Saturday, October 31, 2009

Check It Out

Well..... I have alot of things to say because I grew in the industry watching alot people rise and fall. I will not state my opinion on the controversy. Real Shit.
Im gonna just put on for my city.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Check It Out ( Funniest Ever)

What's Up?
I' am apologizing now in advance to anyone I May offend. This Commercial is absolutely funny.

Mixtape Drops and a Album to Buy

2 recent mixtapes you should definitely download:

It seems the lyrical mixtape weezy is back. A lot of people have been waiting for him to get away from the auto-tune and come back to hip-hop. I think that was part of his motivation to this mixtape. If he approaches an album like he did this, and makes album tracks... the next from Wayne could be really dope.

For all the rest of the musically talented college students this artist attends Duke University and has signed a major deal to J Records. LRG sponsored this mixtape and after his last mixtape it deserves a listen. He definitely has his own style and approach but check it out.

An album that really surprised me for its consistent feel throughout the whole album is Ghostface Killa's Ghostdini: Wizard of Poetry. It's real hip-hop and I would listen to it before a lot of albums that came out in 2009. Go ahead to iTunes to cop it or use your own ways lol

Check It Out

What's Up?
Well today my Jared "SkyWalker" just put me on to his video spot. It's Cool to see everyone doing their thing. Well it was Sean Paul's Video in Press it Up. Check it out St. John's at 3:10-3:13.

Sean Paul - Press It Up

What In The World Is Going....

What's Up?
What happen that fast, Why is Beans sending shots at Jay. We need to keep the Roc together (well whatever is left of it.). Guys you are both adults and what issues you guys have please reslove'em behind the doors of today's media. Plus! The world will not be ready for this break-up.

Beanie Sigel- Average Cat

Music Update

What's Good?
Got some tunes....Got it, Good and If you don't get it here!

Well, The most annoying and phony voice in hip-hop and the Dj circuit has brought some the realest artist in the game. "WWHHOO, WWWEEE. WEEE TTTHHHEEE BBEESSTTT" Fuck outta here.
D.J. Khaled feat. Usher,Young Jeezy,Drake and Rick Ross- Fed Up

The Pied Piper is back and I don't know if he is referencing these tracks or keeping them but they are good. Respect the music.
R. Kelly- Echo

J.Cole appears to be venting some type of clustered emotions on this one but hope he got it off his chest. Why? "Cuz you on the road with Jay N****"

I don't know how I feel about Usher these days, especially since his last album. I really hope he doesn't let us down. He was honestly the gate keeper for R&B and since he had his hiatus people have slipped right through.
Usher- Daddy's Home / More

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pensar (Play Your Part)

What's Good?
Please watch this video and tell us what you think. As an American we opportunities that more than half the world will never get. Play your part in the world and support the world by supporting someone who does or become the person who can change the world. I ' am a product of someone who is out to heal the world one day at a time. Research some of your favorite Artist and I guarantee that 2 out 5 run their own philanthropic organization.

What About Now - Daughtry

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

New Music Update

What's Good?
You know the drill. If you got it, good! If not That's what we are here for.

Lloyd teams up with D.C.'s own J. Holiday to create a pretty decent track but i will let you be the judge.
Lloyd feat. J. Holiday- Take It Off

I guess J. Holiday is prepping his fans for a new album on the way. I really hope he gets his fair shine when he releases his next album.
J. Holiday- Back

I know it may seem like I'm late but I'm just fulfilling some of my followers request. After his performance at Howard people wanted to get a hold of this track.
Ray Lavender- Trick'in If You Got It

One thing I can say about this song that I couldn't say about his freestyle on the Hip- Hop awards' cypher was that this is crack.
Wale feat. John Mayer- Letter

A Novembers Children **EXCLUSIVE**

What's Good?
With all the new up and coming artist making names for themselves, D.King has surely been consistent. Providing us with hit after hit, I believe he can never over-saturate his name. He showed his radio savvy music with 'Millionz' and now he steps into another realm with a more real tone giving us Beautiful Music which is more a unofficial collaboration with Drake. If you ask me they should just adopt this version. Give it a listen and remember where you heard it first. YOU HAVE NOW BEEN HIT WITH A NOVEMBERS CHILDREN EXCLUSIVE.



Here are the cyphers..

Pensar (Where Do We Go From Here)

What's Good?
Why is it in human nature of the male species, that we tend to accept the blame? Woman in which we all understand, seem to be very assertive in their argument even though they may be wrong or have a flaw in the quarrel. Pleading the fifth and removing your given right to defend yourself just to avoid confrontation can make you guilt instantly. As men we tend to stay quiet because when filled with emotion on a random hot seat interview, we tend to say inarticulate things that puts us in a deeper hole.
Through my experience with woman (sisters, mother, Girlfriends and Home girls)I have learned that woman always like to have the ball in their court. They hold us down by presenting dilemmas to where we have no answers to which sends us on a guilt trip. The inability to have answers leaves the male to believe he owes in some shape form or fashion. Sometime when I see shows on T.V. and the male states a valid point which baffles the female it makes me jealous because I have been in that same situation and couldn't find those words. Gentleman you need to be more articulate and stern in your choice of words.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Music Update:

For the iTunes:
The Clipse X Pharrell X CamRon .... Nuff Said.

Young Artists in the game have put out a few mixtape and definitely are giving you there own style. If you want something different from what every artists is doing check out their original flows. This is a smooth track they did with Taj Reed.

Jae Millz has been in the game since 2000. He has been all over the mixtape scene and signed with Young Money. He just released a new mixtape titled The Virgo: He Nasty...(Shout out to all us virgos)... but its a smooth quick mixtape.. here is my favorite from the tape.

If you follow this blog, you know that MaX StatZ stands behind the music Wiz Khalifa puts out. Waiting for him to drop his album titled Deal or No Deal.

Bow Wow is making his Cash Money debut and from what it looks like might come with a style that everybody might like... even if you despise this dude.. check this track out with Wayne.

Check It Out

What's Good?
Chris has returned on a national level. I guess time has passed over since his public apology and closing of his community service. Here goes his album with support of some Hip-Hop notables.

Monday, October 26, 2009

**New Artist Alert**

What's Good?
After the Release of our "Class of '10" new artist report, We gotta a good feedback from D.King who gave us props for our hard work and granted us with an interview. D. King took the effort to let us listen to his new mixtape which was very good. What is the deal with artist releasing these mixtapes that sound good like albums. They maximize their profit and sell it to labels. Well here go the leading song 'MILLIONZ' off his mixtape titled "The Bidding War" coming soon!
The song has the club and car feel for when you pull up to the red light with the bass knocking. Good luck on your trip to the top.

Millionz- D. King ft. Fabolous

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Class of '10

What's Good?
As fourth quarter approaches “The Game” begins to recruit new blood. The freshman class of ‘09 was pretty successful putting out about 4 albums that did really good. Usually out of 10 freshmen 5-6 young aspiring hip-hop artist make it. Well before enrollment begin for the new freshman class let me give you an insight on who might be on the list.
Here are the applicants who are looking to attend.

The Star that was born…

J.Cole has been the man on a mission securely putting each foot in the door. Two mixtapes and a major feature later, J. Cole surely solidified his spot. Consistency can be his demise if he does not grow past the lyrical perfection he provided on his feature with Jay- Z. The St. John’s Alma Mater surely came here on a mission to New York to pursuit a musical career and end up finishing with a legacy at the university. Hopefully his legacy carries over to the music industry.

Long time coming…

From Dash Dollars to D. King… The Brooklyn native surely has a story to tell from when he started in a library writing raps to creating his own studio. The producer/ Artist/engineer worked to earn each title. Starting from the lower levels of the game he learned everything from promotion to sales. Now with a team of young industry prodigies D. King will surely be a household name for many generations to come. D. King looks to release a mixtape titled ‘The Bidding War’ sometime in November so for that exclusive download you can find it here.

A New Barbie is in the Dollhouse.

With a massive sex appeal Nicki Minaj posters is on every boy’s and some girl’s wall. Giving off a remembrance of Lil Kim’s raunchy attitude in the late 90’s Nicki is now the face of female rap. With no competitors in sight, Minaj has the ability to work out and perfect her craft giving the fact that she is in the same camp as Wayne and Drake. Giving an influence to all the teenie bopper girls that they have to be a five star chick, Minaj defines a new attitude.

Life’s Melody

Former Mr. Howard, Brandon Hines has been crooning his melodic words through Youtube for quite sometime. With mishaps and career departures with Reigning R&B artist Brandon Hines can finally mark his point across radio stations. Record labels should be willing to take the time to mold this guy until he produces an album of smash hits. Talent is very hard to come by these days, well talent without the autotune that has been the music industries cancer. When you hear such a natural voice its almost impossible to market.

Drake has been in the lead amongst his peers and in the game as one of the shining stars. Soon surpassing his mentor in such a brief time Lil Wayne’s Protégé is considered to be on the road to glory without even dropping a single album. Is this possible?
Well it can be if you have the fan base that this young singer/rapper does. Three Mixtapes in and he’s off to the races. I just hope he doesn’t run out of material.

Music Update

What's Good?
Please check out today's line-up. If you don't have it well get it. Click the links.

Ne-Yo has been the hardest working songwriter in the game. He has referenced number of song over the net but I feel he should keep this one.
Ne-Yo -I Love You

Jeezy has been in and out of the light hopefully he can let the Gucci Mane situation die out during this time period where he can produce a solid fourth quarter album.
Young Jeezy- Trap or Die 2

Well, Well, Well, The weirdest woman since Amy Winehouse has graced us with her presence. I haven't given her a chance as yet to actually sit and listen to her work but she do seem like a Amy Winehouse with appeal.
Lady GaGa- Bad Romance

The Prodigy has return, following up for a new album. The fans have high hopes and expectations that this one exceeds his first. I guess you can only expect a better one from his first album which was phenomenal
Ryan Leslie- I chose You

Last but not least Mr. Foxx has been very consistent with his music career. I guess since he waited so long for it to launch he's appreciating every moment. Cheers to his successful run.
Jamie Foxx- Private Party


What's Good?

I usually don't do this but yesterday I caught myself vibing out to J. Holiday's album titled Round 2. J. Holiday is a very talented artist. I really feel he should be on an higher plateau in the the industry because his songs are very good. There can be many issues with the full potential launch with his career. It can be his artist development staff or simply his management but I recommend you give brother man a chance. I just put on for D.C.

This Video is Crazy!!

Kanye is a wild dude... its starts off funny but gets realll deep.. just watch.

We Were Once A Fairy Tale (Directed by Spike Jonze)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Music Update

What's Good?
I'm pretty sure you guy know the drill. Don't Got it, Get it. Click the links for your download.

Wayne's World and his lil circus acts is making a move closer to stardom.
Lil Wayne feat Brisco and Shanelle- Hey Baby

YYUUPPP! Trey just had to make the song better for Y'all! Teaming up with 2 of N.Y.'s shining stars.
Trey Songz feat. Fabolous & Juelz- Say Ahh Remix

Rihanna went from Good girl Gone bad to now I'm' a angry bitch out for blood. Good luck to the that. I hope all these issues don't hinder your music.
Rihanna- Russian Roulette

Gucci Mane's music is not my cup of tea because he only entertain my ignorant taste of music but listen do your thing homie.

"Yeah, Yeah! Ju Know" Damian Marley is definitely an artist of our culture. His music will always be needed as he takes the lead with the Marley brothers.

Last but not least due late reception, Will "Wahhhs Goooo"Smooth surprises me once and I can see his progression. Good luck kid!

Young Money feat. Will Smooth -BedRock remix

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Musical Talent At its Best

Ryan leslie has been around for a while but people haven't really noticed him and he was not putting out his own music but his talent is crazy. People know him now and for a good reason. here he is in the studio with Kid Cudi...check it owt



Check out this studio session with the Rza

Pretty ill...

New Artist Alert:

A new artist from my hometown the DMV(DC, MD, VA). Grammar(formerly Gram Green) is back on the hiphop scene heavy and he is keeping the word lyrical in Hiphop. . This artist has been heavy in the studio working on his upcoming mixtape Grammatics. Trust me I know, because he is in there with me. Here is a new track from him called Fresh the production is done by me, Max StatZ. Be on the watch out for more from Grammar.

Music Update:

Some New Tunes for the iTunes:
Timbaland f. Soshy - Morning After Dark
Timbaland is back. You can already expect good music when u hear his name but you never know what genre it will be in. It doesn't even matter what genre because this track is crack.

Lupe recently decided that he is going to give us a lot more music because he feels he is being over looked. This comes after he wasn't mentioned in MTV's hottest in the game. He feels he should be on top and is en route to prove it. This is one of his binding hiphop and rock 2gether.

R.I.P. Pimp C ... UGK lives on... the track is smooth

Friday, October 16, 2009

Instant Gratification

Instant gratification is the name of the N.E.R.D. album that will drop next year. I know a lot of you probably heard that they picked up a new member, a girl named Rhea. They already had great chemistry but she adds that extra spark to it I think. You might have seen this video, but N.E.R.D. performs a new track here. I need this for the iTunes lol if I find it ill post it.


What's Good?
Lets vibe people! Lately everyone has been zoning out from life because we are all reaching that point in our life where we ask ourselves where do we belong. Where do we belong? Life has been full ups and downs in my life and but I still hold my head up high. Everyone is too busy finding themselves when in fact they are already found. Maybe everyone should sit and ask themselves, Am I in order or have not notice my blessing. When we sit and reflect do we actually sit and ask ourselves is this life I'm Living in my purpose? (Maybe you were brought here to serve a purpose to something greater than our selfish needs.) Live Life as it comes until your purpose calls . Don't think yourself into a idle composite reading "Searching...."

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What's Good?
Well everybody, seem as though winter has come a little early or maybe mother nature has give us little warning for this winter to come. Since it will be a cold day and night I guess you should call over that person you spend that time with to eat a good meal, drink some wine and Listen to Maxwell's latest addition to his great music catalogue (Blacksummers' Night). Let's Grow up a little.
What's Good?
First and for foremost i would like to say good morning New York and everyone that follows this site. I really appreciate you guys for supporting Max and I. We have come a long way when involving this website. November's Child will be having a mixer at an anonymous date and place in November for all of our followers. It will be very festive. For your reservation please send your info to

The Party info will be sent out November 1st. The party will only hold 150 people so reserve your spot now through the email.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What's Good?
Another tired day of school! Here go some some songs that woke me up as I got'em. For everyone locked down in college, keep your head up it's almost over. Enjoy every moment you are there.

Forgiveness is granted and I feel everyone else should fall back and let life take its place with this young man. Beyond all that this is a very good song I hope it makes the album.
Chris Brown- So Cold

Mariah has had a little run-in with a long lost friend and with the help of the Def Jam staff she prevailed. This song is pretty good. I comfortably feel T-pain didn't have to be on it but hey! its a good song.
Mariah Carey- Remember That

Well someone has come the Def Jam Black Hole. Remember this guy, Well he was a young man when he was introduced through Roc-A-Fella.
Young Steff-I Could Do It Better

So Lloyd is slowing making his way back and hopefully to drop an album because it is well overdue.
Lloyd- Beautiful

Mr. D.C. chillin has an album on the way and hopefully it is worth the wait. Max has high hopes so lets see. Attention Deficit in stores Nov. 10th
Wale feat. Pharell- Inhibition

Monday, October 12, 2009

Desire, Want, & Need

Jordan will be releasing these Air Jordan Grape Spiz'ikes
..Definitely going to cop in 2010.

New Nike ACG Zoom Tallac Lite Colorway for some winter boots

and Since its holloween, gotta have a hoody for the season lol.
This The Hundreds sweatshirt is dope.. I can't lie I already copped lol