Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pensar(When does flirting goes wrong?/ Emotional cheating!!)

What's Good?
Well there are two woman who i consider to be my friends and they both spoke about this topic which happens in every relationship and is impossible to avoid. Flirting can be cheating and some say the act its self is cheating. first answer this question... What is Cheating? Most people say "flirting can become other things, that is why they dont approve it". Simply, I say cheating is something you would do with someone that you won't do in my face!
Do you think you can emotionally cheat on someone? would you consider two people who have significant others and share their thoughts and passion(mentally) with each other cheating? Remember they never had a physical affair(no kissing touching or loving)? My next question is, if they were caught would it be forgivable to where the relationship can still exist?


itsOfelia said...

you can have something in common with someone and be surprised and respect it. Now, if you pursue this and try to find underlying meaning with someone you recently met, then i feel its something different. its one thing if that was a friend beforehand, but if you are just trying to see what sticks on the other side then i dont agree. if you got so much intellect in common, use that same common sense to keep it moving.

Lucky Peters said...

True Indeed, But in today's time we should keep it moving before things explode!

Phenom said...

To answer the first question, to me cheating is having sexual relations and etc. outside of your committed relationship. Yes, flirting can lead to other things but it necessarily doesn't have to happen. I don't think if two people who are in committed relationships share their thoughts and passion with each other cheating. I would say you have someone who is just that close to you on an emotional level, and it's up to them to go and pursue something else if they come to a mutual agreement or just stay in the friend zone. Or just have their cake and eat it to.