Monday, June 15, 2009

Pensar...(Where Would You Be)

What's Good?
Well sometimes when you sit down and silence seems to surround you don't your thoughts seem to flood your brain. Did you ever ask yourself where would I be if didn't....?
Well yesterday I lost a Childhood friend of mine. I used to look up to dude because he epitomized alot of things i wanted as a teenager. This dude got fly and got damn near every chick he wanted. Well yesterday it all came to an end when some idiot decided to use the most coward method to fight a man. I used to always ask myself how much of a coward can you be to just shoot someone when they never threatened you with a gun. Sometime I ask myself If I never met James Tillghman, who introduce me to the tenant board, who introduce me to Maria. Sometimes I feel like i would of been in some one's cemetery if i didn't go to college. Listen up! for all of you guys who feel your life is rough and that you from hood trust me when I tell you, " you haven't been through shit!". Try leaving that wonderful house with grass in your front yard and trade it for a three bedroom apartment with 5 siblings in the middle of Brooklyn where most people in Brooklyn wont go. Be thankful of what you got because its two things promised to anyone and that's a casket and park bench.
R.I.P. Dawud Harris

"You talking bout ya life is this,ya life is that / ya life ain't shit N**** ya life is wack" -Beanie Sigel

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