Monday, November 30, 2009

New Music Update

What's Good?
I hope everyone enjoyed their thanksgiving! Here go some tunes to add to your playlist while you burn off some of that turkey.

As Cash Money's new artist emerge to fame, Jay Sean finds song after song to keep his name up and going. Jay Sean and Craig David teams up to reestablish some old vibes for fans.
Jay Sean feat. Craig David- Stuck In The Middle

BURRR! has been the new ad-lib in all conversations when indulging in the southern style of rap.
Gucci Mane feat Lil Wayne and Cam'Ron- Stupid

Breezy is hopefully stating the truth from his standpoint of his domestic violence situation.
Chris Brown feat. Ester Dean - I love You

The Dream has taken a little hiatus while he enjoys his new role as a family man. He surely on his way back.
The Dream -Touch, Feel

Music Update:

4 the iTunes:
Ludacris surpised me with his flow on this track... reminds me of back for the first time.. If his whole album can flow like this, look 4 a great album from Luda.

Another surprise track from Jagged Edge... This rocks... they still are banging out hits..

Another Florida artist is on the rise, and big up to all the Haitians(he is Haitian).. Black Dada has had this hit out for a while but here is the remix with Ross and the Birdman.
Repping Cleveland and Kid Cudi's Label Dream On, Chip Tha Ripper's Mixtape drops next week and I'm looking forward to it mannnn... But here is a track off of it... I will have the mixtape for download when it drops.

Check It Out: 40/40 Club Footage DJ ZEKE EXCLUSIVE

I hope everybody who went out to 40/40 this past weekend for the great event had fun. I know a lot of ppl who did but these couple people in this video definitely did not. Security did not have to go this HAM(hard as motha*****)...

Shout out to DJ ZEKE for this footage check out the go to kid at

Thursday, November 26, 2009

New Lupe Fiasco Music

Lupe Fiasco - Enemy of The State: A Love Story (Mixtape)

Lupe said he is tired of people not respecting his flow and work...
Said he is postponing his retirement and will give us more music..
He gave a great gift for us here for thanksgiving..

Check It Out (Sex Stories)

What's Good?
This is when being a child star goes wrong. Weezy shares his story with Lil Twist while puts the bug in his ear to encourage him to start "gettin it in".

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

New Music Update

What's Good?
Well, Thanksgiving is tomorrow and boy I'm excited. I got some music for y' all and boy this is a pretty solid list.

I know I' am late but man these guys have made a solid song that just captures you. They have an album out now and please support these guys because we all know there are very few rock bands we support but this is definitely one to support.
Kings of Leon- Use Somebody

R. Kelly is one the greatest musical minds of our time. During the early 90's he helped create a generation of people. He's back at it with some help from some of the R&B world's elite.
R. Kelly feat. The Dream, Robin Thick & Tyrese- Pregnant.

Big Up to the District! Now this is my flavor, I love acoustic remakes to songs. I hope you have Wale's Album Attention deficit in stores now.
Wale feat. Marsha Ambrosius- Diary

Next Up Bobby Ray! Many artist has gotten their time to shine and although this young man was on the scene before many B.O.B. has the green light to emerge. Trust me do not judge it before you hear it.
B.O.B. feat Bruno Mars- Nothing on You

Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Star is Born...

What's Good?
One of our New Artist named D. King has show a coming up. Every New artist needs a following that's how we have all the Cudi's and Wale's. We have been following this guy for sometime and he always impress us with his growth.

The Show will be located at
Saturday, November 28
24 1st. avenue
N.Y. N.Y. 10003
Show begins at 7pm and tickets will cost $10

(if you are there you can be a part of the documentary we are filming)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

How Fly Update

I know yall remember earlier this year when the mixtape How Fly dropped.. Well here is a lil update on what Wiz Khalifa and Curren$y are putting out right now in the music game.

Wiz Khalifa drops his album on November 24th.. go cop it on iTunes..
Check out these videos he has put out preparing for his album drop.. catch his release party in NYC at the Highline Ballroom.. I should be there 4 sure...

Curren$y is re-releasing his This Aint No Mixtape album soon also and dropped jet files. Here are a few tracks he put out recently.
Curren$y - Audio Dope

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Music Update

what's Good?
Well today's music is by request so I guess it all works out why because unlike many blogs out now we work for the people.

Wiz Khalifa has been making a name for himself these days. I really feel him and some other artist will take lead in changing rap soon.
Wiz Khalifa -Goodbye

Brooklyn native Unique teams up with two excellent song writers with my countrymen Rock City. Unique has been around longer than you thought but he is still in the molding policy until the R&B market opens up.
Unique feat. Rock City -Deadly

The King Pin of the Ink Pen should return soon with a great album. Although people say he's not a Al Green or Marvin Gaye, Ne-Yo is still an instant legend.
Ne-Yo -Pictures

So Birdman is trying to swindle his way back in the game for the money teaming up with Bun B and truly yours Drake. Drake needs to slow down before he exhaust not himself but his fans.
Birdman feat. Drake and Bun B -Mo Milly

Check it Out!!!

Soccer Player Goes HAM!! Lambert Suspended For Actions Vs. BYU - ESPN Video

This girl just goes hard... she wasn't having it from anyone this game... I know they expect women to act "lady-like" in sports which I really don't agree with... but even if she was a dude playing male soccer she would probably be suspended lol

Monday, November 16, 2009

B.O.B The Features Mixtape

B.o.B. has been around the underground scene for a while and was also one of those Top Freshman that XXL told the world about. He has been signed and rolls with T.I.'s Grand Hustle but doesn't have a major deal to put out his long awaited album. Here is a new mixtape he put out with a lot of features hence the name.

Check It Out

What's Good?
We're back by popular demand...
Clipse and Killa

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Music Update:

Haven't Put up music in a lil while for the iTunessss ... So here are a few tracks:
Dirty Money ft. Drake - Hurt
Drake is Everywhere... Diddy knows where to go...

Lil Scrappy is back on the scene with the second track to hit the market he seems like he has his swag back.

Snoop surprised me with this one and had a lil of his old hop back. This is off Malice N Wonderland that he is dropping with Malice of the Clipse.

Robin Thicke ft. Nicki Minaj - Shakin' It For Daddy
Nicki Minaj is keeping her feature up.... No Lie she really can rap better than a lot of dudes in the game.

Black Thought of The Roots can say so much in song it can be more material and lyrics than some rappers have in an album. Real Hip-Hop.

I dropped the video last week. Here is the download. Till The Casket Drops!


What's Good?
The Real...
You crazy woman can say whatever y'all want but this shit is so true. there is actually a movie that discuss this dilemma in a documentary as titled.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Check It Out

What's Good?
As we can see how this young love situation is spiraling into burning crash. It;s affeting their music. i'll let you be the judge.

Chris portrays himself to be the humble young man looking for forgiveness.

Here Rihanna displays her scorn as the demon that can't be killed.

... Speechless

First 20 Seconds
What's Good?
Need I say more?

Breezy has been going through some scrutiny and honestly he should have a mature well-imaged African American male to interview him instead of woman who were battered.
Chris Brown-Sing Like me

Rihanna is real cheesy for her latest appearance in the media. All this time has went passes and as soon as her album approaches it's date she wants to do an interview. sad promotions.
Rihanna- Cold Case Love

Drake is going nuts on the industry. I hope and pray that he doesn't fall under like Papoose.
Colin Munroe is a beast.
Drake feat. Colin Munroe- RunWay Girl
Drake- Scriptures

Sigel was the name that they gave me. Beans is going off with 50. Jay just call the man.
Beanie Sigel feat. 50 cent- Going Off

Check It Out

What's Good?
Diddy is truly an entertainer. I dont know how far he will go with the new group he created but hey!, he's Diddy.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Clipse - Door Man Video

Their album will definitely be epic for the hip-hop game. I cannot wait for Til The Casket Drops (Dec. 8th). I've been a major fan since Grindin lol Shout out to VA...

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Desire, Wants & Needs

What's Good?
Yo!!!! I know I might be late but damn these blazers are crack minus the back tag and laces.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

New Artist Alert

What's Good?
As music rises above it's margin, New artist will emerge. Some some Phli and some fall. Shawn Morris just so happen to be one of many who hopes to Phli with his team of young pre-millionaires named The Phli Hi Club. I wish them the best of luck and in life we can only Fly or Die. November's Children wish you much success.

Shawn Morris- B-Day suit

Check It Out

What's Good?
Well remember a few months back when UCB released a snippet of their video well check out the whole video. Can't say I never put on for your city.

Friday, November 6, 2009

What's Good?
You Know The Drill If You Got ,Good. If You don't, Get it here.

"Have a baby by Kellz baby be a millionaire" R. Kelly and Tyrese teams up to inform all beautiful woman that they can have their children.
R. Kelly & Tyrese- Pregnant

The Last Real Auto-Tune alive... T- Pain holds on to whatever he has left in his run.
T-Pain- Crazy

Cash Money's New artist has been getting quite a buzz and he's good money for the pop market.
Jay-Sean- Do You

Last but not least The new king of R&B makes a collabo with Mary J. Blige to give us "Hood Love"
Mary J. Blige & Trey Songz- Hood Love

New Hip-Hop Group On the Rise?

With all the Jay-Z and Beanie Sigel beef going on right now, I'm sure everybody is thinking what the hell is Dame Dash up to? Well Dame Dash just opened up the Dame Dash DD172. The DD172 is a Art Gallery, TV Studio, Music Studio, and more. Well Dame Dash has been trying to start a new era of hip-hop without Jay. While at the DD172 a group of artist met and are said to be forming a new hiphop group together.

Mos Def, Curren$y, and Jay Electronica are forming a rap group called Center Edge Territory.

Here is an explanation:

Here is a video of Curren$y rapping shot at Dame Dash's DD172. He definitely one of the flyest in the game.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

We Finally Did It

Whats Really Good?
I would Like to congratulate the New York Yankees. We finally won again after 9 years. I'm to excited. Only a True New Yorker can comprehend the emotions I'm Having that can't be explained.

We Gotta Do Better Part 2

What's Good?
Here we go again. Sista's Please we love you natural.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Check It Out

What's Good?
This video is sooooooo dope. Young Dro and the director Gabriel Hart did a great job. Peep at 1:20 lil man got swag. I love how he incorporated the children and how the view makes everyone live out the actually meaning of the dirty south. two thumbs up.

Check It Out ( We Gotta Do Better)

What's Good?
PLEASE BE WARNED THAT THIS IS PURE COONERY!!!! Black people do some of the most craziest thing not knowing that when they do these things this is how other races perceive us.

Music Update

What's Good?
Got it? If not here is the place to get it?

Wynter Gordan is very new to me and who knows how long she been at it but she is talented.
Wynter Gordon- Drowning

RL is surely back. I don't know if Teddy is helping but the veteran crooner has been releasing music which has sound pretty good.
RL- Keep On

Bow Wow and Omarion teamed up after their break up to give their fans something new. The question is how does Wayne feel about this.
Bow Wow and Omarion- Jack It Up

Nicki, Nicki, Nicki, I know she is bad and the body is tight but her lyrical animation is a little too much for me. She should giving this sex appeal like the photo above instead of what she is doing now.
Nicki Minaj feat. Lil Wayne- Sweet Dreams

So.....Tonite Rihanna gives her side of the story on her situation with Chris Brown and I hope she tells the whole story from the beginning and how she lead him to react that way.
Rihanna feat. Young Jeezy- Hard

I Got You Dog!

What's Good?
By special Request of my LB Lin. Here go your Caddy Muzik!

Monday, November 2, 2009

New Mixtape Alert:

Wiz Khalifa - Burn After Rolling Mixtape

Wiz Khalifa has dropped his Burn After Rolling mixtape that many Hip-Hop heads have been waiting for. The momentum and followers that Wiz Khalifa has gained in the past year has been crazy. Looking forward to seeing where his career goes next with his awaited album to drop this year titled Deal or no Deal. Paper Planesssss


What's Good?
Step Ya' Game UP is hosting a step competition at St. John's University Friday. If you are In town and like Stepping this will be the show to attend. If you are a non-St. John's person and would like to attend please contact Shanique @(646)339-7394

Desires, Wants And Needs

What's Good?
Nothing tells a man and some woman you love them like a pair foamposites. Please excuse my addiction for sneakers. Check it out Nike's New Half-Cent foamposites by Penny Hardaway.
I love these shoes preferably in a size 11 (hint,Hint).


What's Good?
Once again I encourage everyone to take part in supporting the world because one moment in your life of making a difference can save one. HELP USA has always been There. Take part in HELP 1's Service project.

Check It Out

What's Good?
one of today's best hip-hop song writers in 50 Cent has released his single yet for his new album 'Before I Self Destruct' He has Ne-Yo singing mixing down to great song. It's kinda in a 50 way and we all know his since of humor.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Monthly Throwback:

I missed last month's throwback, so here are two videos that should spark some memories around the time these track came out.

Snoop and Pharrell

Shyne ... I'm mad they deported u homie smh

Shyne - Bonnie & Shyne
Download Music Video Code at Blastro