Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What's Good?
Another tired day of school! Here go some some songs that woke me up as I got'em. For everyone locked down in college, keep your head up it's almost over. Enjoy every moment you are there.

Forgiveness is granted and I feel everyone else should fall back and let life take its place with this young man. Beyond all that this is a very good song I hope it makes the album.
Chris Brown- So Cold

Mariah has had a little run-in with a long lost friend and with the help of the Def Jam staff she prevailed. This song is pretty good. I comfortably feel T-pain didn't have to be on it but hey! its a good song.
Mariah Carey- Remember That

Well someone has come the Def Jam Black Hole. Remember this guy, Well he was a young man when he was introduced through Roc-A-Fella.
Young Steff-I Could Do It Better

So Lloyd is slowing making his way back and hopefully to drop an album because it is well overdue.
Lloyd- Beautiful

Mr. D.C. chillin has an album on the way and hopefully it is worth the wait. Max has high hopes so lets see. Attention Deficit in stores Nov. 10th
Wale feat. Pharell- Inhibition

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