Friday, February 20, 2009


More and more it seem that music videos are getting to be very abstract these days. You have to watch some of these videos 10 times until you think you understand the message. Whatever happened to the simple video with rims, females, and bottles??? LOL I'm playing, I can definitely live without those.
Good Music has two videos out that are... different. See what you think about Kanye West's Welcome to Heartbreak video and Kid Cudi's Day 'n' Nite video.
Shouts to Vimeo.

KANYE WEST "Welcome To Heartbreak" Directed by Nabil from nabil elderkin on Vimeo.

Day 'n' Nite - Kid Cudi from DP on Vimeo.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Realest * I ever wrote.

What's Good?
This is Josh Day's free bars...I know Max gone kill me for this.. but I love to share my thoughts.
Since I dont rap anymore I'll just scribe my thoughts.

Dried out of excuses/
selfish mindstate/
guess all friends are useless/
all like shallow bitches/
just with you, for what you doin/
so when you turn around
with your hands out/
friends keepin it movin/
thats why it's a one man train for this happyness
im pursuing/
so I try to focus on other shit like the future/
cuz like christmas there are no presents/
here in my present life/
Maria gave me a gift/
so I'm working hard to just get it right/
and never on a detour/
just a pit stop for the ladies
when they here to spend the nite/
too focus with life/
keep pushing until Im spent/
cuz I cant lie to myself/
nor build monuments of nothingness/
and Im gone.......

yea To LUTV and beyond

Monday, February 16, 2009

The Return...

What's Good?
Hey guys Im' back now. I was M.I.A. for three days . Valentine's day was so great!!! I actually went to Yama 49 which is by far the best sushi spot( even though I don't eat sushi). I really felt at home this weekend. So many things went wrong for it still to be a perfect weekend. I forgot my phone back at Seton so I was  phone less and I apologize for all those who were concerned on where-abouts. Well I'm back... Thanks to you my weekend was good and safe. 
my current mood leaves me zoned out to Houstatlantvegas

                                                     To LUTV and BEYOND

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Max Statz music Update:

What's Good yall! Happy Valentines Day! Music For you and your boo.
I have some new tunes for you to definitely cop. Instead of tracks im going to give you an album and 2 mixtapes to go get.

The first is the Ryan Leslie album that dropped a few days ago. His self titled album is definitely great music. This album did take a while to drop, not sure exactly why but it is here all the way after diamond girl to addiction. THis definitely is a short album too but it is quality, check it out.
Also, YOU MUST COP Drizzy Drake Rodgers new mixtape So Far Gone. Whether you are looking for that Hi-Hop feel or that R&B feel he got you. I don't think anybody can mix the 2 genres together the way he does. Lil Wayne has a few bars on here for his Young Money artist, and Drake always brings the best out of Wayne. Great mixtape, definitely a classic mixtape at that.
Lastly, from the new Young Money artist Drake, I'm going to go to renegade child Curren$y the Hot Spitta. Since leaving Young Money Curren$y put out 7 mixtapes in 7 months. check out the 8th and new Curren$y mixtape called Kicks, Video Games, Movies, and Chicks. My Fellas out there I know you gonna have to relate to that and this man Curren$y. Nice chill music 4 u.

Im Owt, MaX StatZ

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Pensar (If Only St. John's Was Like This!!!)

What's Good?
This goes out to all my college people. Well for those who don't know, I 'am a Junior at St. Johns University. All my Life I wanted to go to The U (Miami,FL). Everyone I knew said "Miami was the best school hands down because of the parties, Football program, Student Life and the scenery" OH yea did I mention the Parties. People will never understand that if the student life is horrible at school your retention rate will fall. St. John's is very notable for academics but the student life is horrible. Yale, Harvard, Brown and Cornell are Ivy league schools and they have the best Student life. The parties are incredible. Greek Life also is what makes the school setting all that it is,so if Greek life doesn't have an influence on the infrastructure of the university all will fail, But not for Long.....The reminder of this horrible thought is right below...check out Asher Roth's New music video title college!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Pre-Planning For The Countdown To V-Day

What's Good?
Well Valentine's Day is almost here. If you didn't find someone to call your own by now, just call it quits and save your money. If you have a date for this day and no idea what to do ....Well here is some ideas courtesy of November's Child and Urban Meets Life. Here are two of my favorite places to see.
*Roosevelt Island Tramway*
This view is absolutely great. This is one of New York's hidden treasures of sight-seeing. I have been on this tram several times. The bad part to this is, the ride is only maybe 5 minutes minimum. Due the short ride you will have to savor every moment.

*New York City's World Financial Center*
This place is Beautiful with-in itself. I know People who have lived in New York for years and never knew that this place existed. There is boardwalk located outside with a great view. Don't stand outside too long unless the weather is pretty good. There is enough things to venture off to in there.
Dinner is always a must. Eating is the ultimate oral fixation...Next to a Kiss!!!
Ambiance is always a must when dining. Engaging in conversation during dinner ...well is the soul purpose of dining. So, here is some spots that will help you engage in just that.
Well sushi has been around since forever but is becoming popular like the Big Mac let just hope it doesn't become factory made dish.

*Sushi A Go-Go*
1900 Broadway
New York, N.Y.
The Sushi is great the Japanese Ambiance is better and the prices are affordable. The Menu may not be equipped with everything but the items that are on the menu are served with excellence.

122 East 17th st. .
New York, N.Y. 10003
(212) 475-0469
*Yama 49*
308 East 49th st.
New York, N.Y. 10017
(212) 355-3370
Now this is my favorite place and I name this place a Lucky Peters certified restaurant. The menu is very great and Ambiance is very social. After the Saki starts flowing people become very generous and social.

* The Grill Room*
225 Liberty St.
New York, N.Y. 10281
(212) 945-9700
This Restaurant is very nice. I like the setup and how it is located inside of the World Financial Center. After a meal you can take a walk on the Boardwalk and or stay inside and check out the scenery.
+ They also have a wonderful wine selection for those who occasionally drink wine.

*P.J. Clarke's*
4 World Financial Center
New York, N.Y. 10281
This restaurant is the ultimate American food restaurant. Clarke's by far out does Applebee's and Friday's. The Burgers are soooooo Good! So if your not in the mood for the usual pasta or traditional dishes this is place to go.

Well Guys the night will always need some type of fun. The whole "Boo Luvin" thing will become a little overwhelming , so this will create a little well needed separation. The Whole Movie thing is cool but if you can step out of the box it will definitely be cool try these out.
*Chelsea Piers Bowling*
23rd st. and The Hudson River
New York, N.Y. 10011
(212) 835-2695
A little friendly/Romantic Competition will be really good. They say "Competition brings out a person's true character". Bowling is a very good game that everyone knows how to play. So make a mutual bet like "Loser buys drinks" or something silly.
If Chelsea Piers is packed you can also check out...
*Express Lanes Int'l*
401 Broadway #1208
New York, N.Y. 10013
(212) 334-9955

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Some Things Just Go To Far

It is crazy how some things just get taken a little too far. You can never assume anything these days haha. Check out this video of a church service that Beyonce gave a little inspiration to.

Watch this video when it gets to about the 2:30 spot it gets ridiculous.

SMH...What do you think about this??

According to Spinelli

What's Good?
I read Ash's response and maybe some people may feel like this.....

"so...Valentines day is very much on the way 10 days to be exact; its that holiday that allows people to stress unnecessarily over. V-day is that slap in the face if you don't have that member of the opposite sex by your side. Its that friendly reminder that YOU are alone, although there are plenty of other people who are by themselves, you're still singled out. I've heard my girls say V-day is the "devils holiday" lol smh and I've also seen friends who HAVE boos stress over what to do or get for their s/o.Speaking from personal experience, good ones and UGLY ones, I vow to not stress over '09 Valentines. Not because I don't have one, and not as if I'm anti-love or I hate men or people in relationships (I went in for a second), but because its a CAPITALIST HOLIDAY!! who buys chocolate by the truck load except valentines day.So I feel you on the post. Maybe I'll take a leave of absence on valentines day for personal reasons. All I'm tryna say is that, it shouldn't matter if you have a boo or not officially, valentines don't have to be mutual (although it'd be nice), you can admire someone any day, it doesn't have to be 2/14 they can be your valentine year round. Shoot......scandalous"

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

You Should Be With Me!

What's Good?
Things are getting crazy people. The semester is starting wrong for some people. Is it me or is everyone honestly looking for someone to spend their time with. I guess everyone is tired of creeping around. Time and experience is really catching up to us. It 's crazy how some of my close peoples are in real relationships and they are happy and content with where they are in their relationship. So....February 14th is on the way. That maybe bad news for some and Real Good news for others. I' am the one who usually advocate for those who truthfully don't want to be alone on that day. Sorry but most likely I will be booked this year. Don't take anything negative from this absence but look at it as a motivator look and evaluate what you are doing wrong. Sometime I see girls going through the motions and i wish I can hug you all at the same time. Just know I'll always feel that you should be with me....Maybe it would'nt to flip the script and ask the dude who 65% of the time lost about your feelings.

Portrait Of A Woman

Sorry people but this one is on a personal note. I would like to dedicate this week's segment of "Portrait Of A Woman" to Samantha McCalla also known as Professor McCalla. Dedicated wife, Mother, Professor, mentor and proud member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc but still manages to work out a 9 to 5 every business day in the week. I met Professor McCalla in DNY and she told me some important words that no professor, public school teacher or coach ever told me. I' am thankful for that because when it came to school no one ever gave a damn it was always "bring home the win" or "your never gonna amount to nothing". A living motivator for me and many other students. (I will not take credit from anyone in the room because I honestly soak in all the advice from everybody. Everyone speaks in my best interest whether or not if I like it.) So for this month i will dedicate this segment to important woman in my life and not the movie screen. Thanks

Monday, February 2, 2009

Music Update

A few more tunes for the iTunes.
You Know the Deal

Pharrell and Wayne worked out another track again. Peep pharrell's flow on this 1, its very...different is the word lol Wayne is Wayne on here. The beat is like that.
Supposed to be either a leaked track or something left off of American Gangster. It rocks though.
Jay-Z - When The Money Goes (Download)
Check this track from this up and coming dude Charles Hamilton... The melody of the beat sounds familiar lol