Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Class of '10

What's Good?
As fourth quarter approaches “The Game” begins to recruit new blood. The freshman class of ‘09 was pretty successful putting out about 4 albums that did really good. Usually out of 10 freshmen 5-6 young aspiring hip-hop artist make it. Well before enrollment begin for the new freshman class let me give you an insight on who might be on the list.
Here are the applicants who are looking to attend.

The Star that was born…

J.Cole has been the man on a mission securely putting each foot in the door. Two mixtapes and a major feature later, J. Cole surely solidified his spot. Consistency can be his demise if he does not grow past the lyrical perfection he provided on his feature with Jay- Z. The St. John’s Alma Mater surely came here on a mission to New York to pursuit a musical career and end up finishing with a legacy at the university. Hopefully his legacy carries over to the music industry.

Long time coming…

From Dash Dollars to D. King… The Brooklyn native surely has a story to tell from when he started in a library writing raps to creating his own studio. The producer/ Artist/engineer worked to earn each title. Starting from the lower levels of the game he learned everything from promotion to sales. Now with a team of young industry prodigies D. King will surely be a household name for many generations to come. D. King looks to release a mixtape titled ‘The Bidding War’ sometime in November so for that exclusive download you can find it here.

A New Barbie is in the Dollhouse.

With a massive sex appeal Nicki Minaj posters is on every boy’s and some girl’s wall. Giving off a remembrance of Lil Kim’s raunchy attitude in the late 90’s Nicki is now the face of female rap. With no competitors in sight, Minaj has the ability to work out and perfect her craft giving the fact that she is in the same camp as Wayne and Drake. Giving an influence to all the teenie bopper girls that they have to be a five star chick, Minaj defines a new attitude.

Life’s Melody

Former Mr. Howard, Brandon Hines has been crooning his melodic words through Youtube for quite sometime. With mishaps and career departures with Reigning R&B artist Brandon Hines can finally mark his point across radio stations. Record labels should be willing to take the time to mold this guy until he produces an album of smash hits. Talent is very hard to come by these days, well talent without the autotune that has been the music industries cancer. When you hear such a natural voice its almost impossible to market.

Drake has been in the lead amongst his peers and in the game as one of the shining stars. Soon surpassing his mentor in such a brief time Lil Wayne’s Protégé is considered to be on the road to glory without even dropping a single album. Is this possible?
Well it can be if you have the fan base that this young singer/rapper does. Three Mixtapes in and he’s off to the races. I just hope he doesn’t run out of material.

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