Sunday, May 31, 2009

Must SEE

This is a lil old but you have to see what this girl did to Charles Hamilton...She is a real chick... I mean she kinda had 2 do it...he was wylin...

She stole the shit outta this dude...
Charles Hamilton is a real dude for not trippin off of it tho... I will still bang with his music.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Check It Out 3.55

Whats Good?
I promise more video post for atleast a week! These Good Videos keep dropping so im trying to keep yall up to date!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Please Stay Tuned For Our Public Service Announcement.

20 years of experience meeting the challenges
Founded by Andrew Cuomo in 1986 and recognized by the United States Congress as a national model, HELP USA is one of the country's largest builders and operators of service-enriched transitional and low-income permanent housing. HELP USA has 19 residential communities in the New York metropolitan area, and was recruited to expand our successful model in Philadelphia, Las Vegas, Buffalo, Newark and Houston. HELP USA continues to pursue every opportunity to provide service-enriched housing to people in need, with a goal of 200 units of new housing each year. Building on 20 years of experience, HELP USA is prepared to meet the evolving challenges facing homeless populations by the 21st century. Consistent with the changing real estate model for urban landscapes, the future is defined with expectations of "mixed use" projects, combining residential, commercial and public space to encourage social interaction. Jobs, services, affordable housing, and family centers to support the family unit will break the cycle of dependency and enable the homeless to reclaim their lives.

Please Visit and learn more about H.E.L.P. USA and it's programs oppertunities available at WWW.HELPUSA.ORG

Say goodbye to Pretty Ricky

Word is that Pretty Ricky has been dropped after Spectacular challenged all the R&B artists to a so called "Grind Off" lol
If u r a homophobe DO NOT watch this video... I mean this guy is terrible lol
No more music from Pretty Ricky after this lol

I FEEL LIKE I SHOULDNT EVEN POST THIS but I mean watever this nigga is wilin tho.. what the fuk

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Check Out 3 more video

Another video that hit the scene

The Dream ft. Kanye West - Walking On the Moon

Fabolous-It's My Time

Fabolous Throw it in the Bag

Check It Out 3.0

Whats Good?
Here some Videos that have some buzz!

Sorry it's only a Teaser...

This Video is Just as weird as his album, but Rihanna is looking Mightee Fine!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Pensar...(Don't Let It Pass You By)

What's Good?
I'm not gonna talk your ear off or make you read in to a deep sleep..ok.
I was really thinking hard about what I will do with myself for the summer! I Know that this is my last summer to just do whatever I want because I'll be a senior this approaching semester and we all know that as a senior you want to be working once you are out of school. Help share some ideas on what can realistically be done this summer. Please Comment!

Summer Time 4/22-4/25 (Memorial Day weekend)

What's Good?
This Memorial Day was on more of a personal note. Instead of doing the typical trip to Miami for Memorial Day I went to Washington D.C. on a Fraternal rights of passage. Yes! my three line brothers(Len, Ro &Lin) and I went to Howard University also known as the mecca of most African American greek lettered organizations to pay homage to our Four Founding Fathers.
This was real nice to see where everthing originated from. ...Maybe next year I'll do Miami.

Thirkield Hall

The monument of our Fathers and Cardinal Principles.
We came a long way from here......

Music Update

What's Good?
...As promised folks I have returned once again to supply you with that music. It's Summer time hopefully y'all throwing these songs on the play list for when you cruising or just walking on your lunch break.

Juelz, May i say is stepping his game up. I guess now standing as a leader you see him in a different light. He would really have to thank his people over at artist development. Here's goes his new song that's pretty cool you can hear his maturity in the game on this one.
Juelz Santana- Days of our Lives
So as we all say Goodbye to the King of the South as he serves his jail bid, he re-releases his last album paper trail. I guess the CD will have bonus features and songs. Here you go with his latest track straight his re-release.
T.I.P.- Hell of a Life

The R&B crooner has returned to music! Tyrese has always been a wonderful singer since his emergence on the game in the late 90's. All though he uses the auto-tune aka the "T-Pain" he still produces a really good track.
Tyrese- Take me Away

Black Eye Peas has been loved by both the urban and Pop market because when music is good no matter what kind of music you like you will always love Good music. is very good producer and the group collectively knows how to incorporate their creative thoughts.

Summer Time 4/21

What's Good?
Check it this is gonna be my new segment where Im gonna write to you... y'all about my summer whenever something exciting happens. This update is kinda late but on thursday I was with a friend chillin out at Republic's which is this thai spot that is off the hook. Thai food period is pretty good. I love the the whole get up of the place as well. I suggest that yall go check it out.
....Later that night I went to chill with the Frat brothers (QUUUUEEEEEESSS) we had a blast at this party. I never really know until recently that everyone loves the Bruhz what an amazing feeling.
Shout out to Maxx

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Music Update

What's Good?
I know its madd soon but as long as the music keep flowing, I'll keep supplying you! This line-up is pretty different but hey! what can I say. It's summer time and there is nothing to do but blog and B.S. all over ther house until something comes along.

J. Cole is definitely on the come up. I gotta show support for dude because he is alma mater of St. John's plus he's dope. My experience of J. Cole's rap performance was weird because he just ran out on stage at the school's concert and open the show right after hosting the joint. Once again If you're reading this "Good Luck on your journey. ps. and leave those Jay classics alone LOL!"
J.Cole- Dead President II

So... ya' boy Jeremih is back with another single title Raindrops. This song sounds very relative to his first single. I 'll let you be the judge of that.
Jeremih- Raindrops

Well, look who popped back up on the surface. American Idol star Ruben Studdard I guess is making a comeback. I think he departed a little to long but hopefully he will make up for his hiatus. His new single is more designed for his followers but I'm pretty sure the label will bring him up to speed on what the listeners want.
Ruben Studdard- How You Make Me Feel

Murphy Lee hooks up with Day 26 to give you some more heat for the summer.This song is purely for the ladies. I'm happy to see he's back hopefully Murphy's Law won aplply to this album.

Murphy Lee feat. Day 26- Mad at me

Random Guy alert! I only put this song up because its one of those songs you play in the crib to bug out and zone to. I really havent gave it a chance yet but ill be there.
Claude Kelly-Somethings Never Die

I stumbled upon this song on the net but its a preety good song in my opinion. I believe the artist's name is Christopher AAron.
Christopher AAron- I Want Ya'

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Spike Lee Joint

If you saw it or not, ESPN aired a Spike Lee movie/documentary Kobe Bryant: Doin' Work'. The documentary basically just had Kobe explain the way he plays the game and his thoughts on everything around his NBA life and games. Needless to say, it was great(its a Spike Lee Joint).. If you missed it I got you right here..definitely try to catch it on ESPN though on a re-run.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Check It Out

What's Good?
Remember a while ago we put the post up for Twista's song "Wetter" , Well here goes the actual video. I know a lot of you guys didn't download it so hear go the easier version to hearing how crack this song.

Monday, May 11, 2009


Pharrell seems to keep finding ways for his brand to be....different.
This Hat right here does seem to just equal money.
Could u wear this??

Nike Commercial

They have LeBron Wilinnnnn out lol..
I think its like a metaphor for how ppl get so hype off LeBron...and Kobe just cooks on the low..
I mean not to take anything from LeBron, he is great.
But the hype is crazyyyyy

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Childhood Dreams

When you were a kid, I know you had little fantasies of having super powers or just being one of the characters on tv and in movies.
Well I found a way to be Wolverine..there is now a way to be part of the X-men.
This guy right here accomplished that... he is wilin tho..
I wanna try it for like a day lol

Homemade Real Wolverine Like Claws X-Men - Click here for more home videos

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


What's Good?
I will be M.I.A. until further notice. Time to lock it down!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Still the GREATEST

Yes, Lebron James is MVP this year...
I still don't think he is better than Kobe but that is a whole other argument..
There is all this talk about Kobe and Lebron but please dont forget the greatest.
Jordan =

Monday, May 4, 2009

Music Update

What's Good?
You know the drill!. Today i really felt like putting up some R&B ...well not all R&B but only one song is a mixture of electronica with house music( Baltimore Club music)

To be completely honest I dont know where this guy came from but he reminds me of DJ Felli Fel....May we say it "one hit wonder DJ" (LMAO). Dont get it twisted though the song is dope.
DJ Class feat. Kanye West & Estelle- Im The Shit

Glen Lewis emerged on the scene from Canada giving listeners a new vibe. His music is phenominal until this day especially with his ground breaking album World Outside My Window. The R&B crooner has returned with a new single showing his fans and new listeners that he didnt loose a step.
Glenn Lewis- Dont Worry

Dawn of Danity Kane has aspired to be a solo artist since her arrival in the girl group. Her wish has been granted now lets see what she has to offer. Now with a single off her solo project she gives her fans the choice of her career.

So every darkskinned girl worst enemy links up with his big / Media whore Ray J with label mate Casha to create a pretty decent track. I'll let you be the judge.
Young Berg Feat. Ray J & Casha- Be my Girl

As You can see this guy has not surfaced as of yet but his music surely has. I guy he will surprise listeners like Drake with his appearance. This song is real good check it from new artist ...Charles Brandon.
Charles Brandon- I Can't

Friday, May 1, 2009

When The Weather Leaves You In!

what's Good?
Man the weather in New York is Gloomy and depressing right now. Today is just one of those days where people just kick back and relax with whoever they like to spend their time with. Take care of home with whoever... your joint,flow, boo or maybe ...just maybe the one you love! Put in that Maxwell preferable his album named NOW and let the magic happen. Real Talk.
Here Go Maxwell's new song and it's creating a buzz of its own!

A Long Way Coming

What's Good?
I watch this man stand as the president of The African American Student Org. At my school( St. John's) Graduate and Now pursue his Dream to rap. what's Crazy is how he performed for black music fest and left some people with blank stares because they didnt know he rap'd. Almost two mixtapes in and a Wonderful deal with Roc Nation, Let's Hope he go the distance. I really like his style of rap it almost bring that old vibe back that made us fall in love with H.E.R. ( Rap). Go J.Cole....


What's Good?
I want everyone to Welcome The New Zeta's Of the Outrageous OA chapter of spring '09.
The reason why this specific Line was very important to me Because my beautiful sister Rebecca ZKA"AESA" was part of it. I'm so happy for her. The most God blessing thing of this whole essence is THAT SHE'S A TREY!!! How much better does it Get. Y'all don't know
how good it is too finally have her back but Neo's Stay close to home until they are nurtured with all the necessary things to ROAD TRIP.
Congrats again to
Z.E.U.S. Triads=
1.(Ace) Jayne ZKA "Atremis"
2.(Duece) Candace ZKA "GAIA"
3.(TREY) Rebecca ZKA "AESA"