Sunday, July 26, 2009

Music Update

What's Good?
Well here go some bangers for you and even some songs you might be the first to hear.
Chef Boy IZZ R. released one for the radio junkies. I still feel he could of released HEART AND SOUL as his first single. Well here go his new single with a guest appearance Ray Lavander.
Mario is still making his way back to relevance but he is surely doing great job at it. I personally feel he does'nt get all the credit he deserves because the man is highly talented.
Just when you rappers thought it was safe.... Jay comes down and swoops up all the loose change in music left for hip-hop. I feel Jay is placing a lil team together just with a name. peep the cast for his new single.
Jay-Z feat. Rihanna & Kanye West- We Run This Town

Where can this guy go wrong. Beyond the fall off with the leaking of the album. Fab Delivers an album that is worth every penny. Wait til you guys see the video.* If you got the bootleg please still go out and support.* I personally don't believe in people bootlegging quality music. Well Fab And Drake teams up to create the remix which is quite the jam.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Im Gone For a Week

Yooo wats good, Im going on vacation 4 the week and Ill be out of the country in Puerto Rico and Aruba!!

So Im sure Lucky Peters will hold it down...See u in August homies

MaX StatZ

Friday, July 24, 2009


A lil while ago XXL magazine came out with the Top 10 Freshman in the rap game that should make a force to be felt in the game. One of those is Blu who has been verrrrryyy quiet since then and hasn't really put out much material... He one of the greatest young rappers out check this video.

Shouts to Diamond

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Rick Ross ][Official Music Videos]

American Pride G-Shock

I love the design but I don't know if I would wear it...would you??

LeBron Dunked On pt. 2

SOOO the video of LeBron getting dunked on is officially OUT.
After Nike did all that hiding and trying to destroy the footage there is one video out and TMZ owns it.
The quality isn't great but its something...

For all you LeBron James worshipers out there here is some comedy to cheer u up haha

Shouts to Gram Green

Monday, July 20, 2009

Music Update

Few Tracks 4 You:
Wiz and Curren$y are releasing a mixtape this month labeled How Fly which this track is on...they have put out a few songs that all are worth listening to...The tape will be interesting to see how big it gets.
1 more from Curren$y:

Twista got back with chi-town native Kanye West and put out a nice track. Kanye is also back to rapping full-time lol Kanye is on the beat at the same time so great things!

Pharrell doing some solo tracks again...Always can trust Pharrell.

The rap legend gave us a track to bump to. I really hope everybody out there knows about Rakim cuz basically every rap style today comes from his style.

S.N.F. MaX StatZ


Sneakerpimps had their shoe expo event this weekend down in DC..
I rolled through didnt even go in...long story...ended up all over the city that night but Wale, The Clipse, and J. Cole came thru 2 perform.
Check J Cole and The Clipse' performances:

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Officer Ricky

I still respect Rick Ross as a rapper and give him all credit despite all of the police things( he worked at a jail...)
But watch this video of a dude acting like he is Rick Ross...
Funny as hell...

Shout outs to Sonny Stacks

Saturday, July 18, 2009

I really Want You to Know

I really want you to know:
1. That this video is a speech from your PRESIDENT
2.This President is BLACK
3. He keeps it real and keeps it 100
4. Think about how many times you start just listening to him as him and not as a president (if I didnt explain enough ask me)
5. This speech is great and every person needs to, white, etc.

Kid Cudi Karmaloop Interview

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What's Good?
I know I never done this before but here goes a whole rack of songs to keep you occupied. Please apply to the playlist.

YUUPPP!!! Trey looks to setting the trend to blaze for his upcoming Album. I hope he shows and prove with this album while taking a different route in the R&B world.
Trey Songz- Feelin' myself

So as Loso aproach his release date, I hope he see's light to stardom beyond every other album he has put out. This album by far will set him above all rappers striving to run the rap game. trust me when I tell you.
Fabolous feat. Keri Hilson- Everything, Everyday, Everywhere.

R. Les aka the Madd Musician has release another song. It sounds as if the song was a song that didnt make the cut from his debut album.
Ryan Leslie- All My Love

Listen we as listeners can not tell if these guys career can progress but you can say you gave them a chance in their debut. The song is Good kinda shocked me to see 4 white boys singing it.
NLT- Where is my Rose

Is Usher making a comeback, I say that because his last album surely was'nt. I know Usher is a wonderful performer who can create pandomonium while on stage so I hope him and his staff bring material up to par.
Usher feat. Pharell- certified

The London Crooner is slowly making his way overseas with his wonderful sound. There is something about the british accent that can grab an audiance. His last mixtape was great especially selecting a star feature.
Colin Munroe- Start A War

Who Knows what are Ne-Yo's True intentions of releasing all these songs. I guess he's empty out his last style to create a new one. I hope Europe will help him create it. Shout out Tos Money.
Ne-Yo -If you want me to stay

LLOYD has been doing a real good job. Good luck to him on his first release off The INC.

A New Day Will Begin

What's Good?

Would you belive it? After the storm the Dove truely clears the skies. This is surely a blessing to see Ms. Houston in her most rare but beatiful form once again. To those who dont know Whitney and many other female R&B artist during the mid to late 90's began to be consider "DIVAS" and when Whitney fell down through her struggles the unofficial group fell apart but many still rock the soundwaves. I' am really happy to see her pull herself together. Please be on alert for her
September 1st release.

Monday, July 13, 2009

I Put On For My City

What's Good?
New York presence is slowly coming back to where it need to be. You Got F-A-B-O standing as the front runner of the clan. I really appreciate all of this maybe Jay has has passed the message to everyone properly. Currently Red Cafe has scorch the waves with this new tribute to New York which is shockingly what most New Yorkers been wanting to hear. N.Y. is the Mecca of Rap and we cannot let these jingle rappers invade the town. *ATTENTION* New Yorker need to stop riding the bang wagon and stand as New Yorkers and letting these Stars know that we are the stars. WE WAS THE FIRST TO PUT ON FOR THE CITY/THE MAYOR CO-SIGN/THE CHECK SIGNED BY DIDDY/ FLEX DROPPED THE BOMB/ THE STREETS STARTING TO FEEL/ AND IF BIGGIE WAS AROUND YOU KNOW HE'LL F#(K WITH ME/...

Red Cafe- Heart & Soul

Check It Out!

What's Good?
T.I. dropped his last video before his incarceration... Pretty deep because it makes you think twice before your actions because you can experience these same scenarios. Life is crazy how you can have the world and suddenly fall short because of one decision. Be smart people.


With 3 different colorways, the Jordan Brand is going to release the Spiz'ikes again but in a boot word on when they will be released

S.N.F. MaX StatZ

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Wale interviewed by DJ Skee about his road to fame and all his connections.

The Clipse talk Hip-Hop and musical influences

S.N.F. MaX StatZ

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Max Statz music Update:

ummmm Ma$e is back...with Cam Ron at that....
I really dont know what else to say about that.. Ma$e is kinda back to the old Ma$e at that more Pastor Ma$e. Check It.
Cam Ron & Ma$e - Get It

A new drake track from a few tracks he dropped lately..I like this one, a nice little flow too it..All you Drake lovers out there make sure you check it.

WHY NOT?? that is the question...Why not diss Jay-Z?? Who has the nuts to do that shit?? The Game...Lets see where this goes...

S.N.F. MaX StatZ

Friday, July 10, 2009

They Are Tryna Set My Man Obama Up!!

Look at this photo thats been getting a lot of buzz.
People are saying Obama was looking at the girls ass hahaha
Personally I believe they are putting bad joints around Obama so he will slip up lol...



Too be honest I would have looked too...she is kinda hahaha but she is 16 so ima revoke that comment...
In about 3 years...holla at me lol

S.N.F. MaX StatZ

Monthly Throwback!

Had 2 give you a throwback, I know I missed it last month...that's my fault Ive been kinda doing what this throwback entails lol

This video has the exact feeling of the song...If Will Smith could have made songs like this his whole rap career he woulda been great lol

S.N.F. MaX StatZ

Thursday, July 9, 2009

LeBron Dunked On

Okay, so LeBron James got dunked on and Nike DESTROYED the video... Is that bitch move or is it cool?? i cant decide 2 be honest...
At first I thought it was wack on their part to try and hide something...I still feel that way.. but it was their video anyways..
So if you had a video of ur mans getting dunked on would u give it to the world?? nah lol

it probably looks like this:

S.N.F. MaX StatZ

Studio with R Leslie, Fab, and Keri Hilson

This shit is just ill on all parts...

Ryan, Fab & Keri Studio Session from Ryan Leslie on Vimeo.

Here is the actual song

Fabolous - Everything Everyday Everywhere

S.N.F. Max StatZ

Monday, July 6, 2009

Music Update

Whats Good?
Im' pretty much sure you guys know the drill! Here go some more music to place in all of your playlist.

BabyFace ...Comback? Very questionable move. This recording legend has set so many accolades that he should just let his legacy stay flawless!
BabyFace- I need some Love

My favorite R&B underdog has re-surface to give all the listeners a second chance to see why he should be one of the leaders as a singer!

HE PUT OOOOOOONNNNN!!!! Wale takes it back to his Go-Go roots and provides all of his fans with a Hometown song....."Sardines,Hey! and Pork and Beans".
Wale- Pretty Girls

What else can you expect from Joe but some good ole' slow music. I believe the veteran is good and ready to drop a album.

C'mon lets go Whitt, next stop ...staying clean.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fair Well My Friend (R.I.P. Steve McNair)

What's Good?
Another great has left us. Brother Steve McNair Died Saturday morning. This man was my favorite quarterback of all time even before I knew who the Bruhz was. May your trip to Omega Chapter be safe!!!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Check It Out

What's Good?
The highly anticipated video has now arrived. With out any more a due we present Drake's Best I Ever Had

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Music Update

What's Good?
Trey has finally supplied some tunes collectively into a mixtape to prepare his his fans until the release of his highly anticipated Album. So he named the mixed tape appropriately by simply naming it The Anticipation. He have some banger such as Scratching Me Up, Yo Side Of The Bed and She Ain't My Girl. Please Enjoy.