Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Check It Out: Madame Monochrome Promo "Trendsettas"-Amanda Diva

What's Good?
After a 2 year hiatus from music Amanda Diva is set to release the, "Madame Monochrome" FreEp. With production from Ski Beatz, Droop E, Cook Classics and more she stays true to form, fluidly melding melody with flow and soul with the boom bap musically giving audiences an authentic look in to her mind and heart. The first single/video, "Manchild" has garnered worldwide support and praise even securing a position as an Itunes featured video of the month for December, all of this with no label and no management. Currently working on a television show based on her comedy, produced by Nick Cannon she had put music to the side frustrated with America's obsession with image over artistry and money over musicality. But a recent trip to Europe to perform in Berlin and Paris showed her that there is still a world that appreciates true artistry. Renewed, she came back to the states, got back on the mic, and found her way to "Madame Monochrome"

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