Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Desire, Wants & Needs

Garbstore X G-Shock GA-100 Watch

All GOOD MUSIC LABEL Albums on September 14th

So the word is that Kanye West, Kid Cudi, Big Sean, and Consequence are all going to drop their albums on September 14th (MY BIRTHDAY)... I can't complain...I need all these as gifts lol... but I do think its random that they would drop all of the albums from the Good Music Label on the same date....

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Monday, June 28, 2010

NOVEMBER'S CHILDREN EXCLUSIVE: Will Smooth - Brain Tease (Mixtape)

Will Smooth - Brain Tease Mixtape (Hosted by DJ Zeke & DJ Super Nova)

Will Smooth Comes back around for the second time. This mixtape shows his progression from 'Eat Your Heart Out'. He opens the tape with a solid track that grabs your ear instantly, then he's back to showing his appreciation for the ladies... I guess he is still telling the ladies to eat their hearts out. 'Gravity' gives a great understanding to from all aspect and touches alot of views. Soon enough Will make his way...With all the connections a change in style he will be an A&R pick. Stay Hungry!

Rick Ross - Teflon Don (Album Tracklisting)

1. I’m Not A Star
2. Free Mason f. Jay-Z
3. Tears Of Joy f. Cee-Lo
4. Maybach Music III f. T.I., Jadakiss & Erykah Badu
5. Live Fast, Die Young f. Kanye West
6. Super High f. Ne-Yo
7. No. 1 f. Trey Songz & Diddy
8. MC Hammer f. Gucci Mane
9. B.M.F. (Blowin’ Money Fast) f. Styles P
10. Aston Martin Music f. Drake & Chrisette Michele
11. All The Money In The World f. Raphael Saadiq

Drops on July 20th

Check It Out

All types of videos for yall.. enjoy...
Chris Brown MJ Tribute on the BET Awards:
Nipsey Hu$$le ft. Drake - Killers
Drake & Jeezy on BET:
Curren$y & French Montana - So High
Kanye Performance on BET:

Dipset - Salute

Is Dipset Back???? Here is a track with Cam'ron, Jim Jones, and Juelz Santana

Young Jeezy - Lose My Mind ft. Drake (Remix)

Performed last night on the BET awards

Sunday, June 27, 2010

CheckIt Out

What's Good?
FLy U. is back after their vacation...I wont say hiatus. The theme is pretty dark ,well it is but  CHECK IT OUT...

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Check It Out:

What's Good?
I hope this is not the lifestyle when stardom peeks at you, Well I don't drink so I'll be iight.
Drink Responsible


A Regular nigga like the rest of us trying to find his way, Learning how to be a man day by day. The last hope of Brooklyn and even though we lose people in Brooklyn everyday losing you was like none other. The Pride ,The Pride is what keeps us as the lifestyle many secretly wish they lived. Jay did his thing for the borrough but he lived merely as a Kobe in Jordan's legacy. One day, Maybe one day a king will be raised from the beautiful struggle of BROOKLYN again...The Pride. I miss you my nigga!
Niggas talkin bout they king of this and king of that/
We knowThe crown still the same place Biggie at/
-'My Best Friend' -Josh Days

Desire,Wants And Needs

What's Good?
Now this shirt is crack! Fuck What this negro  was talking bout down playing Bape.

Friday, June 25, 2010

New Artist Alert

What's Good?
I told everyone one year ago that hip hop was going to take a turn where rappers were going to be more responsible with how they make music. Ev4n Holt is one of those rappers. We barely co-sign rappers but I like this song. Good Luck on your career. Check Him Out!

Thursday, June 24, 2010


2 Short videos for yall:

This one is of Kid Cudi showing where he came from and about how his music got started... check it out..

Curren$y's album, Pilot Talk, will be dropping very soon... here is a trailer for his album... shout outs to the ppl over at Creative Control.. interview coming soon...

Big Sean - High Rise (Video)

I want to know when his album is going to drop...

He was signed to Kanye years ago... When will the album or next tape drop??

MTV Documentary with Drake

Drake is everywhere these days...
and his album has finally dropped...
The hype is there earlyyy in the game... I don't think there has been an artist with documentary opportunities like this so quickly... will be interesting to see how long can stay atop...

Pensar(When does flirting goes wrong?/ Emotional cheating!!)

What's Good?
Well there are two woman who i consider to be my friends and they both spoke about this topic which happens in every relationship and is impossible to avoid. Flirting can be cheating and some say the act its self is cheating. first answer this question... What is Cheating? Most people say "flirting can become other things, that is why they dont approve it". Simply, I say cheating is something you would do with someone that you won't do in my face!
Do you think you can emotionally cheat on someone? would you consider two people who have significant others and share their thoughts and passion(mentally) with each other cheating? Remember they never had a physical affair(no kissing touching or loving)? My next question is, if they were caught would it be forgivable to where the relationship can still exist?

Behind The Scenes: Inside The Mind: Creative Control

What's Good?
A Conversation with Chike and Coodie was all we needed to know that these two gentleman have big plans for the film industry. The Minds behind the lens is surely a breath of fresh air and as they say "they didnt even begin the maddness as of yet" These film makers are surely the leading men to revamping the visual side of music! Please look out for their interview on NC. Trust me this one is a gem for everyone finding their way in.

Shout Outs to: ColinCameraman, D.Kendrick & Brock Mills(Photography)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Check It Out:

What's Good?
Dame Dash and The Good Folks of Adidas put together a wonderful concert of today's newest talent. #TeamNC got up close and personal to witness hip-hops new coming! Every Fresh was in attendance from Karin+Raoul to Creative Control. Three Cheers to Hip-Hop

NC @ BLUROC FESTIVAL from Bo Zone on Vimeo.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Music Update

What's Good?
Donnis has been flaming the web while on the road to his debut album release. 'Fashionably Late' will be the mixtape to hold us over until the album drops. 9 more freshman to go...

Sports According To Chris

Kobe Bryant is now a five time NBA Champion. He will undoubtedly be a first ballot hall of famer, and he will go down in history as one of the game’s greatest player. However, there is only one goal that Kobe truly cares about, and it is a goal that he will never achieve.
Kobe can’t be like Mike.
The mannerisms of the two superstars are so similar that a diehard Jordan fan may become uncomfortable watching Bryant in action. It seems that everything about Bryant portrays that he wants nothing more than to be the man who was one better than the immortal #23. For all intensive purposes, he revealed his obsession by changing his jersey number to #24. His quest to gain Jordan’s immortality may even supersede his will to win. 
For every great Jordan moment, it seems that there is a Kobe moment that just doesn’t measure up in comparison.
When Kobe was a rookie, he struggled to get minutes behind the likes of Eddie Jones. Jordan averaged over 20 points a night and was the league’s rookie of the year. I could repeat this equation enough to have it printed in an algebra book.
For every famous Jordan story told by the media, there is a Kobe story told to the media – by Kobe.  
Michael Jordan will always be remembered for his “Flu Game” in the 1997 NBA Finals, the image of him being carried off the court by Scottie Pippen is a part of sports history. In comparison, Bryant made it a point to stress to the media that he suffered injuries to his knee and finger that plagued him throughout the 2010 playoffs. 
Quite frankly, superstars are supposed to play through finger injuries, and there isn’t a player in the league over 30 that doesn’t have creaky knees. Unfortunately for Bryant, his feat is not an act of heroism. Michael Jordan scored 38 points while fading in an out of consciousness during a pivotal finals game. I believe there is a difference.
                          (READ THE REST CLICK THE HERE)

Check It Out:

What's Good?
J. Cole has finally dropped the video to 'Who Dat'.....Thank You Couldnt hold our breath any longer!

Monday, June 21, 2010


A few weeks back we had the opportunity to have a early listen to The Roots upcoming album that drops tomorrow (6/22/10) "how i got over"

First of all, the album will be dope and definitely has the classic Roots vibe to it..

Check out some of our exclusive footage of The Roots album listening party in Times Square New York City... We ran into a couple NYC figures out there too..


One of my favorite tracks with Blu off the album just dropped also here is the link:

Curren$y - Roasted

The next single off of his upcoming Album Pilot Talk

Champion Lakers on Jimmy Kimmel

Check out the Lakers... Shouts to Ron Artest!

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BEHIND THE SCENES X Inside The Mind: Kenneth Cole

What's Good?
Here is the behind the scene footage from our interview.

Behind The Scenes: Inside The Mind: Kenneth Cole from Bo Zone on Vimeo.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Gucci Mane - Mr. Zone 6 (Mixtape)

Gucci's official Gangsta Grillz mixtape with DJ Drama after being released from jail ...
See what its hitting for....


Money Aint a Thing

Coming Soon...

What's Good?
I got a great chance to sit down with one of the greatest fashion designers and greatest minds of today, Mr. Kenneth Cole gave me a moment of his time to share his thoughts on what some people in New York City wanted to ask.

Check It Out:

What's Good?
CLE Magazine got a chance to sit down with Stalley himself for an interview. Check it out and Check out CLEMAGAZINE.COM....#TRUCKS

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Check It Out:

What's Good?
As Hip-Hop's freshmen progressively push their way into stardom, Record deals are getting slimmer. Donnis being one of the leading forces from his region to push forward the freshman hype. All being linked to each other they all have to prosper together because when you think of J. Cole ,you think of Donnis and when you think of Donnis you say " hey, whats going on with Nipsey Hussle?". With that being said all of the freshman need to pick up the pace. Here is a short video of Donnis featuring Tony Williams in 'Outta Here'.

New Music Update

What's Good?
Will Smooth is still pounding the waves with his new single 'Fishing For A Hater'. Be carefull because the hater can be so strong that it can pull you out your boat. Now with radio spins from friends of the north, what should we expect?

Friday, June 18, 2010

Check It Out:

What's Good?
I stumbled across a new video courtesy of Worldstarhiphop.com. The video is by Jenna Andrews who is bringing some fresh air to music. I love this song titled 'Tumblin' Down'...Check It Out.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Check It Out:

What's Good?
Rick Ross just dropped the preview to BMF (Blowing Money Fast). He got a couple cameos in the video such as Joey Crack, Diddy, D.J. Khaled and Harve Pierre. I must admit Spiff did an excellent job on the film work. Sout Out to CLE on the find.

B.M.F. (Blowing Money Fast) - RICK ROSS from MAYBACH MUSIC TELEVISION on Vimeo.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New Artist Alerts

What's Good?
In my past life I encountered many people with lots of promise. Someone once told me that everything comes full circle with patience. Well in my past life I met a beautiful model who had aspirations of singing. 5 years later she has succesfully reach that dream. MaadMoiselle is the name and she is definitely going to have a great career when given the spotlight. I usually dont co-sign many artist, but with more material and a full force approach Maadmoiselle will definitely be your household name in the music world. Listen to her track (Below Picture) and trust me you will definitely agree.
Shout Out To Tasha

Dr. Dre - Under Pressure feat. Jay-Z

no need for words.... listen and tell us what you think.... a lot of mixed feelings about this one...

J. Cole - Who Dat (video snippet)

The video should drop later this week or next week but check the clip out....

J. Cole is slowly creeping up on everybody in the game.. stay tuned....

Happy Bday to a Hip-Hop Legend

R.I.P. 2 Pac

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Check It Out:

What's Good?
I am so hyped that this song reach enough ears the his label was interested in pushing the song. Now with a video out Miguel can finally show his talents to the world. The J. Cole feature makes it timeless. This song touches alot of sentimental memories when you actually sit down and LISTEN to it...or maybe its me. Without further ado Miguel featuring J.Cole in 'ALL I Want Is You'.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Check It Out:

What's Good?
Cudi did a performance at the Bape Store (My Favorite Store). Footage courtesy of Herfection.

Shout Out to Plain Pat!

Music Update

What's good?
A lot of music has been flowing but here's some stuff to for the playlist.
The Dream is placing all the chips down in preparation for his summer album. 'Love-King' is gonna be the best Album for the summer. This song won't make the album though...can i hear bonus track!
Kelly Rowland is still trying to find her way after parting ways with DC. I would have really loved to see them make a comeback
Nipsey Hussle has been the new guy on the west coast market. Bringing the west coast back is a bi-annual dilemma because usually there is one artist who holds it down and when he walk away the game goes missing. This song is definitely his transition track in the Pop world (radio and money making market)

Friday, June 11, 2010

Check It Out:

What's Good?
A couple days back Christian Rich dropped the Decadence which is a dope mixtape. Now here is there first single 'Hello Virgin'.
Shout Out To Bobby James

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Check It Out:

What's Good?
Hip-Hop is making its way back around. I seen this dude perform at the Dojo and there was a since of pride seeing all the new artist do their thing. This one Gentleman stood out for the obvious reason, yes the beard. I got a chance to wrap it up with him and he's very humble. He dropped a song with spitta not to long ago titled 'Address' which is still on my morning playlist. Check him out....S-T- A-Double L-E-Y stands for Stalley on top!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Check Something New:

Checkout The Phli Hi Club's Shawn Morris official new video "Animal" off of his upcoming mixtape "The Key To Freedom"

Check It Out: Mezmorized

What's Good?
Well it's part two for the Wiz of Kush and Orange...

You Are Appreciated...

What's Good?
Just as I shouted out @Ipooda today she wrote a post about Bo and I....This is appreciated beyond measures. Blog love is the best. I wish these primetime blogs help out the small time blogs instead of holding us down.

love for the homies...

Many people like to compete, but over here, we show love.

"We are not a blog, we are a lifestyle." A quote that they stay true to, as I do. They post what's relevant to us, and they stand true to what the say on and off the web. And for that, they have my utmost respect, love, and loyalty. I am honored to know people like @BoizReal and @LuckyPeters.

It is important for us as a people and a generation to understand that making it to the top can NOT be accomplished alone. Support is necessary, and that is one thing that Novembers Children's creators have completely grasped the concept of. It's about working together towards different goals with the same agenda: success.

We may have two different sites, but we are one team.

Visit NovembersChildren.com ... the first blog on my favorites.
Follow the blog on Twitter @NovChildren

New Music Update

What's Good?
One of our XXL freshman has delivered another mixtape for the peoples. Donnis has been grinding through the airwave since registration. His Album 'Fashionably Late' is coming to store June 22nd but for right now he teamed up DJ Holiday & DJ Infamous to bring you... 'The Invitation'. Mickey Factz, Curt@!n$, Yelawolf, GLC and co- top ten freshman Pill.


Check It Out:

What's Good?
Wiz Khalifa has finally dropped a video for 'UP' from his recent mixtape titled 'Kush & Orange Juice'. This mixtape has created so much buzz through the information super highway. "It's Taylor Gang"!

Shout out to IPooda!

Check It Out:

What's Good?
Trey Songz has a new video out that is a feature from Touchstone films' Step Up 3-D!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Check It Out:

What's Good?
In a land where madness surrounds us, sometime a little positivity is all we need to keep us on track. The best way to reach the masses is through music and Kil Ripkin who is new my ears and eyes is delivering the message.

Young Jeezy -Stop Playin Wit me X My Camaro (video)

Go get that Trap or Die 2 ... and be ready for 103.

Music Update:

Big Boi is on his solo tip for his next album that drops next month... but check this out.. I'm not sure if it is on his album or not..

Another Collab with Wayne that will be on Eminem's Recovery album that drops June 22nd. Lets hope it is a recovery lol...

This is on his upcoming mixtape The Invitation thats drops 2mro
This track just caught my eye becuase I listen to BJ the Chicago Kid's music (especially the track with Dom Kennedy)and I saw he was on this track with this artists... I think the track is pretty cool tho...see what you think...

iPhone 4: The Official Word

The New iPhone 4

Pre-order starts June 15.
Available June 24.

Yes you can talk face to face with other people who have the iPhone 4

IF you really want to know everything about it, check Steve Jobs talk about it in his address.

Shout outs to Apple...

Check Something New:

ev4n holt
This is the first song released of off ev4n holt's project "E-Motions"

Afro Butterfly
He has released this 8 track beat tape where he flips irregular samples and laces them with rugged drum patterns. The finished product sounds like something reminiscent of a Stones Throw vibe.

BEATS FOR ALL YOU ARTISTS OUT THERE .. As a producer myself, I can respect releasing untagged production for a mixtape..

Let the artist know what you think in the comments!!

DJ Black House - Rhymes X Reason 4 (mixtape)

1. Intro
2. Drake – 9am In Dallas
3. Kanye West & Common – Magic Man
4. DB – TMT (The Meal Ticket)
5. Tha Future – Rock With You
6. Curren$y – In The Sun
7. Ab-Soul – Black n Mild
8. Trade Vorhees – I Love Reefer
9. Jay Rock – Love My Momma
10. Jay Electronica – Ghost of Christopher Wallace ft. Diddy
11. Kanye West – Power
12. Surpreeme – Laying Around With Your Bitch
13. Lyriciss – Hot Music
14. Shawn Chrystopher – Im GOOD ft. GLC
15. Big Sean – My Own Planet
16. Mikey Rocks – Easy EZ ft.BdotJay
17. Dom Kennedy – 1997
18. Wiz Kids – Nike Box ft. Feso
19. L.E.$ - G Shit
20. Curren$y – Smokin Trees
21. Rock Mikey – Im Still Here ft. DeAngelo
22. Rich Hil – Wont You Tell Me ft. Kid Cudi
23. Reese – Bobby James Flow
24. Q-Tip – We Fight We Love ft. Kanye West & Consequence
25. Jhene Aiko – July ft. Drake
26. Big K.R.I.T – No Wheaties ft. Curren$y
27. 8Ball & MJG – Life Goes On ft. Slim Thug

Monday, June 7, 2010


What's Good?
I was looking back and noticed how much this letter meant to me...

Im lost, every day I wake up I find myself in misery or some sort of discomfort. I remember so vividly how great my days were back in public school growing up. Remember the amount of originality and clout this once beautiful city had. I remember how influential this city once was. We were once the fashion capitol, everything we did fashion wise would spread like wild fire but once it reached the other "posin" cities we were already onto another fad or trend (which ever you prefer). Remember Paco jeans, Avirex,Girbaud, iceberg, Coogi(not the new coogi), Polo rugby,or the birth of Karl Kani. We brought motherfucking versace and Gucci swag to the hood. Remember first down and bear jackets. Every borrough had their own swag. Brooklyn was timbs harlem and uptown was vasquez or ACG's. Later Air Max was the best thing in the market especially the 95's. One thing the borroughs shared was music! We had the fucking game on lock. Every artist had to get through New York to make a Buzz.Biggie would turn in his grave if he would of seen the bullshit going on in the game. First and foremost while on the topic of music, Fuck Hot 97.1. All the fabrication of the music industry is their fault. You can basically say they sold their souls. Payola is for sure the devil. Giving horrible artist the chance to start a trend of horrible music and letting them flood the station with their music. Funk Master Flex was the gate keeper of Hip Hop with his radio syndicate show. He let the corny ass snap and pop labels pay for his bombs. REMEMBER IF YOU CAN!!! When Flex dropped a bomb it was hottest shit to touch the radio. NOW that dick sucking male groupie drop bombs on everything. The Bomb is like the American dollar it aint worth shit. It's up to him to reset music and put it back in it's proper place. Sad to say most New Yorkers are dick riders now too. They have lost all of their originality. Now they follow trends of major cities like L.A. ,D.C. and MI,.so now when I look back and I see how good life used to be it depresses me. New York is officially lost.

Here are some word of motion...

This is the life i wanted way back then
no maybach
just a bus pass way back then
karl kani ,lumber jack jackets
all black timbs
take you back b4 all my friends
on the scene
the best team or rap group was the wu
ohh ssshhh
 im catching a flashback like Papoose
well he was more the 80's
i was more the 90's
where life was more simple
i wish i could just rewind it
if i ruled the world was perfect timing
that when hip-hop was in its new york state of mind
when rappers was more lyrical
B.I.G. was at his pinnacle
Jay was on the come-up
and nas was more visual
Craig scared he world
pac lived as a rebel
his revolution to thug life kept him in trouble
i live in the bronx known as the hometown
Brooklyn introduce me to B.I.G.
thats when it Goes dooooowwwwwnnn
rap history goes deep
but lemme go back to
common before BE
He used to love H.E.R.
but i still do
its a foolish love
because she cheats on us dudes
Hoe or No Hoe she's mine
get ya tapes Funk Flex at 9
when time was rough she help me get through it
but now her presence is useless
cuz cats today who lack lyrics
call her feel good music
not impress
she's down at a all time flop
Music heads one question

New Music Update

What's Good?
I hope everyone enjoyed their weekends. Christian Rich which is a duo of talented young men that i been following has now dropped another mixtape titled the 'The Decadence'. I found these guys through a video that was shot by BBGUN. They are outside the box with great music. Revolt against the radio. When the music is moving you will surely want a "window seat" to witness it. Without further ado I present.... Christian Rich in The Decadence.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Rick Ross - Teflon Don (Artwork) X Albert Anastasia

Artwork for his upcoming album Teflon Don

I remember when Ross dropped his first LP Port of Miami about 4 years ago... this will be his 4th album... He grinds... all of his albums topped the charts...all were good solid albums...

If you don't have it yet, he released the Albert Anastasia EP to prequel the album.. Here it is:


The summer is upon us yall...
Happy summer and here is a throwback that just crossed my mind today...

"How you livin biggie smalls??... In mansions and benzes given ends to my friends and it feels stupendous"

Friday, June 4, 2010

Pensar: Summer Love...

What's Good?
Summer time is officially here despite the fact that it starts June 21st. This is the best time of the year for everybody. So many memories are born as each fun-filled day comes to past. College students live for this season the most because their opportunities are limitless when involving the true elements of the 'Lifestyle'.
Music has always evolved the lifestyle status of all kinds of people and no matter what genre it was ,somehow it was affected. Hip-Hop has always been my passion since we first met on June 21st 1995 when I moved to Brooklyn. Being around the music helped me to everything I am. Now fifteen years later music has changed in so many ways. Now music is making its way back with some artist who influences are similar to when it first started. If you appreciate the music then you will accept  all of its elements that create the lifestyle of its nature. Photography and film will build a more vivid memory of what can happen. The fashion which always recycles itself as the seasons come full circle can always manipulate how you are feeling. My summer days will always consist of camo's ,kicks and tee's. I hate dressing up! Love can always emerge while immersing yourself in these activities. The music will complete you which is the soul of it all. Finding the right song to play as your day to day soundtrack will find you.....


Check It Out:

What's Good?
I know the weather is getting a little overwhelming but good music can always help cool you down for the 4 to 5 minutes that is on. Here is some 'feel good' music in the meantime.

Check It Out:


Somehow ... someway.. they chose Jordan to grace the cover ... Word is that Jordan is gonna be in the game too somehow...

October 5th

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Check It Out:

Drake talks about his album...
For his sake... I wish the album would drop now lol....

Ski Beatz X Mikey Rocks

Ski and Mikey in the studio... shout outs to the M-Audio keys ... the same one I use in the Bo Zone Studio... dope...

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Music Update:

Kid Cudi and Chip Tha Ripper are still set to drop an album at some point.. They definitely will have their own vibe..

Jim Jones always puts out a few summer tracks for everybody... here is the first

I think he will make the next freshman list even though ppl know his name and he works with a lot of known artists already... The song name fits perfectly..

We will have video from their album listening party SOON... but the album will be dope just like this track is...

You probably have heard it, but we were hesitant to post because it was leaked first.. but here you go... get it on iTunes soon...