Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pensar (Where Do We Go From Here)

What's Good?
Why is it in human nature of the male species, that we tend to accept the blame? Woman in which we all understand, seem to be very assertive in their argument even though they may be wrong or have a flaw in the quarrel. Pleading the fifth and removing your given right to defend yourself just to avoid confrontation can make you guilt instantly. As men we tend to stay quiet because when filled with emotion on a random hot seat interview, we tend to say inarticulate things that puts us in a deeper hole.
Through my experience with woman (sisters, mother, Girlfriends and Home girls)I have learned that woman always like to have the ball in their court. They hold us down by presenting dilemmas to where we have no answers to which sends us on a guilt trip. The inability to have answers leaves the male to believe he owes in some shape form or fashion. Sometime when I see shows on T.V. and the male states a valid point which baffles the female it makes me jealous because I have been in that same situation and couldn't find those words. Gentleman you need to be more articulate and stern in your choice of words.

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