Friday, April 29, 2011

Cam Newton #1

Whether you agree or not, Cam Newton was the number 1 pick in last nights NFL Draft.

The QB out of Auburn was taken by The Carolina Panthers and became the 11th of 14 first overall picks to be a QB.

Question now is, what will be of Newton's career?

A lot of people don't think Cam can call plays in the huddle and call him in accurate. Some people like to look at his frame and built and think of what he can become with proper grooming. I say he can be as good as Ben Roethlisberger if he becomes more accurate. I don't think the claim that he can't call plays in the huddle is a big concern seeing as a lot of teams, like The New England Patriots, have easy termed play calling.

Cam Newton will be as good as he lets himself be. If he gets on the field with his wide outs, which at this point don't look that appeasing, and practice his accuracy he will be fine.

My only question is, will he be the Panthers starting QB come opening day ... if it ever comes.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Check It Out: Words I Never Said - Lupe Fiasco

What's Good?
Our new age rebels premiered his video with MTV this morning.

A-Trak in DC @ U Street Music Hall

The show was no flash photography .. so I worked out a few pics on my apple product...
A-Trak was ill, was musically inspiring.. played all dope music from electro to hiphop...
Wild DJ set to see in person..

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

NYC EVENTS: St. John's University Element Fashion Show!

What's Good?
It's Finally Here People! Tomorrow The Element Fashion Show Kicks Off I hope You Guys Are Ready!

St. John's University Spring 2011 Fashion Show Promo from aZe on Vimeo.

By Ear: Madame Monochrome FreEp- Amanda Diva

Peace And Blessings,

As an avid music listener I come across music from far and wide of all different genres. But if there is one genre that does it for me or would be considered my favorite it would most definitely be Neo-Soul. The artistry, the beats, the vibes, and most importantly the message Neo- Soul typically brings to the listeners ear is of substance, and value if you really give it a listen. I typically hold Neo-Soul Artists to a higher standard and regard to this because this genre takes raw skill, and poetic poise.
I recently received a legitimate drop from non other than the beautiful multitalented Amanda Diva. If the name doesn’t ring a bell, the songstress, rapper, radio personality, and extremely talented poet does it all. With appearances on Vh1 as well as Def Poets, this young woman is definitely on her grind making it known that she is the definition of a “Jack Of All Trades”.
The recent drop is a soulful, calm set of tracks, which puts her array of verbal skills and depth on the forefront. Not only can she sing ever so gracefully, but displays an array of clever wordplay to make it known that she can “spit”. Her lyrical content is of true Neo Soul, Poetic Fashion. I personally enjoyed the sound and was not surprised to find out that she was actually a replacement for a member of the Duo Floetry at one point. That in its self should say enough but heres a tidbit of the talented young lady. The potential and raw talent is there and cant wait to enjoy more work from Ms. Amanda Diva.

By Ear @St8ofmines

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Fly Union - TGTC

Fly Union has dropped their album, yes this one is an album.. but you can get it for free or for purchase over at iTunes... its up to you... they have dope tapes so go ahead and get the album.. tracklisting below..


Get it here:


Get it on iTunes:

Fly Union - TGTC (iTunes)

Kendrick Lamar - Hii Power LIVE

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Check It Out:Joe Budden-Mood Muzik 4.5 (Tracklist)

The best rapper who brings it RAW brings you a continuation of the best 2010 in my opinion. The Rap God himself Joe Budden brings you Mood Muzik 4.5 which drops May 17. Check for It.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Check It Out: Word Season 2 : Episode 2

What's Good?
Julissa Rodriguez speaks out on how people Love people that hurt them.

WORD: Season 2 Episode 5 from Creative Control on Vimeo.

Check It Out: Songs For Women -Frank Ocean

What's Good?
I know this is not the official video but this is still one of my favorite songs on the Nostalgia/Ultra FreEP.

Fabolous – The S.O.U.L. Tape (Mixtape)

Tracklist after the jump...

Check It Out: Rick Ross X I Am Still Music Tour Vlog #5

The Tour in Washington D.C.

Check It Out: Wiz Khalifa X Young Jeezy

Wiz Khalifa and Jeezy talk over some music.... and enjoy their vices as well..

CurrenS$y talks about his project with The Alchemist Covert Coup, and his new label. Go get Covert Coup if you haven't yet. Should be somewhere further down posted on here haha

Fly Union – Friends.Women.Money ft. Dom Kennedy

TGTC April 26th! Been waitin for this project for a while.. Hopefully we will an interview with them up for yall soon.

Check It Out: 9th Wonder - The Wonder Year (Video)

A year in the life of the legendary producer 9th Wonder... yes a year... The Wonder Year
Appearances By: DJ Premier, Drake, DJ Green Lantern, J. Cole, Murs, Phonte, Sha Money XL, Young Guru, The Alchemist & more  ---- via HER

Kid Cudi X Performs Cudi Zone Live X Roseland Ballroom

Cudi has been not only doing a stream of live shows, but selling them out and rocking out..

Stalley - Lincoln Way Nights ft. Rick Ross

Stalley who just recently signed with Ross' Maybach Music Group... Self Made which features all of Maybach Music will drop on May 24th.

Lil Wayne X Carter IV Album Artwork

He stays with the theme from Carter 3...this is dope and funny to me... I usually have no expectations for what artist use as artwork.. anything goes...

Carter IV drops on June 21st

T.Grant x DJ Black House - No Direction (Mixtape)

Sent over by DJ Black House whom we collaborated with on his recent release of the Rhymes X Reason mixtape series (The download is up top to the right). This is a mixtape by the artist T. Grant whom DJ Black House has been working with. Check it out...

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Check It Out: AFFILIATED X International @WOL - The Credentials

Check this out.. The bros over at International @WOL just dropped a video of all their shout-outs/drops/love whatever you want to call it these days. Its dope, all types of artists/moguls showing them love..

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Song for the day:

NBA Playoffs Last Night

The Orlando Magic have tied up the series against the Atlanta Hawks at 1 behind another dominant performance by Dwight Howard.

Howard had 33 points and 19 rebounds. In two games so far, he is averaging 39.5 ppg to go along with 19rpg. Jameer Nelson had a solid game scoring 13 points and grabbing 8 rebounds as well.

For Atlanta, no surprise Jamal Crawford had 25 points off the bench while Josh Smith had 17 and Joe Johnson added 14.

Game 3 is this Friday in Atlanta.

Dallas took a 2-0 lead on Portland last night winning 101-89 behind the efforts of Jason Kidd and Peja Stojakovic. Kidd had 18 while Peja dropped 21 off the bench including 5 threes.

Dirk had a huge game as well scoring 33 points and taking it to Portland's throats at the end of the game.

For Portland, Andre Miller and Gerald Wallace had 18 a piece while LaMarcus Aldridge had 24 points.

Brandon Roy has expressed his frustration about not seeing a lot of playing time but if I'm Portland's front office I'm doing what's best for the future of the team. Roy has two bummed knees. They can't afford to hurt them anymore especially with next year possibly being a huge year for them if Roy comes back full health and the addition of Gerald Wallace mid-season will be great.

Portland suits up Thursday as they bring Dallas to their house and try to regain some momentum in the playoffs.

Check It Out: Madame Monochrome Promo "Trendsettas"-Amanda Diva

What's Good?
After a 2 year hiatus from music Amanda Diva is set to release the, "Madame Monochrome" FreEp. With production from Ski Beatz, Droop E, Cook Classics and more she stays true to form, fluidly melding melody with flow and soul with the boom bap musically giving audiences an authentic look in to her mind and heart. The first single/video, "Manchild" has garnered worldwide support and praise even securing a position as an Itunes featured video of the month for December, all of this with no label and no management. Currently working on a television show based on her comedy, produced by Nick Cannon she had put music to the side frustrated with America's obsession with image over artistry and money over musicality. But a recent trip to Europe to perform in Berlin and Paris showed her that there is still a world that appreciates true artistry. Renewed, she came back to the states, got back on the mic, and found her way to "Madame Monochrome"

Melo verse Celtics

Before you continue to read this post, please have a moment of silence for the career of Jared Jeffries.....

The Knicks last night, or should I say Carmelo Anthony last night, took another loss in a similar fashion as they did in Saturday's game to The Boston Celtics.

First they lost Amar'e Stoudemire (lost Chauncey Billups in Game 1) and then they gave up the game winning basket to Kevin Garnett (Gave up the game winning basket to Ray Allen in Game 1) and finally when they had the chance to win it, someone had to screw it up. To bad this time it had to be the person I heard Knicks so happy about when he was signed close to the end of the year, Jared Jeffries.

"Oh yeah, man! Jeffries is a monster on defense. He's going to help this team a lot."

Now you will all front and pretend that never happened, right?

Well I remembered and to abstract that quote even more some, Ray Allen and Paul Pierce scored 38 points combined. Why wasn't he defending them? Or should I say why didn't he do a better job?

All and all the Knicks are down 2-0 heading to MSG.

Anthony by no means is at fault for the loss. He kept them in the game as well as delivered what should have been the knock out punch in the game. And his pass to Jeffries at the end was the right basketball move. He was doubled teamed (pause) and he had a man down low (pause). Jeffries just couldn't finish the job (pause).

STAT say's he should be all well and ready to take the court and hopefully Billups will be able to as well.

Knicks will need less bone head mistakes and more effort all around if they want to make this series competitive.


What's Good?
Here is your chance to win 2 tickets for BLACK MUSIC FEST featuring Wale on April 29th at St. John's University. The Rules are simple. The 30th Person to ReTweet @NovChildren 's tweet at 3PM SHARP WINS!!!!!

Music Update: Covert Coup -Curren$y

What's Good?
Captain Spitta teams up with The Alchemist to get his clouded thoughts on wax. This is something epic for all hip hop fans. We would like to give a special thanks to Diamond Supply Co. for endorsing the tape.
Click The Jump For The Tracklist

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Peace and Blessings

After the drop of Tyler The Creator's Yonkers video mad questions, speculations, and curiosity have been been sparked regarding the Oddfuture/Wolfgang.

The group which is actually comprised of three groups combined into one ranging from ages 16-23 are on the road to something big. The Oddfuture mixtape, which is comprised of various members is pretty tight to say the least. These guys are all young and collaborate to make some ill productions on each track, which for the most part is produced by members of Oddfuture/WolfGang themselves.

The lyrics are somewhat far left field from what is considered the social standard but the talent among these young dudes is apparent, already gaining support from Pharrell, Kanye etc. The horro culture-esque rap style is definitely original and could be the beginning of a new trend of rap. Check out their mixtape at OddFuture/WolfGang.

By Ear St8ofmines

Monday, April 18, 2011

Check It Out: Rugz D. Bewler @ Public Assembly

What's Good?
Despite severe rain showers Saturday night (4/16) in New York City, Rugz D. Bewler (along with other artists on the bill) made it out to Public Assembly for the Generation Next showcase. In the linked footage, Rugz D. Bewler performs "Renaissance," off his project Save Bewler: The Memoirs of Muhammad Mc'Fly. Props to Brook Bobbins for the footage.

J. Cole X U Street Music Hall in Washington DC

Check It Out: My God -Pusha T

What's Good?
Pusha T finally releases the visuals to 'My God' long after his highly anticipated solo mixtape. I know you seen the laced out at Coachella with last night.

EVENT: The Element Fashion Show 4/28/2011

What's Good?
April28, 2011, my Fashion Club is hosting a fashion show, "The Element."  A
fashion production unlike anything you have seen on the runway. Not
only is the Fashion Club prepared to showcase some of the best next to
be on top designers, but they are also prepared to stimulate your mind
and find out what is your ELEMENT!

This year's show is unique in that we have a College ID Guest Policy
for advanced tickets sales. Students who attend Columbia, NYU,
FIT,LIM, Hofstra, York, and Queens College have the option to RSVP one
ticket using this link:
and can pick up their ticket before the show.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Check It Out: Maino speaks out about Police Brutality

Maino speaks out about the brutality the New York Pig Department displays just because they can. When will it come to an end?! Check It Out.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Music Update: Zeroes Heroes[Mixtape] -XV

What's Good?
XV has finally dropped highly anticipated FreEp after endless freestyles. The Young MC has definitely paid his dues to now grow in the industry amongst his peers.
Click The Jump For TrackList

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Music Update:Hight Power -Kendrick Lamar

What's Good?
Kendrick Lamar drops some fresh new music. J. Cole produces the track as well.

Check It Out: So What -Outasight

What's Good?
We gave you the song yesterday, now here is something for your eyes!

Music Update: 100hunnit -Wale

What's Good?
Wale brings in the teammate Meek Mill via twitter.
Shout Out To 2DBZ

Check It Out: Blame Game

What's Good?
Here are some visuals I stumbled across while visiting a blog. This video is so deep! There is a twist that to it. I tip my hat to Yonie Love you have a beautiful mind.

BLAME GAME from on Vimeo.

Shout Out To Elmosince87


Okay so we all need to switch up the music style once in a while. So give this man who is 'Outasight' some play. Here are two tracks off of his upcoming album which drops April 26th, oh and hit the jump if you want to to what else this man brings to music. Check It out.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Curren$y – Full Metal (Prod. by The Alchemist)

Here is the latest release from Curren$y's upcoming album produced by The Alchemist

ZEL The Highlight - Do Ya Like (Remix)

Made Men Music recording artist Zel The Highlight just leaked this remix to Do Ya Like. Look out for a lot of new drops and music from him and the Made Men Music team...

Check It Out: Karin+Raoul at CoCo De Mer

What's Good?
Karin and Raoul releases their next issue at Coco de Mer.

By Ear: Just-I DMV Review

Peace and Blessing Everybody,
As a first official review I was given the chance to preview some DMV area sounds by way of Just- I. When listening to the mix tape the term inspiration comes to mind. The tracks which are a collaborative of various beats definitely gave Just-I the opportunity to lyrically display his depth and versatility of flow. On some tracks the versatility came off as a duplication of a few main stream artists such as Wale, Kid Cudi to the T which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In future work I would definitely like to see Just-I hone in on his own individual flow which most certainly has potential and promise. The mix tape is most certainly solideen and with more persistence Just-I could become a household name in years to come…

Music Update: The Lonny Breaux Collection[Mixtape] -Frank Ocean

What's Good?
Before every musician/artist pursues a new level artistically in their career they shed off all of their old material in order to produce fresh new material. Frank Ocean who is one of the two new crooning prodigies released his music by his past alias of Lonny Breaux. His recent project 'Nostalgia,Ultra' is so refreshing from your usual R&B stars that fans are on the edge of their seats waiting to hear what him and the #1 diva is cooking up!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Music Update: Southern Lights [Mixtape] Donnis

What's Good?
The good folks of Karmaloop and The Academy  endorses XXL 2010 Freshman, Donnis for his latest project...Southern Lights.

Shout Out To H.E.R.

New Music Update: Black Thoughts 2[Mixtape] -Tyga

What's Good?
Tyga releases his mixtape showing his relevancy to rap game. Young Money is surely looking to bust this summer wide open.

WELCOME BRANDY: Pensar (Lifestyle and Relationships)


     The product of an illiterate father and an entrepreneur-minded mother,
education was vital in my pursuance of my dream. Gifted as a young
writer, I would write poetry and short stories, but keep them hidden
not knowing how people would respond. It was not until high school
that I decided to translate my passion into purpose when I entered
several writing contests. Post high-school, I became enthralled in
journalism and teaching writing. I began writing MySpace bios for
friends and contributing to my college newspaper. The popularity of my
music column lead me to seek additional writing opportunities. I have
written for several online as well as print publications. I currently
own and operate as well as contribute
sporadically to a personal blog

As a member of November's Children I will provide you with insightful
commentary about everything hip-hop. Pensar wll be my thoughts about
various topics that will hopefully begin a conversation between you
and I and others about hip-hop. I represent the West Coast, Richmond,
CA to be exact. Hit me up, lets talk hip-hop

Welcome Shareeff :Album And Mixtape Reviews

We at November’s Children would like to formally introduce you to our newest addition to the fam Shareeff Burke (@St8ofmines) The eclectic, soulful homie hails from the City Of Brotherly Love, Currently NY Living, you can usually catch him around posting various tracks or cruising through St. John’s Campus headphones in ear, To put it simple the “Youngboul “knows music. Stay tuned for dope reviews from a true quote on quote on “music junkie”.

Check It Out: My Last Freestyle - Chris Brown

Whats's Good?
Chris Brown and Mechanical Dummy present the visual to his "extended play" on Big Sean's latest single. F.A.M.E. in stores now.

Check It Out: Can't Breathe -Fefe Dobson

What's Good?
Fefe Dobson drops the video to 'Can't Breathe' featuring Orianthi.

Monday, April 11, 2011


What's Good?
DD172 shoots The Chef and The Black Keys as they perform 'Stay Off The F&*king Flowers'.


Check It Out:Love Affair -Lil Twist Ft. Lil' Wayne

What's Good?
...XXXL's SELECTED Freshman of 2011 drops his first video on the Young Money Label featuring the Bossman himself

Music Update: Fly Love -Jamie Foxx

What's Good?
Jamie Foxx is getting Soundtrack money now....This is on some Quincy Jones and Smooth Tito Puente type ish.

Check It Out: X-MEN :First Class Title Sequence

What's Good?
This is soooo dope! here is Joey D's title sequence to the latest X-MEN film set to hit theaters June 3rd.

X-Men: First Class Title Sequence from Joe D! on Vimeo.

Check It Out: Kharisma- "Over Time" Video (Studio Performance)

We have a new video from the first lady of RBM, Kharisma for one of her new tracks "Overtime." Her first mixtape, titled "Tryouts" is dropping tomorrow so make sure to be on the lookout. Let us know what you think!

Check It Out: Wale x Rick Ross x Meek Mill x DA of Chester French- Play Your Part(Video)

Maybach Music Group announced that it would release a couple new videos this week. Here's the new official music video for Wale's- "Play Your Part" ft. DA of Chester French, Rick Ross, and Meek Mill. The Song is a from MMG's 1st compilation album "Self Made" set to be released on May 24th. Let us know what you think!

Check It Out: Rockie Fresh-About It

A Chi-Town Native, Rockie Fresh "Checking in for the win" dropping a dope track that you can vibe to to right after you pushed the pause button during the day. Add to his 30,00 plus downloads. After you hear it, why wouldn't you?Check It Out.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Dom Kennedy X

Dom Kennedy from Cali, talks about his recent and older projects. He has dropped a few dope mixtapes in the past 2 years.

Happy Sunday!!!
The weather seems to finally be breaking...Let us pray :-)
But I came across the True Religion Bray Mid Nylon kicks and I think these are super sexy!!! Especially on a dude. They aren't even priced high only $80 and your favorite rapper is rocking them.

<em>True Religion Bray Mid Nylon</em> Athletic Shoes

Follow me on Twitter @FrankiScenes

Check It Out: Asher Roth-Kidz Theze Dayz

Asher Roth drops an old school sound track rapping about the current generation of kids. He leaked this in celebration of setting up a microphone in his home.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Check It Out: Memphis Bleek-Serato & Blunts(Video)

Old Head of the Roc Camp Memph Bleek rapping 'bout the Serato and Blunts. You can still rock with it though, you know. Check It Out.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Ab-Soul-Longterm Mentality

Yes Yes, It is finally here! Ab-Soul debuts his first well awaited album entitled Longterm Mentality. As you all know this man has been making head-banging to slow-easy head nodding music in the hip-hop world today. From callabo's with many artists such as Alori Joh, Kendrick Lamar, and Jay Rock, Ab-Soul is once again  bringing bringing that good music we all love. Long Term2: Lifestyles of the Broke and the famous introduced the hunger of Ab-Soul. Despite the album only csting 6$, his hunger for more still shows through this album. CHECK IT OUT

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Wale & Black Cobaine - 4 AM

Wale is on his #nodaysoff and has been releasing tracks everywhere with maybach music. Brought Black Cobaine on this 1 from The Board Administration.

Wiz Khalifa - Taylor Gang ft. Chevy Woods (Official Video)



Check It Out: Your Funeral -Erykah Badu

What's Good?
The beautiful and talented Ms. Badu stop by to show that her art form is still relevant to music listeners.

Music Update: Ventilation -Curren$y

What's Good?
If you don't know by now let NC be the one to tell you again. Spitta is a mixtape set to release very soon. The bonus is that the entire tape is produced by the legendary Alchemist!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Music Update: Tupac Back -Meek Mill

What's Good?
Next up on day 2 is  Meek Mill and the boss in Tupac Back.

Shout Out To NAhright

Check It Out: The LeBrons

What's Good?
A couple days ago LeBron James premiered a cartoon. His marketing team is really working hard for him.

Check out the latest video off of Da Prynce's recent mixtape Royal Flush.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Kendrick Lamar Live At The Masquerade (Video)

Kendrick Lamar gives his fans another amazing performance. Check It Out

New Artist Alert: Yung B

New Hustle Hard Remix and more from Franchise Music's own Yung B. Checkout his playlist at and follow on twitter

New Artist Alert: Tiz

What's Good?
We here NC always support up and coming artist trying to find their space in the whatever field the pursuit stardom in.Today we bring you Tiz, who is a new MC stepping out with his first official video titled Hello Summa.

New Music Update: DOPE (MIXTAPE)- SRG

The latest and highly anticipated sophomore mixtape from SRG is here. DOPE features all brand new production and brings a different style and energy to rap music. Hip Hop heads, this is exactly what you've been waiting for. Check out the latest from SRG and let us know what you think!

Check It Out: Century Girl -Theophilus London

What's Good?
Herfection premiered the song and now here is the visuals. Theophilus London in Century Girl

Check It Out: All This Love -Terrace Martin & Kenneth Crouch

What's Good?
This is so soulful that I had to post it.  Terrace Martin definitely opened my ears to the potential of his talent. He teams up with Pianist Kenneth Crouch to bring us the Jazz rendition to 'All This Love' by 80's super group DeBarge. I really feel good hearing this.

Music Update: Hard Sell -Fly Union

What's Good?
Fly dot U released another song earlier today leading to the album.

Music Update: 600 Benz -Wale

What's Good?
Wale sets off the trail to Rozay's promise to drop a song everyday this week leading to 'Self Made'. Wale goes off with the Boss and Top Five Dead Alive (Jadakiss).

Monday, April 4, 2011

Check It Out: LRG x Phonte

What's Good?
Phonte speaks to LRG about his friend 9th Wonder after reuniting . Look Out For The Wonder Years coming soon.

The Wonder Year - Phonte speaks on 9th Wonder from LRG on Vimeo.

Check It Out: WORD Season 2 Episode 2

What's Good?
The good folks over at Creative Control brings us the second episode of season two of 'WORDS'. Desiree Marshall poetically breaks down a bad romance. According to her...'F^*K Facebook'

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Music Update: Tragedy -Nicki Minaj

What's Good?
Nicki is finding every way to stay relevant right now, So in the meantime she drops 60 seconds of chewing Kim head off If you ever wanted your own Nicki well they are doing a Nicki look a like contest in the city today (New York). All you are going to see is 'Pink Wigs Thick Ass". OH! Boi-1da of OVO and Hit Boy of SurfClub produced this one.

Shout Out to Nahright

Check It Out: The World -Smoke Dza

What's Good?
Fresh Off The Smoker's Club Tour Smoke DZA teams up with John Colombo to bring forth the visuals for 'World'. T.H.C. dropping in a few days.

Friday, April 1, 2011

New Music Update:Beyond Modern Rebellion[Mixtape] Sean Aikens

What's Good?
According to Sean Aikens Go tell your grandma, grandpa, momma, poppa because this is I f^&ks with Sean so I had to put on for his choice of music. Give it a listen people...Here is Beyond Modern in 'Rebellion'
Beyond Modern Rebellion
continue for tracklist

Check it Out: Get Up - Mac Miller

Whats Good?
Mac Miller drops another set of his visuals off his Best Day Ever project...'Just Get Up'...(Pause)

Music Update: Capcom -Kid Cudi

What's Good?
Your favorite Emo rapper has return since last dropping his last album. Expect a Mixtape to hit the waves very soon!