Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Pensar (If Only St. John's Was Like This!!!)

What's Good?
This goes out to all my college people. Well for those who don't know, I 'am a Junior at St. Johns University. All my Life I wanted to go to The U (Miami,FL). Everyone I knew said "Miami was the best school hands down because of the parties, Football program, Student Life and the scenery" OH yea did I mention the Parties. People will never understand that if the student life is horrible at school your retention rate will fall. St. John's is very notable for academics but the student life is horrible. Yale, Harvard, Brown and Cornell are Ivy league schools and they have the best Student life. The parties are incredible. Greek Life also is what makes the school setting all that it is,so if Greek life doesn't have an influence on the infrastructure of the university all will fail, But not for Long.....The reminder of this horrible thought is right below...check out Asher Roth's New music video title college!

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