Friday, June 10, 2011

Miami Fun

What's up, readers?

Are we enjoying the NBA Finals?

I know I am especially since LeBron James is starting to figure out what it feels like to fall from his royal throne. Maybe a little humility will do him some good? Maybe Wade should join in as well.

Camera's captured James and Wade "mocking" Dirk's sickness as they headed towards the bus. Good idea? Probably not if you are Miami seeing as you're down 3-2 in a series that probably should have ended after Game 5 if it weren't for those let down fourth quarters.

Here's the link to the mocking -->( ) courtesy of !Yahoo.

I'm glad to see Miami still has jokes seeing as their performance in the fourth quarter has been a joke.

LeBron James hasn't been playing like the "KING" and I feel bad for him. We can sit around and say it's his fault and laugh at him but I won't. I actually feel bad for the one time 18 year old phenom baller.

Colin Cowherd said it best today on his show, "When a man dies of obesity do we laugh? It was his fault but we feel bad. When a person is killed because they were J-Walking do we laugh? I sure don't because I'm thinking of his family."

Now of course James hasn't died but his fame is taking a big hit.

I feel bad because everyone truly hates him because of his decision to leave Cleveland and or not coming to New York. Honestly, I can't blame the guy for leaving Cleveland. He wasn't given any help and he poured 7 years of blood and sweat to an organization that game him an aging Shaq, an overpaid Antwan Jamison and a bunch of low key guys like Mo Williams, Anthony Parker and Boobie Gibson. Nothing for him to work with. I can't blame him for grabbing his buddies and heading to South Beach.

I truly feel bad for LeBron because everyone seems to think that this year alone will be the defining of his career when in reality he A. still has 2 games and B. still has 9-10 years left to shape his career not to mention the 7 previous when we all goo-goo gagaed over his performances year in and year out.

The comparison of MJ needs to stop of course but that doesn't take away from his career. Think of all the greatest players in the game of basketball ever. Wilt, Kareem, Magic, Baylor, etc. They didn't win it year in and year out but still are considered some of the greatest of all time.

Am I sitting here trying to make excuses for LeBron? No, that isn't my job. My job is to put the facts out and be unbiased. The guy needs to shape up. This off-season needs to be dedicated to learning how to hit 18 footers with consistency and maybe it's time he took himself out of the spot light and learn to keep it down a bit. Hey, if Mark Cuban can do it, so can James.

I hope James pulls it together for his sake even though I'm rooting for Dallas because of Jason Kidd and his ties to the NJ Nets. Either way, LeBron needs to step up and hurry. Be that 4th quarter shutdown defender and be the guy his team can trust to give the ball to in the 4th quarter.

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