Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pensar (Sex & Relationships)

What's Good?
Have you notice that things have gone completely backwards in regards of the traditional way of setting the bricks to building an interment relationship. (I hope I didn't put my foot in my mouth)
People of today have been known to casually have sex before even if considering a relationship. There is a plus and a minus to this. The plus can be that now you have had sex with this person you can be more comfortable in a relationship with this person, rating on how good it was. I have known some females and males who has been in seriously committed relationships but were unsatisfied with their relationship because the sex factor was horrible. You can deny this if you want but sex plays a serious role in the strength of a person's relationship. Now... The negative can be mainly on the guy's part but I will explain both sides. Having sex before even establishing what grounds this lay on can be a completely awkward thing. 9.5 times out of ten The female will see the guy in a different light to where they would lean towards establishing some sort of interment foundation....If he was good. On the other hand the guy will be sort of blown away from the fact that most likely he didn't work for it. If there was a solid friendship to where the two parties consensually said that they will like to "Try it out" and slowly prepare mentally to remove themselves after all is said and done then, it would be a success and they would have to repeat this process every time.
NOW as far as casual sex come do you think it right?
Sorry but I'm voicing my opinion which I' am completely entitled to. Casual sex is completely fine! To actually share a moment with someone you know you would never be with but for some reason they make your hormones fly out of control when having "THAT THOUGHT" is okay. How frequent you have casual sex is where the line is drawn. I honestly wouldn't sling it to any girl with a "fatty" because I like to reserve myself. Girls will talk and promote you (if your Good) and the simple fact they can't have you disturbs them. .Trust no girl wants what no Girl wants!

Always make sure to wrap it up!!!

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