Monday, July 13, 2009

I Put On For My City

What's Good?
New York presence is slowly coming back to where it need to be. You Got F-A-B-O standing as the front runner of the clan. I really appreciate all of this maybe Jay has has passed the message to everyone properly. Currently Red Cafe has scorch the waves with this new tribute to New York which is shockingly what most New Yorkers been wanting to hear. N.Y. is the Mecca of Rap and we cannot let these jingle rappers invade the town. *ATTENTION* New Yorker need to stop riding the bang wagon and stand as New Yorkers and letting these Stars know that we are the stars. WE WAS THE FIRST TO PUT ON FOR THE CITY/THE MAYOR CO-SIGN/THE CHECK SIGNED BY DIDDY/ FLEX DROPPED THE BOMB/ THE STREETS STARTING TO FEEL/ AND IF BIGGIE WAS AROUND YOU KNOW HE'LL F#(K WITH ME/...

Red Cafe- Heart & Soul

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