Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Music Update

What's Good?
Please check out today's line-up. If you don't have it well get it. Click the links.

Ne-Yo has been the hardest working songwriter in the game. He has referenced number of song over the net but I feel he should keep this one.
Ne-Yo -I Love You

Jeezy has been in and out of the light hopefully he can let the Gucci Mane situation die out during this time period where he can produce a solid fourth quarter album.
Young Jeezy- Trap or Die 2

Well, Well, Well, The weirdest woman since Amy Winehouse has graced us with her presence. I haven't given her a chance as yet to actually sit and listen to her work but she do seem like a Amy Winehouse with appeal.
Lady GaGa- Bad Romance

The Prodigy has return, following up for a new album. The fans have high hopes and expectations that this one exceeds his first. I guess you can only expect a better one from his first album which was phenomenal
Ryan Leslie- I chose You

Last but not least Mr. Foxx has been very consistent with his music career. I guess since he waited so long for it to launch he's appreciating every moment. Cheers to his successful run.
Jamie Foxx- Private Party

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