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Novembers Children was established by it's co-owners Lucky Peters and Bo Zone in early 2009. While attending the College, the two both had seperate blogs as 2008 ended and realized the need for an online source for the vibrant hip-hop lifestyle that their peers lived and needed. Novembers Children is a continuance of that hip-hop lifestyle. Novembers Children has since been a top finalist nominated for the top hip-hop blog by the 2010 Black Weblog Awards. Site traffic is growing in numbers as the Novembers Children Team grows.

NovembersChildren.com hopes to continue to provide its viewers with the differentiated hip-hop lifestyle experience that Novembers Children believes in. We believe that Hip-Hop is a way of life and sparks its own interests which includes more than just music (fashion, art, sports, and of course lifestyle). Individuals who love the Hip-Hop lifestyle will be able to feel that experience first hand through the when visiting NovembersChildren.com.

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