some dope shit. Honestly it will be a part of the hype because thats what the hype beast do... Shout Out to the homie Camar for the insght. http://www.w-shock.com/

This Watch Is such a good look on my wrist.  To actually create this was pure genius. I wouldn't get it wet though

This Grider is pretty cool Guess you can grind some tobacco...o_O

Check It Out

What's Good?
Fabolous is definitely back again with the street appeal. Brooklyn is definitely in the building.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Letter To Our Readers

What's Good?
As you already know we are in the process of expanding our website. Now with new writers emerging we hope to create a whole new reader base. We hope you guys stick around to see our progression because ,remember it is us that allows people into stardom.

PS- Good Travels to anyone moving in today at St. John's University.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Lupe Fiasco - Go To Sleep

This track sounds like it could have been on his last album The Cool... I think Lupe is back yall... and this will be on his upcoming album Food & Liquor 2: The Great American Rap Album

J. Cole on His Upcoming Album

We cannot wait for J. Cole to drop his album over here at Novembers Children...
he is just another one we have supported for a while over here that has blown up..
Just be ready for his album..

Sunday, August 22, 2010

DJ Black House - Pre-Game Vol. 9

DJ Black House deems this volume of the Pre-Game series the "Free Nights & Weekends" Mixtape because its perfect for those times. You can follow him on twitter DJBlackHouse12
1. Intro
2. Young Jeezy – Jizzle
3. OJ Da Juiceman – Burnt Orange
4. Young Dro – Freeze Me ft. T.I. & Gucci Mane
5. Camron – Got Me Fucked Up ft. Yo Gotti
6. Gucci Mane – I Go Ham
7. Fabolous – Lights Out
8. Rick Ross – Hard In The Paint
9. Brick Squad – Who U Wit
10. J.Futuristic – Money Don’t Make Me
11. Tity Boi – Dreads
12. Lil Boosie – Betta Not Fight ft. Webbie & Foxx
13. Alley Boy – Out Yo Mind ft. Big Bank Black
14. Red CafĂ© – Money Money Money ft. Diddy & Fabolous
15. Sean Garrett – Strip Club ft. Soulja Boy
16. Roscoe Dash & Waka Flocka – Girls Gone Crazy
17. T.I. – Get Your Girl
18. Drake – Just Be Mine
19. Fabolous – Swagger Right
20. Drake – To The Floor
21. Twista – Movie ft. Chris Brown
22. Drake – Do It All
23. L.E.S – Sweets ft. Party Boyz
24. Tyga & Soulja Boy – Quiet
25. Tity Boi – Boo ft. Yo Gotti
26. Gucci Mane – Jumpshot Money
27. Lil Wayne – Right Above It ft. Drake
28. Tyga & Lil Wayne - Loyalty


What's Good?

          This segment of Pensar will be a little different from the usual. COLLEGE, what a joke. So many promises since childhood of all the pleasures you can have when obtaining higher education. Its been almost four months in completion and many of my fellow graduates have not received a single job offer. Many have applied, sat in interviews and many have yet to hear any good news. Why did all these people tell us to get good grades when those in fact are not helping. This means that I could of went out or stayed home another day after vacation instead being prompt to get that golden 4.0. So many ideas have come across my mind to bring a higher awareness when involving unemployment within my generation. If you graduated class of 2008,2009 and 2010 and still do not have job please email me at Novemberschild@live.com .
**If you still own your cap and gown that will be a plus.**

Saturday, August 21, 2010


What's Good?
Yo, everybody my favorite DJ... Dj Zeke is the Roc4Life competition. Please Support him people (especially St. John's Peoples). Trust me guys he is a real stand up guy. We are the people that make the real stars hot!

Vote Here


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Interview With Wale on Itsbongboy

Wale's More About Nothing Tape is fire... download it if you dont have it yall... just check our search for it... Looking forward to the homies next album...

A Few Minutes With Big Sean

I think its ridiculous he keeps pushing back his mixtape... I dont know whose decision it is but I know it has to be done already... put it out.... Finally Famous Vol. 3 coming soon.. and his album drops Sep 14th..

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

NBA 2k11 Official Trailer

NBA 2k11 ....
Jordan returns to video games...

Music Update:

J. Cole is starting to give us more and more music... I think he will probably drop a mixtape soon

Big Sean is dropping a mixtape Finally Famous Vol. 3 before his album... this is off of his mixtape...

Dom hopped the Bun For President that J. Cole dropped... Did it for Hip Hop..

DJ Flex premeried this on the radio waves yesterday... his LP is coming out soon... Producer Ted Smooth is pretty dope..

Before They Were Pros:

check out these pics of NBA stars before they were the stars they are today... they were all wearing Jordan Brand shoes in these pics...

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Check It Out

What's Good?
Joey is making his little media spots here and there before he drops the 4th installent of the best mixtape series ever. He speaks about his book and a couple other things with Good Fella Radio. Shout Out to 2 dope Boyz.

Hip Hop Series: Joe Budden from Good*Fella Radio on Vimeo.

Check It Out:

new video from Curren$y

Curren$y - Twistin Stank (Hard in the Paint) from Creative Control

Monday, August 16, 2010

Fly.Union Value Pack 1-5 and more

Here is a fulllll value pack with all of their value pack mixtapes put together in one download... Yall know weve been puttin them on for a while... make sure you download this!

Check It Out

What's Good?
S-T-A-Double L-E-Y stand for Stalley on top....

Entourage - "Tequila and Coke"

Kanye West - G.O.O.D. ASS Mixtape

We have all been waiting for Kanye to give us some music again... So I guess this is a lot of tracks that won't make the album in September... But I'm sure you already know what to expect...

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Check It Out:

What's Good?
In no shape form or fashion do i promote coonery but,This video is a post production of how black people can st us back. If you are on the air please be careful of what you say because this can be the out come.

Check It Out:

What's Good?
If you guys don't know by now, we are big on film. In a generation where everything is visual we like to keep you updated visually. Amanda Diva (my wife, she doen't know yet) has a web series with Creative Control and I been following her episodes and CC's shows. Shout out Coodie & Chike.

TECHNICOLOR LOVER EPISODE 3 from Creative Control on Vimeo.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Visions of Visionaries: MADE

Pharrell and Shay of N.E.R.D. talk over their passion, side projects and what makes them get up every morning…

Check It Out: The Cool Kids -Gold Links (video)

New video from The Cool Kids.. check it outttt

Mac Miller - K.I.D.S. (Mixtape)

WE have been posting and keeping up to date with this kid right here... cant lie he does give some dope music... download this Pittsburgh rappers tape

Thursday, August 12, 2010

New Music Update:

What's Good?
This music industry is fabulously scandalous. The very moment all listeners know the game is to sold and not told music will prosper again. NO MORE CHICKS CHAINS AND RIMS...We need a remission!

J. Cole's career will not flourish in a day but the longevity of his career is certain especially with production talents.. His career decision of not taking the pop route will benefit him. When hip-hop takes its turn to outlawing the all the flash and glitter he will be one of the top names.

I really like this colaboration. Novel is name in music that I have been seeing around and I guess this is his chance. Colin is my dude though.

Curren$y dropped a new track the other day... not on his album but you should definitely go cop that Pilot Talk!!

Music Update:

What's Good?
Jeezy has always been a mixtape killer. I haven't found a mixtape of Jeezy's that has been wack! Too bad Drama is not on board for this mixtape. None the less the album is on way this fall!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Check It Out

What's Good?
Mac Miller is a few days away from releasing mixtape titled KIDS.

Back From Vacation:

I am back from vacation yall... it was great... I took some photos too... If you want to check the rest of the photos.. I posted them HERE ... peace

Swizz Beatz - When I was 17

MTV special.. When I was 17... South Bronx story for all yall NYC homies... Suprise where he was when he was 17 though...

Big Sean - Finally Famous Vol. 3 Trailer

His album is finally dropping on Sep 14th... he was signed before Cudi to Good Music... and he is now ready to see what dent he can make in the game...

Check It Out: Ryan Leslie X Bridget Kelly (Studio Footage)

Again, I love studio footage... Ryan Leslie is a beast... Bridget Kelly is lookin.... don't even need to say.. check it out...

Wale - Mixtape Release/ Number Won Live

Wale stopped through Commonwealth DC for his mixtape release... go get that More About Nothing Mixtape...

Check It Out: Making of the Free Mason Beat

I saw this the other day... as a producer ... I would love to see this anyday for any song.. even more here with the track by Rick Ross and Jay-Z ... It is pretty dope though. Check it out...

Monday, August 9, 2010

Check It Out

What's Good?
I don't know if you guys are up to speed about Nike's new campain but they take it to All the borroghs and today they landed in The BRONX with Cory Gunz.

Music Update

What's Good?
This weekend was a blast. I can do so much more if i apply myself to be free -Drunken man off the boatride
Mac Miller is definitely a growing force. I really like what he is doing with music. Stay on the look out for his mixtape titled KIDS set to hit the web and cd players August 13th.
3Stack is Back! We know this eclectic gentleman has been a musical genius and we hope to see him bring back the Spread Your Winds Feeling!
Twista will be timeless because no one does it like him any day! Glad to see he has Breezy on the feature.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Wiz Khalifa - Never Been (official video)

My personal favorite off of his latest tape "Kush and Orange Juice"...
here is the video...

Friday, August 6, 2010

Check It Out: Fashion Forward

What's Good?
Check Out Lupe's Clothing line what its about. They gentleman is so articulate in accordance to what his clothing line represents.

Trilly & Truly 2010: Basic Info from RSVP Gallery on Vimeo.

Music Update

What's Good?
Today has been one the best days this summer for me. I had a great conversation with one of the worlds most humble men.
This is an amazing comeback. J Rock is for surely jumping up and down right now. I remember those road trips where he always said he wish it was like back in the days.

So in the blogosphere, News is that Drake has an R&B album coming out. I am not sure if that is a good idea for his second album, maybe his third. I really hope that he is just referencing tracks.
Red Cafe has moved in and out the game and I hope Diddy brings this all together for him.

Check It Out

What's Good?
Ye' just dropped the snippet/promo to his new video Power. This video and song itself is raising so many eyebrows. Skepticism is at an all time high when involving Ye' and Jay. Who knows? Creativity of the video at an all time high but the concept is crazy!

Kanye's POWER uncensored from videotableau on Vimeo.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Check It Out

What's Good?
Listen to How Raw This Guy is. I have seen many people play the piano but to compose this into piano is phenomenal.

Check It Out

What's Good?
I swear more and more Music tends to pull away from religion. I don't quite understand it. Artist have their dark period in their careers which leads them to find who they truly are. Music as a whole is about to experience its dark period from a Hip-Hop stand point. Everyone knows about the rumors and all the controversy of who is involved with manipulation of this dark period. I hope Hip Hops new talent breaksthough in time. Here is a more disticnt behind the minds and scenes of Kanye West's Video Power.

Music Update:

What's Good?
Will Smooth came back after dropping his latest mixtape. Now with a remix track to All I Want Is You by Miguel Featuring J. Cole.

Welcome Back

What's Good?
As soon as I was going to put his face on a milk carton he makes a comeback. Hit afte hit Donell Jones does it again. He is for surely a legend in the R&B world.

Check It Out

What's Good?
I love what Nike and BBGun is doing with the street feel to combining music and basketball. We could have picked a great candidate "hometown kid' for Brooklyn...shout out Theo.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


What's Good?
I don't understand how so many rappers are stealing hand signals from fraternities, groups and collegiate teams. How do people feel about that? Honestly speaking... If a rapper ever thought it was cool to throw my hooks up, I would feel its cool to blackout. Skull Gang and Spitta have created movements signaling all fans to throw up the Alpha hand gesture in symbol of their movement. Now Alpha Phi Alpha has used that hand gesture for decades to where it should be copyrighted and respected enough to the fact that it wouldnt be replicated. Although Curen$y jet symbol is very similar people tend to not spread their fingers wide enough. This is not a joke but people should correct people with knowledge when they tend to replicate things of great history. Now Cam'ron new U.N. symbol is a replication of The U (University of Miami). A sports symbol which lead to be the signaling gesture to recognize alumni to alumni. Now with random fans of Cam's Music throwing up a symbol that belongs to a prestigious University, no one knows who truly belongs. What are yor thoughts?

New Music Update

What's Good?
We so much in store for you guys this year. We have to turn it up!!!

NeYo has truly come a long achieving some many thing in his career and now taking a left turn in his music which carries to his appeal... most believe. He comes back to the crooner we all knew.
Trey Songz will have to peak his potential in this album. So many people are expecting him to deliver a world of emotions on this album. "Somebody said it couldn't be done"...
Lil Wayne is definitely on his way out. Drake held it down while he was held up behind the wall. Here goes a radio rip. Props to Nah Right

New Music/Artist Update:

What's Good?
If you can remember a while back I put y'all on to a fresh new rapper by the name of Dave Raps who is just about from everywhere but currently reside in Florida. Well today he drops his mixtape. If you were impressed with song a while ago then you are going to like the mixtape titled Yes I Do. Shout Out To Vee Nyce

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Check It Out

What's Good?
This Song is so crazy look out for our conversation on the new face of hip-hop. November's Children: "It's a LifeStyle" documentary coming soon.

Music Update:

What's Good?
And Now without further ado....Ladies and Gentlemen .....Wale!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Check It Out

What's Good?
It's about time! Jump Off Joe Budden is back with the best mixtape series to ever hit the music world. If you consider yourself a real hip hop head then you completely agree. I can just imagine how much he is going to go off on this mixtape. Still with no exact details on who's producing, who's the featuring artist but be afraid.