Friday, April 30, 2010

Belvedere Vodka Presents: A Day in the Life: Wale

Belvedere does a special on Wale as he talks about his fans, what he does, and his approach and view of his music.

check it outttt

Thursday, April 29, 2010

In The Bo Zone

We were interviewed on wsju radio today up at St. Johns Univ. and we were talking about favorite albums and all of that... figured I'd share that on here:

this is my favorite album and artist right here:

Within Hip-hop.... I listen to all albums and can't really say I have favorite albums....
When I think of Albums I just think of artists like Kanye, Lupe, Jay, Jeezy, Wayne, Nas, and Tribe Called Quest.

I could say I have a favorite song which is:

Lil Wayne - BM JR on his album Tha Carter



Bo Zone

Music Update:

Stalley seems to be next up out of DD172 behind Curren$y. Good music right here, check it out.

The first official single feat. Justin Timberlake off of The Game's R.E.D. Album

We talked about drake in our interview today on wsju radio...
Big ups to drake.. I wonder how many tracks he is going to drop before the album..
Not trying to hear everything lol

The beat is crazy more than anything... feel like Em is trying to find his flow back after the fail of his last album...

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Video Update:

Tyga Ft. Chris Brown - G Shit (Official Video)

so I think C Breezy is a full blown rapper now...
Or is it like a drake type thing....
Still deciding if feel that he has a flow or not..

Lupe Fiasco - I'm Beamin (Official Video)

The Official Video... The track leaked a while ago but here is the video for it...
Wonder what the album is going to sound like.....

The Game - 400 Barz (Official Video)

Desire, Wants, & Needs

Louis Vuitton iPad Cases...

ALL I have to say is I want an iPad just because they have these....

Wiz Khalifa Performs at Columbia University

I was supposed to go out there with the CLE fam..missed it though, was doing some mentoring... gotta do it 4 the kids.. but here are some pics that the homie JB took.

via JB

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Game & DJ Skee - The Red Room Mixtape

If you didn't get it yet... here it is..
The Game's album drops this summer... might be a summer classic peoples...

T.I. - I'm Back (Official Video)

ummm he is back....

Curren$y - King Kong (Video Preview)

Curren$y dropped this single on iTunes yesterday... go cop.. its a dollar...
Patiently waiting on this album Pilot Talk...

J. Cole - Who Dat

We will have some exclusive J. Cole performance footage up on here soon enough yall... stay tuned.. it was pretty dope... but check out this track..

Pac Div - Don't Mention It (Mixtape)

well surprise....

New Music Update:

What's Good?
Hot Spitta ask the fans why should he be your role model...
Pac Div is taking so long with this album...

I'll Be There

Monday, April 26, 2010

Desire, Wants & Needs

A Bathing Ape Summer 2010 Bape Ape Stas

The Ape Stas for this summer are kept nice and simple resembling the Chuck Taylor All-Stars...
Bape has a lot of new shoes and clothing coming this summer that I think people will be buying up... They even have the pink for the ladies.

You can catch more photos at ST

Cyro Haze - Youngin on His Grind

Cyro sent this over to me, its going to be on his next project titled Nothing You Expected coming soon. check it out, I can see big things 4 the 19 yr old as he matures. Look out for his tape, there should b a Zone beat on there too.

Thoroughly Emerced...

What's Good?
Exactly two years ago on saturday April 26th 4 undergraduate men by the names of Leonard Hamlin , Roje Thomas, Joshua Peters and Lindsley Orr was THOROUGHLY EMERCED into the mysteries of OMEGA. This brings a tear to my eye no matter how many time I see it. Friendship Is Essential to the Soul...

Sunday, April 25, 2010

To Whom It May Concern...

                           -Roo From Your Second FAV QUE 

Check It Out:

What's Good?
Looks like it's gonna be a great summer all over again. N.E.R.D. is coming back to Earth. Only Bobby James would understand how the summer might look. N.E.R.D. just dropped the video to the single featuring Nelly Furtado.

Jeezy has finally emerged...All those who doubted that he wouldn't fit in here is your chance to change your mind.

Ski Beatz 24 Hour Karate School Performance

Ski Beatz performs with his band at DD172... check it...

Friday, April 23, 2010

**New Artist Alert**

Jeff Donna and the KOG Sounds Label sent his mixtape over to us..
Check it outttt..

Here are some words they have about the project:

"I'd like to finally introduce you to and announce the first official music project from the KOG Sounds Label, Jeff Donna's "Lost & Found Pt. 1." This mixtape is an 8 track collage of expert production, intricate verbiage, and the documentation of his inspirations. As with most first steps, the intention is to share some material with you to expand a familiarity of his craft with his friends, colleagues, associates, and all those with an open mind." - Matthew Dempster

St. John's University Fashion Show: Cique De La Mode

What's Good?
For those who missed the fashion show last night, missed out on alot! I would like to give a big hug to all the people that put that show together. It was great. The theme took place in a clash between Fashion and a circus. I know, I know what your thinking it doesnt match but it really surpassed our imagination. Jared did the damn thing with the photos. Check his Blog for some colored photos because I am a fan of B&W.

New Music Alert

What's Good?
If you dont know by now, I am a very big fan of different blends of genre. To appreciate the creativity of music you have to diverisfy your ear drum! So look who we have back in the music world...M.I.A. is back after her hiatus due to motherhood. I hope this track doesnt get noticed a year later like 'Paper Planes'.

Check It Out: Respect The Film Maker

What's Good?
We all know there is a new generation of directors and film makers that are emerging. If you dont know about BBGUN well you should do your research. These guys have a pretty solid resume to this day. They have worked with artist such as Fabolous, J. Cole, The Roots, Kid Cudi, Christian Rich and more.... Here is a small catologue shot of their work. Check them out on Vimeo or BBGUNFILM.COM

BBGUN REEL - SPRING 2010 from bbgun on Vimeo.

New Music Update:

What's Good?
Last night's fashion show was one of a kind. It really had a good feel to it. Now it's back to the music.
Trey Songz linked up with super producer Pollow Da Don to create magic once again.I like this song because it shows that even a ladies man such as Trey Songz can be focus.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Check it Out: JUSTi - Birdie ft. Philadafuture

Ive posted a few things from this DMV artist right here... he dropped this track via Twitter a few days ago on 4/20. Look for a lot more from him ... Iv'e got the inside scoop on some dope music from him.

Follow Him on Twitter @JUSTIDMV
and check his site


What's Good?
We chopped it up with DJ Zeke to just to see where he stands in the game. It was pretty productive and honestly he'll give you an intro to why he'll be around for a while. Listen to what the man has to say because he share a lot of valid points as far how hip-hop is being treated. Shout out to D. Vasquez !

NC: Chillin' With DJ ZEKE from Bo Zone on Vimeo.

Check it Out: Rosa Acosta X Estevan Oriol X TITS TEE

The Three are doing a collab on a T-shirt...

Video of the Photo Shoot... Check for tee shirt to drop soon...

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Music Update:

Wale has been dropping tracks almost everyday now... He dropped these two over the last two days check em out..

Blu has been too quiet but here is a new track from the 09 XXL freshman class member

2010 XXL Freshman Freddie Gibbs drop his upcoming mixtape soon titled STR8 Killa No Filla

Smoke DZA put this out for 4/20... he has a nice lil flow... check him out if you haven't.. Curren$y is featured on here too...

check it Out: Ciara -Ride ft. Ludacris

Everybody is talking about it....

I guess she didn't want to fade away....


New Ciroc Ad with Diddy X Rick Ross X Wacka Flocka Flame

Drink Responsibly yall...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Another exclusive drop 4 yall from the Bo Zone Studio....
SRG Dropped his EP at 4:20 today...
Here are some of his words about it:
"well guys, it feels great to release this project. roll one up and press play. Its a great debut EP from yours truly. Im working on a series of EPs that will ultimately lead to a full length mixtape.

Im very appreciative and grateful of the support Ive gotten for this especially from Jacques Morel (my manager), Ashley Outrageous, and the good folks at GoodFella Radio."

Common -Jordan Classic Live at MSG

I actually got to see this live this weekend...
Common has an undeniable hiphop flow...
Its tough to say what rappers are more true to hiphop than common....
check it out... I randomly met Piwi Kirkland here too...

shouts to on the vid

HAPPY 4/20

Lucky Peters:

What's Good?
Although I don't smoke, I will celebrate this day with all you hippies. Smoke Responsibly and do your history to why this day exist. Smoke it up, live it up and pass it to the left.
Who are these Guys?
(If you don't know stop!)

Bo Zone:

Whats Good...
Happy 4/20 to everyone partaking in the natural mystic....

This post is not gonna be long....

Since its 4/20.... For those who don't know much about it...

The Hundreds clothing line is releasing their signature New Era hat made in Hemp with green accents... wish I was in Cali.. But Bobby Hundreds had a nice write up about the day 4/20 and the legalization, the false health concerns, the true, the benefits, and more... its pretty dope

stay zoned....

Desire, Wants & Needs

The Converse Jack Purcell Fall 2010

The Air Jordan IX (9) Retro - Citrus (Release Summer 2010)


What's Good?
Once again let's take our hats off and give a prayer to the family and hip-hop who lost a gem in Keith 'Guru' Elam. After many health complications God decided to take one of Hip Hop's best. Guru who is a member and one half of Gangstarr passed away today from cancer. Lets not be sadden by our lost but by rejoice through his music because I know that would of been his last wish.
Keith 'Guru' Elam

Check It Out:

What's Good?
J.Cole releases a video showing the fans his road to glory and some of the people who's walking it with them.
Come out and see J.Cole this Friday at St. John's University. Shout out to Lubna  I peeped you on the check in.

Monday, April 19, 2010


What's Good?
The winner to the Black Music Fest Concert is ticket number...

The Final Winner to the Fashion Show is Ticket number...

We would Like to thank every for participating in this event. Now for the winners to claim your prize you will have to Email us @ . Thank you.


What's Good?
Well as a bloggeer you know I have to support many other bloggers because the reader will never know the amount of time and effort that it takes to keep them entertained. So while on they showed some photos that another blogger put up. I really love photography and these pictures where so natural. Being  a city boy I found this one to be more appealing to me. If you are fan of photography with out the famous people here is your site.Jared Buschang

Young Jeezy - Trap or Die 2 (The Movie)

Check It Out:

Shoes to Music....

Nike got some DJ's to make shoes become instruments..
I think this is pretty dope....
what do you think?

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Check It Out:

This Gyptian by far has the best reggae tune out right now and its buzz is staying here for a while.When this song goes off in the club people get hyped quick fast. Well here is the official video...

Music Update:

What's Good?
This weekend was none other... Enough about me, check out this new Trey Songz.

Check It Out: Lil Wayne - Single (Video)

"I ain't trippin on nothin...
I'm sippin on somethin...
and my homeboy said he gotta Bad Bi*** 4 me tonight..."

Thursday, April 15, 2010


What's Good?
You now have two chances to win! You also can win a chance to attend the fashion show for FREEEE! So as the same instructions go, meet Bo and I on the great lawn for your raffle tickets. The winners will also be announced at 7:11 pm.