Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Pensar...(My letter to New York & Hip-Hop)

What's Good?
Im lost, every day I wake up I find myself in misery or some sort of discomfort. I remember so vividly how great my days were back in public school growing up. Remember the amount of originality and clout this once beautiful city had. I remember how influential this city once was. We were once the fashion capitol, everything we did fashion wise would spread like wild fire but once it reached the other "posin" cities we were already  onto another fad or trend (which ever you prefer). Remember Paco jeans, Avirex,Girbaud, iceberg, Coogi(not the new coogi), Polo rugby,or the birth of Karl Kani. We brought motherfucking versace and Gucci swag to the hood. Remember first down and bear jackets. Every borrough had their own swag. Brooklyn was timbs harlem and uptown was vasquez or ACG's. Later Air Max was the best thing in the market especially the 95's. One thing the borroughs shared was music! We had the fucking game on lock. Every artist had to get through New York to make a Buzz.Biggie would turn in his grave if he would of seen the bullshit going on in the game. First and foremost while on the topic of music, Fuck Hot 97.1. All the fabrication of the music industry is their fault. You can basically say they sold their souls. Payola is for sure the devil. Giving horrible artist the chance to start a trend of horrible music and letting them flood the station with their music. Funk Master Flex was the gate keeper of Hip Hop with his radio syndicate show. He let the corny ass snap and pop labels pay for his bombs. REMEMBER IF YOU CAN!!! When Flex dropped a bomb it was hottest shit to touch the radio. NOW that dick sucking male groupie drop bombs on everything. The Bomb is like the American dollar it aint worth shit. It's up to him to reset music and put it back in it's proper place. Sad to say most New Yorkers are dick riders now too. They have lost all of their originality. Now they follow trends of major cities like L.A. ,D.C. and MI,.so now when I look back and I see how good life used to be it depresses me. New York is officially lost.

Here are some word of motion...

This is the life i wanted way back then
no maybach
just a bus pass way back then
karl kani ,lumber jack jackets
all black timbs
take you back b4 all my friends
on the scene
the best team or rap group was the wu
oh shit im catching a flashback like Papoose
well he was more the 80's
i was more the 90's
where life was more simple
i wish i could just rewind it
if i ruled the world was perfect timing
that when hip-hop was in its new york state of mind
rappers was more lyrical
B.I.G. was at his pinnacle
Jay was on the come-up
and nas was more visual
Craig scared he world
pac lived as a rebel
his revolution to thug life kept him in trouble
i live in the bronx known as the hometown
Brooklyn introduce me to B.I.G.
thats when it Goes dooooowwwwwnnn
rap history goes deep
but lemme go back to
common before BE
He used to love H.E.R.
but i still do
its a foolish love
because she cheats on us dudes
Hoe or No Hoe she's mine
get ya tapes Funk Flex at 9
when time was rough she help me get through it
but now her presence is useless
cuz cats today who lack lyrics
call her feel good music
not impress
she's down at a all time flop
Music heads one question

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