Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Statz Music Update:

Some tunes 4 u:
Chris Brown is on way back with the music game. I think he can pull his career out of the gutter... Lil Wayne is on the track with him so I suppose the game might not be against him.


To be honest one of the last people I would think to collab with Devin the Dude is Brandy lol... But they pulled it off, and it still has the funny vibe Devin gives on every track... Check it out

Wale keeps giving music until his album.. Attention Defecit drops on October 20th go cop!!!

John Forte is out of jail after his 10 yr sentence...Don't know him?? The other part of the fugees besides Wyclef and Lauryn Hill... Yupp and he is on his way back to music..

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Friday, September 25, 2009

Music Update

What's Good?
How is everyone doing? It is Friday and the opportunities are limitless.
Here are some new songs for the stereo while you get ready to party. You know you need that music while you get dressed.

Young Money is Young Money, which means they haven't grown on me yet. I guess I need more material and a actual song with out Weezy and Drake.
Young Money feat. Loyd- You Know

Sterling Simms is another proven example of how Def Jam treat their artist. This man could of made his break through on many of occasions. Sad to see such talent docked at the bay.
Sterling Simms-Talk No More

Juelz Santana does not believe in kicking a man when he is down so helps out Chris Brown by placing him on a feature.
Juelz Santana feat. Chris Brown- Back to the crib

Another Young Money Artist is making an attempt to be buzz worthy in the music industry. Let's see what he's about.
Gudda Gudda feat. Bow Wow- no one else matters

Un- Appreciated

What's Good?
Have ever seen a film that left you inspired. America has been the most flawed country. Now remember when I say flawed, I mean flawed as a people and not constitutionally. Spike Lee has over and over again shown that true image of America in his films. How many spike films have you seen? I really love his work and I feel he should step from the camera and actually say what his films can't. America has shown a great un-appreciation of what has been silence for many year. Let's speak on racism. Spike Lee has shown through many of his films that racism is biggest concealed "disease" in America. I look at it as a cut and people that try fix it are just putting band-aids on it instead of stitching it together. I encouraged every person who watch this blog to watch Miracle at St. Anna. This Movie makes me so upset of how America used to be. Thank you spike for keeping it real. America Let's not forget so that it wont happen again, But let's rebuild so that we can build or future. God Bless.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Desire, Want, & Need

BBC is releasing 3 shirts inspired by the Blueprint 3... pertaining to the track Jay-Z did with Pharrell called "So Ambitious"
I need at least one of them.. Shouts to Evil Collector...

So Ambitious [Jay-Z + Pharrell] (Amended Album Version) - Jay-Z

I know everybody is looking forward to the release of the space jam Jordans(11s) but don't overlook these 12s that are coming out that have not ever been retroed b4...There are a few spots you can cop them early right now for a lotta $ tho.. They should drop in the next few months...Air Jordan XII (12) White Red

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Pensar...(My letter to New York & Hip-Hop)

What's Good?
Im lost, every day I wake up I find myself in misery or some sort of discomfort. I remember so vividly how great my days were back in public school growing up. Remember the amount of originality and clout this once beautiful city had. I remember how influential this city once was. We were once the fashion capitol, everything we did fashion wise would spread like wild fire but once it reached the other "posin" cities we were already  onto another fad or trend (which ever you prefer). Remember Paco jeans, Avirex,Girbaud, iceberg, Coogi(not the new coogi), Polo rugby,or the birth of Karl Kani. We brought motherfucking versace and Gucci swag to the hood. Remember first down and bear jackets. Every borrough had their own swag. Brooklyn was timbs harlem and uptown was vasquez or ACG's. Later Air Max was the best thing in the market especially the 95's. One thing the borroughs shared was music! We had the fucking game on lock. Every artist had to get through New York to make a Buzz.Biggie would turn in his grave if he would of seen the bullshit going on in the game. First and foremost while on the topic of music, Fuck Hot 97.1. All the fabrication of the music industry is their fault. You can basically say they sold their souls. Payola is for sure the devil. Giving horrible artist the chance to start a trend of horrible music and letting them flood the station with their music. Funk Master Flex was the gate keeper of Hip Hop with his radio syndicate show. He let the corny ass snap and pop labels pay for his bombs. REMEMBER IF YOU CAN!!! When Flex dropped a bomb it was hottest shit to touch the radio. NOW that dick sucking male groupie drop bombs on everything. The Bomb is like the American dollar it aint worth shit. It's up to him to reset music and put it back in it's proper place. Sad to say most New Yorkers are dick riders now too. They have lost all of their originality. Now they follow trends of major cities like L.A. ,D.C. and MI,.so now when I look back and I see how good life used to be it depresses me. New York is officially lost.

Here are some word of motion...

This is the life i wanted way back then
no maybach
just a bus pass way back then
karl kani ,lumber jack jackets
all black timbs
take you back b4 all my friends
on the scene
the best team or rap group was the wu
oh shit im catching a flashback like Papoose
well he was more the 80's
i was more the 90's
where life was more simple
i wish i could just rewind it
if i ruled the world was perfect timing
that when hip-hop was in its new york state of mind
rappers was more lyrical
B.I.G. was at his pinnacle
Jay was on the come-up
and nas was more visual
Craig scared he world
pac lived as a rebel
his revolution to thug life kept him in trouble
i live in the bronx known as the hometown
Brooklyn introduce me to B.I.G.
thats when it Goes dooooowwwwwnnn
rap history goes deep
but lemme go back to
common before BE
He used to love H.E.R.
but i still do
its a foolish love
because she cheats on us dudes
Hoe or No Hoe she's mine
get ya tapes Funk Flex at 9
when time was rough she help me get through it
but now her presence is useless
cuz cats today who lack lyrics
call her feel good music
not impress
she's down at a all time flop
Music heads one question

Check It Out

What's Good?
This is by far too hilarious. Affion Crockett went all out on this one. I'll let the video speak for itself.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Pensar (What Do You Want vs. What's Real)

What's Good?
As Sunday comes to a rest for most people, The thoughts of life and where we belong strikes until sleep overwhelms us. Well for those insomniacs here go some to think about....
Relationships will always be one of the base thoughts of human nature. It is of every Human's biological make-up to have the desire to be paired. To care for someone on a companionship level will always be on the check list of life. Our peers will always lie and say they are just trying to focus on life but deep down they are in denial like an addict hiding their feeling to their addiction. The main reason why people are single is because their lack of being satisfied or their in-ability to chose the proper companion. I will share some views on why people are alone.

When people still live a social environment they always look for the "approval factor". This is the fault of when people always look for their Friends approval of someone of their liking. Should you honestly let your friends decide what your liking is because on the female side of the dilemma your friend can actually like the dude so much too...well you know the rest. Males you are not innocent neither. Men are just as guilty for this as well because a dude can actually like a girl and once he brings his friend around the bird starts to sing. whatever the bird sings that is negative can actually make him change his mind. I can attest to that because it happen to me.
What you want in a person in perfect standings can never be attained. The chance are 1-100 (Good Luck). "Mr. or Ms. perfect" is dead and "Mr. or Ms. Good" is dying but you can always get "Mr. or Ms. we can work out anything Together" in means of saying no one is perfect. Always remember relationships are for the two people to build or create and not three, four, five or how many other people to assist in doing so.
"The real" is all around you. always notice that people who build love on their own always seem to be happy although things may not be perfect. So "givemorelove" and remember that chances are just chances you can always give a chance. *Learn to fall*
Soundtrack*- Musiq Souldchild- Newness

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Monthly Throwback!

Here is September's monthly throwbacks...

Since it's the month of The Blueprint 3, I had to get my mans Jay-Z in here.. I think is probably my favorite Jay song 2 be honest...

Now for the even further throwback...let's go to 1995.
The Pharcyde was and is one of the best rap groups of all time...and if u claim u love hip-hop, there is no way that you do not know this track lol
Runnin' - The Pharcyde

Statz Music Update:

First of all please go cop this ALBUM!!!
Kid Cudi - Man On The Moon

Hyyerr ft. Chip The Ripper - Kid Cudi

Also, check out this new artist out of ATL Donnis... And NO its not dance music, and NO he isn't the ATL stereotype artist. This is off of his mixtape with 10 deep... 10 deep always puts out quality mixtapes so go get it.

U already know I support Wiz Khalifa...One of the greatest young artists hitting the scene...
Playaz Circle is back with a song that might get recognized without having lil wayne on the hook. These dudes have been around for a while and still workin hard...The beat is hardddd
Rich Boy is quietly one of the best song makers out of the south.. with production from Polow The Don again after again...Here is another new track from Rich Boy.

Well Last but not least Listen out for D. King who is still on our "new artist" radar. The Bidding War will be released for free download Nov. 5th
D.King- Looky Here

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Check it Out

What's Good?
This video is by far too funny, but it will set us back 100 years. I would like to thank the President Reagan and his administration for introducing Crack cocaine to the urban community.

Since I'm 21 here are some quick views of mine at 21

1. Currently Listening to Kid Cudi Album - Man On the Moon
2.Is Kanye really that Ignorant? or does he just not give a Fu**?
3.One of my Theme songs : Curren$y - Modern Day Hippie
4.I think air drying after a shower is better than using a towel...Gives u time to just chill and think.
5.There are no sports fights better than Baseball fights...The whole team gets involved everyyyy time...what's realer than that??
6. Why did diddy start a group with 2 women called Dirty Money? and why is he singing?
7. Why is everyone a rapper now?
8.ummm TV shows...U must watch Entourage, True Blood, Family Guy, Robot Chicken, ESPN and 24... some great shows...F TV otherwise...
9. 1 movie.... City of God
10.I'm eating NY pizza right now and it's probably the best pizza I have ever had...
11. Favorite Album ever 2 this point is Lil Wayne - The Carter
12.Favorite Mixtape ever 2 this point is A Kid Named Cudi by Kid Cudi
13.Ummm J. Cole, Wale, Kid Cudi, Drake, Curren$y, Blu(if he returns from wherever he is) are the future of Hip-Hop.
14. I have never seen anybody rep where they are from harder than BROOKLYN.
15. NYC is great but there is nothing like the DMV...DC MD VA
16. Go to College...It makes you smarter...Not even because of what you learn in class...but because of the environment and the experience..
17.Friendship is Essential to the Soul
18. Trust Some, Fear None
19.Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground
20. The age of 19 and 20 were possibly the craziest years of my life...never reget them at all..
21. Light Up!

Kid Cudi On David Letterman

Cudi performed along with my favorite Electronica artists/producers Ratatat on David Letterman... This song is out there but I love it and I think it has the ability to reach every genre of music listeners.

Music Update

What's Good?
Here go some music for the playlist....

Kid Cudi is still on the grind after the release of his Debut album. Which is pretty dope by the way.
Kid Cudi- Cudiastic

I guess Lloyd changed his mind on the official remix taking Lil Wayne which should have been done in the first palce.
Lloyd feat. Lil Wayne- Pusha

Amerie is pushing for her buzz so she can return to stardom by teaming up with Trey Songz who is literslly the man right in the R&B world.
Amerie feat. Trey Songz- Pretty Brown Eyes

I hope Alicia Keys use the buzz she has with Jay-Z and start pushing for a new album.
Alicia Keys- Doesn't mean anything

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Man on The Moon: End of B-Day

What's Good?
You know I had to end The B-day on a good Note. We went to tropix and enjoyed some wings and tokyo tea with some close friends. A.J., C.J. Del La Green came thru, not to mention that the bouncer was acting shady on Miggz. You gonna be 21 in 5 days my G dont worry. The Reds was in attendance and so were THE ZETA's Love y'all.

Here go some people who shouted you out. Happy 21 LB. Much Love-Dramatic.

Monday, September 14, 2009


What's Good?
I would like everyone to wish Maxx( The co-owner of November's Child)A Happy 21st Birthday it's only once you can be 21. No more calling me to take you to the spot. I'm so happy for you Bruh. Send your wishes on Twitter...@BOizReal

Friday, September 11, 2009

Check It Out

What's Good?
If you dont me by now well, Im a huge fight fan and this is far the !!!FUNNIEST!! KNOCK OUT EVER!!!! PLEASE ENJOY THIS LAUGH WITH ME!

This one is too crazy look like Mayweather Went HAM (Hard As a M***erfucker)on them.

Pensar....(Where Were You)

What's Good?
.........With a moment of silence I would like for you to give a prayer for all the lives lost since September 11,2001. My beautiful city was under attack by "terrorist" leading a two planes crashes to cause the collapse of the Financial headquarters of the world. ....
I was in french class in Waterbury Ct. and my teacher came in and said that a plane crashed into the twin towers and I looked at her in disbelief. I really felt she was joking, but the sudden news that broad casted on the classroom television brought the horrible reality that my City was under attack. All my family lives in New York City. All the Thoughts that ran through my mind broke me down into tears. Everyone tried to console me because they knew I rep'd my city and borough every chance I got. Where were you when this happen? Appreciate life because it can be gone at any given moment.

If You Haven't Seen It

Here are a few parts to VH1's behind the music on Lil Wayne..
Whether you are a wayne fan or not...It's a story to listen to.

Check It Out

What's Good?
The Beautiful Ms. Keri Hilson released another single from her debut album. I really like this song. Congrats to my beautiful future wife(I wish) on this personal style video. When you watch the beginning fella's it will seem like you just came home from a hard day's work and your beautiful wife meets you in the crib and relaxes you. When I seen this video it reminded me of Ms. Ashley Owens.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Only in Brooklyn LOL

Since I was speaking of going HAM....
I would like to show a video of a straight brawl in a hospital lol
Dudes swingin full out on females...etc...just watch...
Only in Brooklyn...smh lol

Check It Out

What's Good?
Here are some videos worth seeing. For all my D.C. people UCB has landed a song that actually might make it outta your beloved city.

I swear Shaq is the most entertaining person in the world. He is a Dominant basketball player, Comedian, Highway Patrol Officer and now a Boxer?...

If You Haven't Seen It

It's a big thing today when it comes to the integrity and behavior of athletes and personally I think they take the fines/suspensions/expulsions way to far...
Sports are games of testosterone and not fake politeness and fake sportsmanship...
I say fake sportsmanship because the way athletes are expected to behave is far past normal sportsmanship...why is this?? because the commissioners are old businessmen who never played a day in their lives....
this dude was TRIPPIN even tho he got provoked... HE went HAM(hard as a mufu**a)

Music Update

What's Good?
Today's music is pretty off set but so is this week so far. Hey just add it to the play list and hopefully it will be amusing.

Teyana Has disappeared for so long that her buzz faded out. Hopefully her name will keep her presence or maybe P have a bigger plan for her.
Teyana Taylor- Traffic Stop *Password-RNBXCLUSIVE*

Radio Raheem does it again. The D.C. native still waits patiently for his time although he 2 albums in.
Raheem Devaughn- Friday *Password- RNBXCLUSIVE*

T-Pain must have some hard feeling on Jay's D.O.A. track. That he has been allegedly dissing him via. Twitter.
T-Pain- Fucked Up

Mario Album is going to be great. I can't wait I just hope they don't push it back.
Mario- Take Me Away

Destiny Child RETURN???? we'll see!!!
Destiny Child- Heart

I remember 50 saying earlier this summer that Puff was singing and that it sound pretty good.
Puff Really did his thing with the help of the Auto-tune. He finely press the last adjustments featuring The Notorious B.I.G.
Dirty Money feat. The Notorious B.i.G.- Angels

Check It Out

What's Good?
Check ya' boy Puff with the vocals with a little help of the Auto-tune. I'm really digging the video. Hype Williams did a very good, like always. He got me with B.I.G. I miss Biggie what would have rap been like if he was still alive.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Night Life

What's Good?
So today is Sean Kay's B-Day and we all threw him a last minute shin-dig. People came out and some people had a drink with us. Biggz was on the 1 & 2's holding it down. It was real chilled tho. So Sean Happy Birthday enjoy the 21st year of your life because it goes very fast after this point on. The Twitter Fam was There.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Desire, Wants & Need

What's Good?
I came across these shoes online and man!, they are sexy. Simple but nice. I' am serious Nike and Jordan fan but these I will consider purchasing. These shoes are made by CLAE and only 100 pairs will be release in Stussy LA. BLOWER!

Photos Courtesy of Hype Beast

Music Update

What's Good?
I know everyone is getting ready for labor day and the vibe this weekend is purely reggae, But Im'a do it my way. Here go some Hip-Hop and R&B for you guys. Things are gonna get way better now that the school year is here. Shout out to Les B founder of Swindle season.

Drake once again seem to prove himself to everyone who ask "will he ever run out of material?".
This song is pretty in depth about the worry and problems of being where he is.
Drake- Fear

This is one of Cudi's Dopest track in my opinion. The Martian shed a little light on his personal life, which allows his fans to vibe with him on another level. G.O.O.D. music finally has some talent (rapper wise) that can make a name for themselves because Kanye and Common cant do it alone.
Kid Cudi- Soundtrack 2 My Life

I guess Brandy is coming back but not too sure. For the The Last Year Brandy has been releasing music with no follow-up. Hopefully she will steadily follow through with material for her fans.
Brandy- Bet You Didn't Know

So...What can I say about this gentleman. I feel sorry for Omarion because of label situation hopefully everything will work out properly.
Omarion- Kinkos

Loso is about to lock the game down by his next album. Loso's way is a very good album. Here goes a track that didn't make it.
Fabolous- Never Let it Go