Thursday, February 5, 2009

According to Spinelli

What's Good?
I read Ash's response and maybe some people may feel like this.....

"so...Valentines day is very much on the way 10 days to be exact; its that holiday that allows people to stress unnecessarily over. V-day is that slap in the face if you don't have that member of the opposite sex by your side. Its that friendly reminder that YOU are alone, although there are plenty of other people who are by themselves, you're still singled out. I've heard my girls say V-day is the "devils holiday" lol smh and I've also seen friends who HAVE boos stress over what to do or get for their s/o.Speaking from personal experience, good ones and UGLY ones, I vow to not stress over '09 Valentines. Not because I don't have one, and not as if I'm anti-love or I hate men or people in relationships (I went in for a second), but because its a CAPITALIST HOLIDAY!! who buys chocolate by the truck load except valentines day.So I feel you on the post. Maybe I'll take a leave of absence on valentines day for personal reasons. All I'm tryna say is that, it shouldn't matter if you have a boo or not officially, valentines don't have to be mutual (although it'd be nice), you can admire someone any day, it doesn't have to be 2/14 they can be your valentine year round. Shoot......scandalous"

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