Tuesday, March 31, 2009


What's Good?
Just coasting out today....Feeling real sick from all these allergies. Until I feel better i'll be vibing to J. Holiday's album ROUND 2 (fallin is the best song on there to me) and the Dream's song FANCY (Thanks Marley)


What's good?
Lin's 21st birthday was a successful. I'm really proud of him. In today's society it's hard to make it 21. Everyone came out to celebrate and to make sure that man enjoyed himself. Boy he was happy to get those Griffey's. Wish you many Bro!....ROO

Sunday, March 29, 2009


Is there really anything wrong with celebration??
I mean its cool 2 b happy about what u accomplished right?
I'm a mellow dude so I will celebrate but I can never really see myself doing the most though.
Some ppl take it 2 far. I think there is a level where the celebration is about you and when it becomes about a show.
If its for show do ya thing, shit I have no problem with thatlls
Peep this dude, this is Ping Pong by the way lol...I dont even think the game was over either haha

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pharrell Wilin

You probably saw this already but my man Pharrell wanted his McDonald's like shittt.. I can relate with it tho food can make you do some wild thingss lol

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pensar (Sex & Relationships)

What's Good?
Have you notice that things have gone completely backwards in regards of the traditional way of setting the bricks to building an interment relationship. (I hope I didn't put my foot in my mouth)
People of today have been known to casually have sex before even if considering a relationship. There is a plus and a minus to this. The plus can be that now you have had sex with this person you can be more comfortable in a relationship with this person, rating on how good it was. I have known some females and males who has been in seriously committed relationships but were unsatisfied with their relationship because the sex factor was horrible. You can deny this if you want but sex plays a serious role in the strength of a person's relationship. Now... The negative can be mainly on the guy's part but I will explain both sides. Having sex before even establishing what grounds this lay on can be a completely awkward thing. 9.5 times out of ten The female will see the guy in a different light to where they would lean towards establishing some sort of interment foundation....If he was good. On the other hand the guy will be sort of blown away from the fact that most likely he didn't work for it. If there was a solid friendship to where the two parties consensually said that they will like to "Try it out" and slowly prepare mentally to remove themselves after all is said and done then, it would be a success and they would have to repeat this process every time.
NOW as far as casual sex come do you think it right?
Sorry but I'm voicing my opinion which I' am completely entitled to. Casual sex is completely fine! To actually share a moment with someone you know you would never be with but for some reason they make your hormones fly out of control when having "THAT THOUGHT" is okay. How frequent you have casual sex is where the line is drawn. I honestly wouldn't sling it to any girl with a "fatty" because I like to reserve myself. Girls will talk and promote you (if your Good) and the simple fact they can't have you disturbs them. .Trust no girl wants what no Girl wants!

Always make sure to wrap it up!!!

Pensar (Boyfriend #2)

What's Good?
I had a small convo with someone until they fell asleep on me LOL. What if you got comfortable in your relationship until you actually blew off your significant other? How would you feel if your negligence made enough space between y' all to where someone else fit right in. If your actually seeing someone, I know that feeling you just got in your chest. I will officially post this as a PSA. Please do not get comfortable because at this age we are at there is no such thing as a "stable relationship". People known to prey on vulnerable people are out there waiting for "their chance"...so they say.

This plays both ways. Having that person on the side sometimes can be justified. I don't condone cheating but sometimes that person on the side allows you to play on your conscience to see what you are truly losing or where you need to be. After time its human to not like someone as much as you used to. The beginning phase is always the best because affection is just flourishing all over the place. Then suddenly time will take it's place to where you become comfortable to where you become lazy. Time moves along and then some guy says the right thing that reminds her of you. When Girls approach Guy's who they know t are in relationships they usually have a motive which is always not impurely for feelings (sorry ladies just calling it like it is). People I say that to say this...please do not get lazy if so give yourself time to see what you want. Dudes Get on your A game because it's not about what you say, It's about what you do because if you slow down ...ya man's will probably be doing all the things you used to do. ( even giving her a reson to smile in the morning..Wink!) Ladies this apply to yall too! HA
Trust take my advice on this i was def that guy that was the rebound who end up staying in the game. It ended opposite of what I expected she ended up going back with dude and told me" it was fun while it lasted." I was so blown and heartbroken. It came back around to me, leaving me to shed tears over the fall of a Boyfriend #2 and still being it was fn while it lasted. how ironic. Now i play the gentleman role being that perfect guy to the best of my ability. I may always end up last but no trophy can ever become equivelant to having a happy woman who is side peice-free.

To LUTV and Beyond

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Funny ass Commercial

Yo, this commercial had to be 1 of the funniest ive seen in a while. ESPN has some funny ass commercials.

This reminds me of another commercial I liked but a lot of ppl hated. They stopped showing it on TV cuz ppl wanted to say it was racist lol I personally dont think it was racist , thought it was funny as hell (it was meant as a joke I think) but peep lol what u think??

Max Statz,
Dont Be Afraid To Look Up in The Sky

Music Update...(video)

What's Good?
Speaking of the beautiful Ms. Hilson here is her new video with two of the music industry's stars. Ladies and gentle i present to you courtesy of ONsmash "knock You Down" by keri Hilson featuring Kanye to the and Ne-Yo.

Psssst... She flashes the goods as well which i never knew she had.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Where is My Inspiration???

Okay so we have been MIA, yea I know... I have been gone a while yea.. I had no inspiration. So im working on that. Its coming back though, I really was MIA in Miami Beach getting some inspiration. But, isn't the best way to get inspiration to go back to your roots??
well thats what im doing for a while. Here is a piece of my roots.
DC MD and VA wats good.

This a lil Go Go Wale showed NYC at a show he did I was at in NY. This is DC GO GO.

Music Update

What's Good?
It's been a while since we gave some music. Here it goes.

Ne-Yo- It Just Make Sense
I guess Ne-Yo is slowly making his way back by feeding his fans with something new music. I don't believe this will be his first song. I believe he's referencing this track anyone who has the money. The Song is dope check the twist out on it. - Shout out to Hollywood

Wale Feat. Lady GaGa- Chillin
D.C.'s own Wale is setting up shop to make his official appearance in the industry. He teams up with label mate Lady GaGa to bring you a favorable sound the freshman has created such as Drake and Blu.

Marques Houston feat. Jim Jones- I love her
I still don't know how I feel about this track. I guess it will get my attention....Its a pretty good song but I'm not a big fan of PoP.

Keri Hilson- Quicksand
Miss Keri Baby confess how her love leaves you. The talented misses needs no explanation because her work speaks for itself.

Pensar (If It Was To End Tommorow!!!)

What's Good?
Whoa...Today was a very interesting day! I seen the movie "Knowing", Which stars Nicholas Cage. It really left me thinking in all the most craziest ways. To think some of these thoughts are almost sinful. First and foremost I don't want to blow anyone away, Please do not think I'm some crazy guy.
What if aliens exist? I believe it would be absolutely selfish to believe not. What if they visited the earth during it's early years of development.....Better Yet... What If they visited during the early years of when the people on earth seek ed out a creator of Earth's mysteries including their existence. What if people sought out their existence as a phenomenon believing they were of GOD'S creation as Angel's. Pretty Mind Blowing right?

Here Goe's my main feature.... What If the World ended tomorrow? Would you be satisfied with how you lived your life? Would you had Loved enough? or Help enough people with life it's self that your heart is light. I know it's pretty scary to imagine that. Maybe this will be a wake up call for at leastthose who don't practice any type of morality. If you ever wanted to tell anyone you love them tell them....If you ever felt a way about someone for whatever reason tell them... Always free your mind and conscious before you lay your head.
If I died tomorrow! I would had left behind all the "I love yous" and my heart would be sadden from all my incomplete endeavours.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Back in the days...

What's Good?
Man, I was just looking back about a year ago, when me and my boy used to kick it. Those was the days. This small pack of friends really ran a campus. (would you believe it). Well this is a clip of us bugging out before we crash this party.
Jea! Fash out to Bobby James!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Blog Alert!!!

What's Good?
Everybody can you please give a warm welcome to D. King who has now open a new channel to his world. Please give 'em a chance. His blog is mainly about his journey to the fame which is pretty dope because you get to see him make it from the very beginning. Check his blog at Doublejumpin.blogspot.com . This is a November's Child co-signing.


Im Back!!!!

What's Good?
Well, Well, Well. What's Up how y' all been? I been M.I.A. because of writer's block,no laptop and lack of substance. I been through so much these past three weeks and I have some questions that I been asking myself that I can share with y' all.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sorry for the hiatus....

My bad folks i been out of commission. I will gladly be back by this weekend with some thoughtful post.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Can you relate??

Some wild video right here. You might have seen it but even if you have, it is tooo funny. This is a Kid after having a lil too much medication at the dentist haha

ummm.... This kid was toooooooooo smacked. He is a pro early in the game.

Monthly Throwback!

I want to put up 2 throwbacks in a month...something thats a real throw back and something that will just be a "o yea I remember when this was out"

This month's throwbacks are:

Mahogany - Eric B & Rakim