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BET Awards '11

It's award season! Not unlike any other year, BET has set out to make this year bigger, better and badder than any other previous year. By enlisting yet another comedian as its host, Kevin Hart, BET was determined to make this year's BET Awards the most watched EVER!

Well with over 7 million viewers I guess we can say mission accomplished. However, the quality of the show did not match the anticipation or excitement. The show which usually opens with mind blowing performances (in recent years Kanye West and Beyonce) this year opened with a lack luster performance by Queen Mary J. Blige in which she strolled back and forth across the stage like a pedestrian singing a melody of chart toppers. The most exciting thing about her performance was the addition of her latest single, "It Aint Over" to the set. The exciting part was not Mary herself but the inclusion of New Yorker Jadakiss in the performance.

Even more sadly, Kevin Hart. hit the stage with a disjointed Greek step performance which paled in comparison to the Mo'Nique opener of 2005. It seems, every year since BET has been trying to create the powerhouse moment when Mo'Nique and her dancers gave Beyonce a run for her money! Nevertheless, after the stepping was over, Kevin Hart was able to amuse the audience with a vat of jokes talking shots at everyone including Diddy and Rick Ross.

Other highlights of the night were Kelly Rowland's sexy rendition of "Motivation". Unexpectedly Rowland strutted on stage mid-way through Trey Songz' set to perform her hit single. In an ensemble reminiscent of Janet Jackson's "I Get Lonely" video, Rowland began gyrating like none other. Proving she could hold her own Rowland also provided her own vocals and danced like she was back in her Destiny's Child days. Another stand out this year was BET's tribute to Patti Labelle. Cee-Lo dressed as Patti gave a wonderful performance as well as Marsha Ambrosius and Pastor Shirley Cesar. Not to mention Gladys Knight's introduction of Patti was elegantly amazing. BET's memorial tribute took up more than the usual 30 seconds and included performances by West Coast legends Snoop, Warren G and Ledisi.

While the BET Awards have been known as the everything BET showcase, what BET could have done without this year was the gospel performance. Despite being outstanding singers, in the midst of the young money militia and all things hip-hop Mary Mary look, feel and sound of out place. Furthermore, the attempt to seamlessly fuse the old and new school artists was cute in '06 but has now lost its zest. Watching Alexander O'neal and Cherrelle perform was painful to say the least. I mean, O'neal resembled Forrest Whitaker in Jason's Lyric and couldn't even remember the words to his only hit song. The performance by the Five Hearts and After 7 was amazing, but where did that come from?

In typical fashion the BET honored the YMCB conglomerate as well as its rising stars and comeback kid Chris Brown. The award show didn't seem to be about the awards as it was about seeing what people were wearing. Fashion was the main attraction at this year's BET Awards which signals that the show may have lost its pizazz despite millions of views.

Big Sean X Invasion Radio (Hip-Hop Nation)

Talks it up with DJ Green Lantern and speaks on meeting Kanye etc etc.

Check Something New: Deron X Bugseed - "3 Strikes"

Deron (@Prett1bo1deron) links with the Tokyo beatmaker, Bugseed (@bugseed), spitting over music from his Bohemian Beat Tape for the track, "3 Strikes". Look for more Deron X Bugseed work soon.

Music Update: Right Now -John West

What's Good?
Def Jam's new artist John West has surely proven the quality of his talents. First with the release of his smash hit titled 'Lovely' earlier this year, John West has made a statement to the music world. Now with the release of his second single 'Right Now' West has surely place his feet in.
New Music: John West - Right Now
Right Now by John West

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Friday, June 24, 2011

Winners & Losers (2011 NBA Draft)

What a draft. Nobody had superstar caliber but everybody was bust eligible. Oh and yeah, Ron Artest changed his name to Metta World Peace. Don't ask me about it.

What I can answer for you is some winners and losers of this draft.


- Washington Wizards - They got what Flip Saunders called a "freak of an athlete" in Jon Vesley. They got a lock down defender in Chris Singleton and then a high basketball IQ player in Selvin Mack. Back up PG. Starting SF who can run with John Wall and a guy who prides himself on the defensive side of the ball the most. Yeah, Washington definitely put ski-masks on and robbed the draft.

- Denver Nuggets -
Kenneth Faried was a steal for them. The freak of nature when it comes to rebounding will be a huge up grade as well as the addition of Jordan Hamilton, whom I feel could have been Top 15 had he stayed another year in college. Liked the move of getting rid of Raymond Felton for Andre Miller. Ty Lawson is the future for Denver, Andre Miller quality backup.

- Houston Rockets - Adding Marcus Morris and Chandler Parsons were very solid picks. Both can be role players. The addition of Johnny Flynn was a terrific one. The one time Syracuse suffered a set back last year after injury but flourished in his rookie season with the Timberwolves. Him and Kyle Lowery could be a nice point guard combination for Houston with Kevin Martin and Courtney Lee at the 2 spot. Morris will get a good shot to play a lot of minutes with there being a whole at C with the often injured Yao. Brad Miller was traded for Donatas Motiejunas. He won't be brought over until 2013, 2014 but has a ceiling to be a tougher Pau Gasol. Trust me. As for Parsons, has a great ability to create scoring opportunities for himself and with Chase Budinger as their only real small forward, he like Morris, will have a good shot at seeing a lot of playing time.


- New York Knicks - I'm sorry but if there was any team I was upset the most about messing up, it was the New York Knicks. After a season filled with star caliber players combining and a lots of signs of promise the Knicks took a step back by drafting Iman Shumpert. The kid is a defensive minded guy, something the Knicks don't know what to do and as long as Mike D'Antoni is around, won't ever do. Kenneth Faried was the best choice right here for them. They desperately needed rebounding and an inside presence but again decided to do something crazy.

- Cleveland Cavaliers - Yes, the team that had the 1st and 4th pick ended up on my loser chart. The addition of Kyrie Irving was the best one of course, no doubt. Tristan Thompson though, not so much. Kid should have stayed another year at Texas and worked on his offensive game. He's undersized for his position and though he can play defense he will need to step up his low post game since he's just about the only guy that will be down there to do so. Would have taken Jon Vesley at this pick once Enes Kanter was taken off the board.

- Utah Jazz - When will Utah understand that imploding down low won't be effective if they don't have someone to pass the ball? After trading Deron Williams to the Nets which would gave them the #3 spot, Utah proceeded to add another big man even though having Paul Millsap, Derrick Favors and Al Jefferson already in the 4-5 spots. Then skipping on the guy who I thought they should take at 13, Chris Singleton and going for instead Alec Burks. Yeah, not really understanding the idea behind this but again that's why I'm the grader, not GM.

The draft was filled with a lot of mysteries. Some solve able some not even worth mentioning but one thing is for certain..........................this draft sucked.

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By Ear Review

Peace and Blessings

Back in full effect is the lady emcee Jean Grae with the homageable touch from Dj Drama presents to you the mixtape Cookies or Comas. The mixtape recipe is quite solid and the potent ingredients or features ranging from Talib Kweli, Styles P, and Pharoahe Monch among a few others all make the mixtape that much more impressive. Jean Grae most certainly came back and came correct. If there were any worries of Jean Grae falling off this mixtape proved otherwise. Check out the link here....

By Ear @St8ofmines

Check It Out: Nike Air Foamposite Pro "Pine Green" Release Date

Nike Air Foamposite Pro
Pine Green/Black
September 2, 2011

Drake - Trust Issues

Slows the beat to 'I'm On One' down, and flips it up. Once again, that So Far Gone Drake is back..

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Ryshon Jones – everFor (prod. Thelonious Martin) (Visual)

"I put out a lil video for my song “everFor” off my latest project The Lower I Fall The Higher I Aim
the video basically is tryna show the distance between two lovers..thats basically why im transparent in the video ..its tryna capture how I feel lost without the one I love..but yet when we are distant….I still feel close to her." -R. Jones
Words explain it all. Check It Out.

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Enough is enough: The new way in which rappers pay homage

When I found out that Meek Mill and Rick Ross made a song called "Tupac Back" I was furious. When I heard the song, I believed like Pastor Harold Camping that the rapture was approaching. But even more appalling than the audacity of Rick Ross to make a song with such a title is the remarkable copy cats that have followed. Two Bay Area artists, Su and P-Lo made their own mix and titled it "Mac Dre Back". Elzhi took it a step further and, instead of making a tribute song, decided to re-do Nas' classic album Illmatic. He calls it EL-Matic And likewise, the south's own Yung JOC is attempting to make a comeback by taking on the persona of Biggie with his new mixtape Ready to FLY. Oh, and he's going by the name of Notorious J.O.C.

Enough is enough! As hip-hop fans, its natural to be nostalgic about the past and honor the legends that made us love the music to begin with. But there is a fine line between paying homage and copying someone's style. If we were in school, this would be called plagiarism; on the street, they'd call it swagger jacking. Since when did this become okay?

I know that it is often said that art imitates life or life imitates art but since when did hip-hop become about rappers imitating other rappers. Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery you are probably saying, but who is this type of imitation flattering? Do you think Tupac would be slapping his knee and holding back giggles upon hearing "Tupac Back"? Did Nas call Elzhi and congratulate him for doing exactly what he did 18 years prior? This is all speculation, but my vote on both accounts is no.

I believe as fans of music and partakers of life, what we look forward to the most is the unknown; that new thing that will make us say wow. I believe this is in part because as people we like to challenge ourselves not to do what's already been done, but to see what else is possible. This is why we keep sending people to the moon. Not to do the same exploration as the Apollo 11, but to expand on their idea creating something more magical than before. I believe this is possible in hip-hop once we stop resting on our previous accomplishments. If we take ownership of our talent, follow our own destiny and stop trying to be who we are not, I believe progress is more than possible. I believe, we'll make the best music the world has ever heard. I think Tupac, Biggie, Mac Dre, Nas and others who built upon the foundations of hip-hop did just that and would be proud to see us doing the same.


What's up, guys? The NBA Draft is just two days away so here's my top 10 picks.

"And with the first pick in this years 2011 NBA Draft the Cleveland Cavaliers select" - David Stern

1. Cleveland Cavaliers (via LA Clippers) - Kyrie Irving, G, Duke
- To me, this is a definite. Cleveland has big men such as JJ Hickson and Anderson Varejo. What they are missing is a guard. Baron Davis isn't the same anymore and Daniel Gibson's hype is over. With the Cavs owning the 4th pick as well they can take Irving here and go big later on.

2. Minnesota Timberwolves - Derrick Williams, F, Arizona
-With guards being stock piled on this roster, the Wolves need to get big down low. Kevin Love, Anthony Randolph and Michael Beasley is a great start. Darko Milicic isn't a starting big man. He is a body but not a starter. Move Kevin Love over to Center, Beasley over to PF and stick Williams at SF and Randolph comes off the bench as a 6th man. It works.

3. Utah Jazz (via NJ Nets) Brandon Knight, G, Kentucky
-With the loss of Deron Williams the Jazz need to restock at the point. With Devin Harris unable to stay on the court with constant injuries, Knight will fit perfectly into this spot.

4. Cleveland Cavaliers - Enes Kanter, C, Turkey

-Due to NCAA violations, Kanter was never able to play for Kentucky last year like he was suppose too but that isn't going to knock him out of the top 10. Cavs would have a perfect set of PG and C with this pick. Kanter and Irving are both just 19 years old with a lot of upside if they stay in Cleveland.

5. Toronto Raptors - Kemba Walker, G, UCONN

- If it isn't already known then I'll tell you now, I wasn't big on Kemba this whole season but after the performance he put in all the tournaments, Maui, Big East and March Madness, it would be crazy not to see him in the Top 5. Toronto is in need of a PG. Kemba fits here.

6. Washington Wizards - Kawhi Leonard, F, San Diego State

- Leonard is probably one of thee most athletic players in this draft. Comparisons to Dennis Rodman for his defensive skills is always a plus. With Washington being set on every position except SF ( Josh Howard leaves via FA and Rashard Lewis is traded) Leonard would be a perfect fit.

7. Sacramento Kings - Jonas Valanciunas, C, Lithuania
- With Samuel Dalembert being the only center on the roster I think the Kings go big. Adding another 7 footer down low is never a bad thing and the kid can shoot with range. Dirk anyone?

8. Detroit Pistons - Marcus Morris, F, Kansas
- With the addition of Greg Monroe last season, Detroit needs to look into a future at PF. Why not add a hard nose big man to a hard nose city, right? I expect both Prince and Hamilton to be traded or bought out but either way, here the go PF.

9. Charlotte Bobcats - Jon Vesely, F, Czech Republic
- The Bobcats can go two ways with this pick. Either Chris Singleton from Florida State or stick with Jon. I say they go with Jon. With Stephan Jackson aging (and I expect traded), Charlotte again looks to add a SF that should have been Adam Morrison had he not, well you know, flopped.

10. Milwaukee Bucks - Klay Thompson, G/F, Washington State

-If any players stock has risen in this draft it's Thompson. With combo guard-forward is a perfect fit for a team like the Bucks who are pretty thin on both positions. Delfino and Maggette at SF aren't the best but neither is Salmons and Douglas-Roberts. Thompson will be an automatic start for this team.

If you want to know where anyone else in the draft might go or what your team might take hit me up via twitter @TimmyDimas and I will gladly let you know!

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Tyler, The Creator- Yonkers (Visuals)

To RAW for any words, all I can say is Check It Out

Check It Out: Cee-Lo Green- Bridges

Look what I found for all of you troubled folk out there. Willing to build a bridge over troubled waters for you, here is Cee-Lo's single entitled "Bridges." Originally it was supposed to make its debut on The Lady Killer but it found its home on a more suited project the It's Ok EP. Check It Out.

Kevin Durant X Tracy McGrady's Off-the-Backboard Dunk

Wow... KD does the Tracy McGrady in a summer game...

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Music Update: Work Out -J.Cole

What's Good?
Jermaine drops the official single to his upcoming debut album! Peeped the Kanye sample and the Paula Adul Melody. LETS GO #TEAMREDSTORM

Music Update: #Lacefrontin -Wale

What's Good?
MMG is still making the push. #Nodaysoff

Check It Out: Novacaine -Frank Ocean

What Good?
Frank Ocean releases the visuals to his highly favored track 'Novacaine'. Nostalgia/Ultra set to be re-released July 26th

Nas – Nasty (Prod. Salaam Remi)

New Nas.. but sounds classic.. Nasty Nas.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Music Update: All The Kisses

What's Good?
F.E. has released a tract that is set to be featured on their latest project 'Dear Friends: An Evening The Foreign Exchange'. The album is scheduled to in stores June 28th!

Shout To 2DBZ


What's Good?
We at NC wanna give a big B-Day Shout To The Guy Who Brings You All The InterestingStories And Highlights Of All Your favorite Sporting Events. Say Happy Birthday To The Homie Tim!

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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Check It Out: Curren$y-You See It

Just a matter of weeks until Spitta's well anticipated album Weekend at Bernie's drops. Here is a single of the album, in the words of Chuck English"If you dig it like I dug it" you'll pre-order it on iTunes. Check It Out.

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Friday, June 10, 2011

Miami Fun

What's up, readers?

Are we enjoying the NBA Finals?

I know I am especially since LeBron James is starting to figure out what it feels like to fall from his royal throne. Maybe a little humility will do him some good? Maybe Wade should join in as well.

Camera's captured James and Wade "mocking" Dirk's sickness as they headed towards the bus. Good idea? Probably not if you are Miami seeing as you're down 3-2 in a series that probably should have ended after Game 5 if it weren't for those let down fourth quarters.

Here's the link to the mocking -->( ) courtesy of !Yahoo.

I'm glad to see Miami still has jokes seeing as their performance in the fourth quarter has been a joke.

LeBron James hasn't been playing like the "KING" and I feel bad for him. We can sit around and say it's his fault and laugh at him but I won't. I actually feel bad for the one time 18 year old phenom baller.

Colin Cowherd said it best today on his show, "When a man dies of obesity do we laugh? It was his fault but we feel bad. When a person is killed because they were J-Walking do we laugh? I sure don't because I'm thinking of his family."

Now of course James hasn't died but his fame is taking a big hit.

I feel bad because everyone truly hates him because of his decision to leave Cleveland and or not coming to New York. Honestly, I can't blame the guy for leaving Cleveland. He wasn't given any help and he poured 7 years of blood and sweat to an organization that game him an aging Shaq, an overpaid Antwan Jamison and a bunch of low key guys like Mo Williams, Anthony Parker and Boobie Gibson. Nothing for him to work with. I can't blame him for grabbing his buddies and heading to South Beach.

I truly feel bad for LeBron because everyone seems to think that this year alone will be the defining of his career when in reality he A. still has 2 games and B. still has 9-10 years left to shape his career not to mention the 7 previous when we all goo-goo gagaed over his performances year in and year out.

The comparison of MJ needs to stop of course but that doesn't take away from his career. Think of all the greatest players in the game of basketball ever. Wilt, Kareem, Magic, Baylor, etc. They didn't win it year in and year out but still are considered some of the greatest of all time.

Am I sitting here trying to make excuses for LeBron? No, that isn't my job. My job is to put the facts out and be unbiased. The guy needs to shape up. This off-season needs to be dedicated to learning how to hit 18 footers with consistency and maybe it's time he took himself out of the spot light and learn to keep it down a bit. Hey, if Mark Cuban can do it, so can James.

I hope James pulls it together for his sake even though I'm rooting for Dallas because of Jason Kidd and his ties to the NJ Nets. Either way, LeBron needs to step up and hurry. Be that 4th quarter shutdown defender and be the guy his team can trust to give the ball to in the 4th quarter.

Happy Birthday

What's Good?
You guys know we celebrate B-Days heavy, Soooooo Today I want to give a special Bday shout Out to one of our Organic supporters. J***** Camp! Happy Birthday!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Music Update: Marvin's Room -Drake

What's Good?
Take Care is set to be release October 24th. I can truly relate to this song, sometimes it's hard to let go!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Yung B - Positions (Video)

DMV's Yung B drops his video to the single that hit the waves a week or so ago... really chill... check it out..

Follow : @IamRudeBoy & @MadeMen2011
Courtesy of Made Men Music & Franchise Music

Yelawolf-Daddy's Lambo

Check out this dope track entitled "Daddy's Lambo" by Yelawolf. I heard this like two days ago and its definitely worth at least 7 plays. I know you all would agree

Check It Out: TechnicOLOR LOVER VOL. 16

What's Good?
Deevs shows her un-plugged skills..What Good MTV.

Check It Out: Country Sh*t Feat. Bun-B & Ludacris -Big K.R.I.T.

What's Good?
They don't know nan bout it shawwty!

Music Update: Summer In America- Stalley

What's Good?
Watching Stalley's career blossom gives a really good feeling. This Gil Scott Heron dedication is dope.

Street Soccer Cup 2011 -DMV Events

On behalf of HELP USA and Street Soccer USA, we are personally inviting you to kick off your summer with our 3rd annual Street Soccer Cup. This event is soccer with a cause. Street Soccer USA for the last 8 years has rehabilitated hundreds of people through soccer, team work and commitment. Understanding that sports can teach you a certain set of life skills, Lawrence and Robert Cann decided that this method could be applied to all ages. Taking a role in serving homeless people through out the United States, Street Soccer USA created an annual cup in Washington D.C. where each participating city brought forward their teams to compete for the prize; and you can bring home the prize as well! This year we created an open cup where friends can team up to compete against corporate groups and other non-profit organizations. Our players have been training for a year for this opportunity and working hard to improve their lives. We are seeking motivated leaders to organize a group of 10 people or more to come to the opening ceremonies to hear Mayor Vincent Grey speak and to cheer on the players during the opening parade. Furthermore, this is a free event. If you have any questions please contact  Thanks in advance for your support and we hope to see you there.

OPPORTUNITY: Largest group to attend earns free DC United Tickets for all
GROUP LEADER: for each 5 fans that you bring, you receive 1 raffle into a drawing for 2 FREE AIRFARE TO ANYWHERE IN THE US OR CARIBBEAN

Street Soccer USA

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Black Cobain - Young Gifted and Black (Mixtape)

Wale's artist on The Board Administration... another artist with flow from the dmv if you haven't heard of him yet.. check it out..

Black Cobain - Young Gifted and Black (Mixtape)

-- Tracklist after the jump  --

Tyler The Creator - She ft. Frank Ocean (official video)

The track is ill.. video is ill... respect to Odd Future man...

Music Update: Party (Feat. Andre 3000) -Beyonce

What's Good?
Beyonce is going to have a day of pandemonium come her release day...Oh yeah! Three Stacks comes out of hiding. Production credit goes to Kanye and Consequence.(I thought they were beefing)
Shout Out To 2 Dope Boyz

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Check It Out: Maniac -Kid Cudi

What's Good?
Kid Cudi is on a roll, Oh yeah its a Shia Labeouf film.

Blu - J E S U S (Mixtape)

I missed posting this a few weeks back but I wanted to make sure I shared it maynee.. its Blu... He came from nowhere releasing this project out of the blu.. no pun intended.. really though..

Curren$y - Weekend at Burnies (Tracklisting)

1. #jetsgo*
2. Still featuring Trademark and Young Roddy
3. She Don’t Want A Man
4. One Life
5. You See It
6. Televised featuring Fiend (International Jones)
7. This Is The Life
8. On G’s featuring Young Roddy and Trademark
9. Money Machine
10. What’s What

June 28th

J. Cole X Remake of ESPN's Baseball Tonight Theme Song

How he got to do this.. I don't know.. but to redo any ESPN theme song, has to be one of any musician/artist/producers dreams... 

Cater IV Pushed Back Again

Supposedly was going to drop on June 21, now it will not be released until August 29, with his first single now releasing on July 4th... *Shrugs*... its not the first time...

Check It Out: Wiz Khalifa ft. Neako & Chevy Woods - Reefer Party (video)

This is so HAM... ridiculous lol no explanation really... just watch I guess lol

Check It Out: Dr. Dre X Chrystler 300

Dr. Dre does a commercial showcasing the new Chrystler 300 which of course features his beats by dre speakers inside the car... check it out...

Check It Out: Panties -Mara Hruby

What's Good?
We just featured Mara on our new artist alert so if you enjoyed her music, here goes the visuals to her Mos Def Cover to ...'Panties'.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Luke Christopher ft. Asher Roth-Rooftops

Check out the visuals for the up and coming West Coast sensation Luke Christopher track "Rooftops"...."Never want to see the World as a ROUTINE"

Check It Out: Marijuana -Kid Cudi

What's Good,
 This was one of my one of my favorite tracks on Cudi's latest album. the ill sh!# about it, is that Shia Labeouf directed it.