Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Realest * I ever wrote.

What's Good?
This is Josh Day's free bars...I know Max gone kill me for this.. but I love to share my thoughts.
Since I dont rap anymore I'll just scribe my thoughts.

Dried out of excuses/
selfish mindstate/
guess all friends are useless/
all like shallow bitches/
just with you, for what you doin/
so when you turn around
with your hands out/
friends keepin it movin/
thats why it's a one man train for this happyness
im pursuing/
so I try to focus on other shit like the future/
cuz like christmas there are no presents/
here in my present life/
Maria gave me a gift/
so I'm working hard to just get it right/
and never on a detour/
just a pit stop for the ladies
when they here to spend the nite/
too focus with life/
keep pushing until Im spent/
cuz I cant lie to myself/
nor build monuments of nothingness/
and Im gone.......

yea To LUTV and beyond

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