Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Melo verse Celtics

Before you continue to read this post, please have a moment of silence for the career of Jared Jeffries.....

The Knicks last night, or should I say Carmelo Anthony last night, took another loss in a similar fashion as they did in Saturday's game to The Boston Celtics.

First they lost Amar'e Stoudemire (lost Chauncey Billups in Game 1) and then they gave up the game winning basket to Kevin Garnett (Gave up the game winning basket to Ray Allen in Game 1) and finally when they had the chance to win it, someone had to screw it up. To bad this time it had to be the person I heard Knicks so happy about when he was signed close to the end of the year, Jared Jeffries.

"Oh yeah, man! Jeffries is a monster on defense. He's going to help this team a lot."

Now you will all front and pretend that never happened, right?

Well I remembered and to abstract that quote even more some, Ray Allen and Paul Pierce scored 38 points combined. Why wasn't he defending them? Or should I say why didn't he do a better job?

All and all the Knicks are down 2-0 heading to MSG.

Anthony by no means is at fault for the loss. He kept them in the game as well as delivered what should have been the knock out punch in the game. And his pass to Jeffries at the end was the right basketball move. He was doubled teamed (pause) and he had a man down low (pause). Jeffries just couldn't finish the job (pause).

STAT say's he should be all well and ready to take the court and hopefully Billups will be able to as well.

Knicks will need less bone head mistakes and more effort all around if they want to make this series competitive.

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