Monday, June 29, 2009

What's Good?
Sorry, Maxx had to hold it down because I been through a lot. I listen to this Mixtape by D.J. J. Period. He made a tribute to our late Michael Jackson. This Mixtapes sends you through the motions. Thanks Jav! for putting me on to this.
I swear this weekend I hung with my boys from D.C. and we were dancing to all the M.J. songs in the club looking like our younger selves in front of the t.v. at the early ages of 5,6 or 7 years old. It's crazy how his music influenced three generations of people. I will never forget where I was when mike died. I'm so torn especially to wake up to hear that. His music and life will be celebrated way bey the tears of his death ,let us rejoice the legacy of a true musical Icon.

VIdeo Update

2 Quick Video's for u:

Kanye West - Street Lights
ummm only thing to say here is watch and listen and enjoy the Kanyeizm lol

Wiz Khalifa - Name On a Cloud/Wassup
Check this out...another one of the young artist I been pushin for on the blog

Jay-Z - DOA
I already showed u the performace but fuck it...this shit rocks


To me...The BET awards were trash...
Maybe its the fact that BET period is a terrible network..and a trash organization that is not black entertainment television but Ignorant television directed towards black ppl BY corporate white america...
BUT anyways there were some good highlights:

1. The show tribute to Michael Jackson.. It was good on that note
2. check out Jay-Z perform DOA (killed it)

The Worst part was that they had Jamie Foxx and Ne-Yo trying to perform all the Mike Jackson tributes without Chris Brown or Usher...Rumor was that Chris was gonna do it but I will hold it down for my mans

Check out this new FREESTYLE FROM CHRIS BROWN..YES A FREESTYLE... On what beat?? Just listen
Chris Brown ft. Roc City - Ransom Freestyle

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Air Jordan 6' year

NuFF Said...

RIP TO THE KING...every hip-hop, R&B, auto-tune, etc. track you here these days derived from the greatest to ever do it Michael Jackson...

Max Statz music Update:

Got a mixtape for you to cop if you already haven't..

I'm sure you know who Wale is by now.. If not, if you are a true hip-hop head def download this mixtape right here.
One thing 4 sure tho, is that hip-hop artist in the game know who Wale is and collabed with him on this tape from Joe Budden to Bun B to Skyzoo to Memphis Bleek to Freeway to about 10 other notable artist.

Guess who is BACK

Whats Good!!
I have been MIA for the past 2 weeks yall I knooo
BUt it was for a good reason
I have been at 1 of our nations greatest schools for a business program..(YES I DO SCHOOL TOO)
But I am back now from my studies at Yale University..
Check some pictures of a library and a statue (peep his gold boots tho haha)

Friday, June 19, 2009

H.E.L.P. Make A Change.

What's Good?
What's Up guys here is more media from HELP USA. You can make a a difference start by visiting HELPUSA.ORG and you can also join their facebook page.
What's Good?
On Behalf of November's Child I woould Like to thank you guys for supporting us from day one and 200 post later we are still here providing your daily serving of music and media. Thanks Guys!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Josh Days Free Bars

What's Good?
Feel like writing so here we go!

It's hard when your moves are magnified by veinte/
and God never looked over my soul, he walked with me/
I made it outta east New York nigga ya kidd'n me/
I'll sacrifice my body not to go bac/ give up a kidney!
but really, im here but the world has been cold to me/
dont understand how the girls said no to me/
but now im fly and they all look like ho's to me/
guess cuz in college there's whole new breed of women/
but they gold diggers here
They smell dollars when its coming/
catch a baller when he stunting/
leave a baller down to nothing
leave em singing dream hard you know ... Love vs. Money/
they want a good guy but with those thugs they be running/
and i be chasing after them because these women i be loving/ huh
but cant get lost , cuz like traffic women cause detours/
we never even our love and hate on a seesaw/
down at the bottom the fat bitch thats holding me up/
pardon my french/
but its reference from a Jay-z song/
im everywhere like with this money , shit i dont see yall.
yall niggas pressing 0's no comma's just like a free call.

Holla at me Maxx!....D. King I see you!

New Music Update

What's Good?
How is everybody summer going? Hope you got those tunes to keep you focus and vibing for the summer. Well here go some new music for your playlist.

Letoya has come a long way since parting ways from girl group Destiny Child and her debut solo album. I guess she is on the Agenda for this summer to release a album and I believe she has the right A&R in her corner ( Hopefully).
Letoya Luckett- Don't need you

Is There anything since I bigged him up on the last post but whatever here goes a track from J.Cole's new mixtape title The Warm-Up.
J. Cole- Show me something

Well, Well...Well MC is making her way back with her new controversial single. Everyone believes she speaking about Slim Shady. I feel she has been two successful in her career to begin a beef. Hopefully L.A. Reid is smart enough to get her to fall back. Beside all the drama her and the Dream got together to produce absolute fire.
Mariah Carey- Obsessed

Johnta Austin has been in the game for a long time writing many songs for all your favorite singers. I'm still waiting for Ocean Drive but I guess he is just referencing track for all these artist.
Johnta Austin- Lost Inside Your Love

J. Miles is a very unfamiliar face in the music business but I guess listening to this song he proves that he has potential. Check it out for yourself.
J. Miles- No Days Off

Music Update / Pensar

What's Good?
OMG I remeber when Hip-Hop used to be informational. I really like this song a whole lot due to the fact, that I hope one day I can bring major decrease to homelessness in America. This summer I' am currently working at one of New York's most successful non-profit organizations who's goal one day is bring an end to Homelessness. Other topics was touched as well in the song. Prostitution will always be a major flaw in society period to bad our great nation allows it to be legal in one of our major cities for tourism.The Artist also speak about our inner city youth with no hope for tommorow. I can really vibe to this because I was once a child with no direction at all. I never listen to this artist until now but he certainly has my ear from this point. I present to yall Curt@!n$ with his video for his upcoming mixtape titled The Great Adventures of Dope Boy C: Dope For President, dropping on June 23rd!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Music Update:

What's Good?
THE WARM-UP is finally here. J. Cole has finally brought his second serving of his Alma mater experience. He is really making a come-up in the music industry and he has to represent and mature very quick for the ROC!. Well here is the major question from all the critics: Can He Survive until the next class of freshman arrive. You be the Judge. His flow is pretty refreshing,something new. My favorite tracks would have to be Lights Please and Losing My Balance.

J. Cole- The Warm-Up
The D.C. native is supplying his fans with some material that caters to his following. Raheem Devaughn Has been excellent with his previous albums. This Mixtape can allow you to sit back and relax and enjoy the melodic energy that he provides. My favorite song of his would have to be WhereI Need To Stand, Check it out that song is one of the best soul songs of the 2000's

Raheem Devaughn- Art of Noise

Monday, June 15, 2009

Pensar...(Where Would You Be)

What's Good?
Well sometimes when you sit down and silence seems to surround you don't your thoughts seem to flood your brain. Did you ever ask yourself where would I be if didn't....?
Well yesterday I lost a Childhood friend of mine. I used to look up to dude because he epitomized alot of things i wanted as a teenager. This dude got fly and got damn near every chick he wanted. Well yesterday it all came to an end when some idiot decided to use the most coward method to fight a man. I used to always ask myself how much of a coward can you be to just shoot someone when they never threatened you with a gun. Sometime I ask myself If I never met James Tillghman, who introduce me to the tenant board, who introduce me to Maria. Sometimes I feel like i would of been in some one's cemetery if i didn't go to college. Listen up! for all of you guys who feel your life is rough and that you from hood trust me when I tell you, " you haven't been through shit!". Try leaving that wonderful house with grass in your front yard and trade it for a three bedroom apartment with 5 siblings in the middle of Brooklyn where most people in Brooklyn wont go. Be thankful of what you got because its two things promised to anyone and that's a casket and park bench.
R.I.P. Dawud Harris

"You talking bout ya life is this,ya life is that / ya life ain't shit N**** ya life is wack" -Beanie Sigel

Sunday, June 14, 2009

New Artist Update!

What's Good?
D. King is one of the artist I have been following since who know's when. Crazy story is I been friends with this guy for almost 8 years now. Without a bias I still rate his music honestly. He is really gonna make his way to top if he can be consistant. His music has quality and when he matures to his peak he'll flood the market. If guys have any comments or just to say your opinion please comment. Bidding War coming soon!

Check It Out

What's Good?
I know this song has been circulating for a while but I wanted to make my contribution of posting this video. It has that late 90's vibe to it which is a well desired vibe. Cassie's cut is starting to fit I guess artist development is really hard at work with getting her image ready for her album promotions.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Max Statz music Update:

yooo u know wat it is...
I got some songs 4 u... some mixtapes and albums aight!?!?!
Of Course I have no link for it, so go cop at your nearest store..
Mos Def most definitely came with his usual style and flow. The album flows and you can listen straight through for sure. Great Music!
A mixtape I have recently been bangin with is Dom Kennedy - FutureStreet/DrugSounds
Who is Dom Kennedy??? I kno right..thats what I said...But some ppl been telling me 2 check it out and Im fuckin wit it so check it.
This next track u already know both of the ppl on here im sure... This is the 2nd release for The Clipse and they got back with a collab with Pharrell. Smooth track check it.
Lil Wayne is still making music... and he collabed with the other loved and hated artist from the south Gucci Mane. Just listen...

PEace Love & Unity pplsss Im owt...

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Please Stay Tuned For Our Public Service Announcment.

What's Good?
Are You Involved? It is never to late to dedicate a moment of your time to volunteering. HELP USA can now be your outlet to many Volunteering oppertunities. Please visit WWW.HELPUSA.ORG to learn more about one America's leading Non-profit organizations.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Music Update

What's Good?
Here go some more music... What else can I say?

J.Cole has finally released a track from his upcoming Mixtape that has been buzzing in the music world. He has some pretty big shoes to fill standing as Sean Carter's first signee. People are expecting Jay's finishing touch to make this kid a star and Yes, it is very possible. Hope you listening to Goapele'e Closer at least once a day.
J. Cole- Heartache

So Trey won't stop attacking the music scene. I guess its the label's game plan to keep all listener's focus til the very day his album drops. This can go way left if a dud is produced but I doubt you will expect that from Trey Songz.
Trey Songz- Always Twisted

Do I hear a Ne-Yo release. It is long over-due for an album from super song writer and artist, Ne-Yo. Ne-yo will begin touring in July and I guess he will be promoting and recording the new album. I do believe he should take his music to another level and develop a new sound. This task should be very easy.
Ne-Yo - Take me away

The veteran crooner is still delivering his finesse and mellow song tone to get any woman to slip into something comfortable. Pretty wings started off his Resurrection since his last album years ago. The album will be released July,7th of this year.
Maxwell- Bad Habits

T.I.P. releases two new songs during his incarceration. His song titled The Way You want It seems to be directed to some specific people. I don't want to say any names, so i would let you be the judge of the that. He's not addressing any rappers but he is adressing people in his personal life. check it out...!

T.I.- The Way You Want It / Live My Life

Angel Lola Luv AKA Lola Monroe Spitssss?

Yea, I think everybody remembers or has heard of Angel from the Videos she has been in... especially the Trey Songz Wonder Woman video. I had been hearing that Lola had started rapping and had rap dreams... This uptown DC native has released her is a vid of her in the studio.. I dont know how I feel about her rapping yet lol what u think???

Monday, June 8, 2009

Theme Song of My Life!!!

What's Good?
Do you mind if I vent with y'all?
I sat here and look at this video almost 5 times...No Bull! I swear this has always been my life song because no matter what I road I take in life "there will always be Haters thats the way it is/ hater niggas marry hatter bitches and have hater kids". People dont understand that in my life and the amount of people I touch in whatever way, that when they say something it is always magnetized by 20. Shit really bothers me because I just wanna be me, so why would you feel its your duty to mention me in a negative light when in fact I gain a friend with every hello ...just because im that much of a genuine person. I may not be the best person but I try everyday to keep everything at peace in my circle. Thanks 'Ye

-Friends are friends and every friend needs that time of seperation when things just are'nt right. When time has healed the wound you will become friends again.

Music Update

What's Good?
Here is something light. Im gonna just keep the music flowing until I find some inspiration...LOL

What else is new about Mario? He's still producing great music. This time he teams up with Ludacris to make a well put togther "first single".
Mario feat. Ludacris- Spectacular

Loso's Music has been flooding the he album web hopefully the album will make it before the complete bootleg. Regardless He still has my purchase.
Fabolous feat. Ne-Yo - Making Babies
Fabolous feat. Trey Songz- Last Time

Due to all the media attention Pretty Ricky has getting, I know Pleasure P is very good for leaving the group.
Pleasure P- Your Love

The New iPhone

This is the new iPhone 3G S!! It is set to come out June 19th and the update for older versions of the iPhone will be free on June 17th.
There are a lot of new updates set to come out... peep at

Wale Interview

247HH v2 Interview: Wale from Ranadeb Choudhury on Vimeo.

Writer's Request!

What's Good?
As Maxx and I mature in the blog world we notice that we can actually become the school's media site. Currently we are looking to expand with more writers for specific topics. As of right now I'am looking for a sports writer who know's their stuff (*Pause). If you are a very enthused writer maybe about other things please Email us at

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Music Update:New York Edition

What's Good?
New York's movement is moving back to the top. I'm so happy to see that Jigga is taking his place as the leader of hip-hop. Although his time is up surely, he still plays a major part on what gets through standing as the gate keeper. So for those simple mind assholes he's basically requesting that all so call N.Y. rappers leave that damn southern swag and that autotune alone.I would really love to see New York take the crown again because music is completely destroyed because of all the autotune garbage. I'm okay with Southerners using it because that is their adaption. On the other hand, New York has a sound like no other city,which was rich and genuine. Fabolous, Maino Joel Ortiz and many more rappers have the responsibility to bring New York back. So far all of Fab's music has been legit for his upcoming album titled Loso's Way. So...with no further a due I present that good 'ole New York rap.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Shout Out to my homey Webster

Webster gets the joints

If you dont know who webster is then watch this... he was like 12-14 or something when he was on the show

Friday, June 5, 2009

damnnn Lebron

Damn they did LeBron in on this new Puppet commercial.. Everybody was wondering whether or not they were going to continue the commercial series... lol well I guess they did... and they shitted on the LeBron...
All Hail Kobe!!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Monthly Throwback!

Here is this months throw back yall...
To me the greatest artists of all time and will always be my favorite
Bob Marley.
Not focusing a certain song for the throwback but two of his performances..

Bob Marley - Natural Mystic

Bob Marley - Trenchtown Rock Live

R.I.P. Marley

Rik Codero Presents...

What's Good?
Here is the more vivid version of Wale's Song Family affair. It's pretty depressing because this kinda shit happens every day. A woman trapped when she is not emotionally strong to make a change so continues to be pimped and still try to live strong for her child/ A pimps struggle when his conscience becomes a factor/ A child's struggling to be loved by her mother. Damn, You never how good you got it until you find someone who is a worst situation than you are. You can complain about your shoes until see a guy with no feet!

Josh Days Free Bars 2.0

Well it's been a while since I last did this but I felt like writing for the blog because we know how boredom strikes when its 3:09 am. Well here it Goes!

Do to my past/
My life won't be complete no more/
And my imperfections/
Won't let me meet my queen no more/
Cuz sisters bitter as hell/
They believe we dogs/
A guess a nigger should just play his part/
Which is sad to see/
Life with days I'll be glad to see/
Wait miss lemme speak my peace/
Peace/Huh that's what we looking for/
You want life real sweet/no notebook story/
More like Jay and B/
One day ill be/that famous face/
I gotta dreamWhere everybody speak our name in street/
I think no woman cud beDeep down truly ready for me/
But don't be scared/ya boy ready to sweep/
Cuz ya boy got set goalsLike vinateri for three

Holla at me Maxx

Music Update

What's Good?
I know Maxx and I just drop some tunes for ya'll but, here go some more! ya' dig. Look out for some new segments for the blog so we can make that step ahead. We are also looking for some writers so contact us at .

Brandy I guess is preparing for a new album and its obvious that she's working with Ne-Yo.
Her last project was pretty good I guess the record execs are noticing that she needs be a priority again.
Brandy feat. Ne-Yo- Decisions

"Your Boy Wale and he came to get it". Man This dude came a long way from rapping on the GoGo scene (D.C.) to the mainstream network. Wale speaks about a womens struggle against life. Prostitution has become her only option when in need to support her child. This song is so deep.Wale- Family Affairs

So everyone that is into music knows ya' boy Trey is taking over every hot song on the radio with his remakes. The songs he's dropping is dope. He also teams up Sammie to create I guess a spin off of Boyfriend #2.
Trey Songz- Ego / Trey Songz feat. Sammie- She aint my girl

Joe may have to be one of the most underated R&B artist of todays time. Album after album he produces good music. I personally loves songs. Good Luck with The New album.
Joe- Worst Case Scenario

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Lessons In Love

What's Good?
For all the Lloyd fans out there, ya' boy Lloyd dropped a new mixtape title Lessons in Love releasing all the new material all the remixes and cuts that didnt make the album.
Well tune in and enjoy. Hopefully this lead to anoth smash album like his last two.

Lloyd-Lessons In Love 2.o

CASH KING Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Check out this ESPN interview of Floyd Mayweather Jr. who is coming back out of his retirement from boxing. He is already talking his shit, which he deserves to because he has never been beaten... This dude right here is 1 crazy kid... Probably one of the most funny/heated interviews I've seen on ESPN.

Music Update

You Know What It Is:
just a quick few tracks...kinda new check them out:
This track is real nice.. It has a chill vibe to it... its off of Yung LA's (aka Lealand Austin) latest mixtape with DJ Drama titled Lamborghini Lealand.  T.I.'s protege from PSC definitely put out a good mixtape while T.I. is locked up...get his whole mixtape its official... here Yung LA  & DJ Drama - Lamborghini Lealand

speaking of T.I. he is still putting tracks out.. check this 1 with Wayne. Free T.I. lol I mean I really dont care for real.

Okay...This is the dude from ATL that was playing the guy from Brooklyn NY in the Cast. Yea he makes music too.. This is the first track I heard from him, and I cant say I dont like it.. He is the second 1 to rap on the song.

I talked about who Big Sean was a few times on here. Just figured I would put up another track. This is a real smooth track.

Keep Chillin

There is nothing like chillin out in the summertime .. I swear to Halle Berry...
So chill out listen to ya tunes and rock out...
Check out Wale - Chillin.

Official Video Wale - Chillin

Wale performing Chillin Live on Carson Daley

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Somethin Funny

Okay this video is of ppl going about their normal daily business when 100 ppl just roll up on em...
What would you do if this happend to u lol

Told Ya So!

What's Good?
See, I told you guys that Omarion is on Young Money now see it for yourself. They say a picture is a thousand words but I guess a video is 20 million

Monday, June 1, 2009

And Pop Foolery Continues!

What's Good?
So, The word is outVia. Tyrese's Twitter page that your boy Omarion is now a the newest addition of Lil Wayne's Label Young Money. I don't know how I feel about this because this dude career fell in the toilet for a reason. I guess Wayne feels he's one hit away. I guess he has one chance unlike most of the people in his camp. I loved Roc-a-Fella but that how their empire fell by signing to many washed up or non relevant artist.

And We Introduce To You ...J.Cole

What's Good?
You know if you look back at our history we have been keeping everyone up to date with our Rising artist. J. Cole has been one of them. Now with his latest video from his last mixtape he present.... Simba.