Sunday, June 7, 2009

Music Update:New York Edition

What's Good?
New York's movement is moving back to the top. I'm so happy to see that Jigga is taking his place as the leader of hip-hop. Although his time is up surely, he still plays a major part on what gets through standing as the gate keeper. So for those simple mind assholes he's basically requesting that all so call N.Y. rappers leave that damn southern swag and that autotune alone.I would really love to see New York take the crown again because music is completely destroyed because of all the autotune garbage. I'm okay with Southerners using it because that is their adaption. On the other hand, New York has a sound like no other city,which was rich and genuine. Fabolous, Maino Joel Ortiz and many more rappers have the responsibility to bring New York back. So far all of Fab's music has been legit for his upcoming album titled Loso's Way. So...with no further a due I present that good 'ole New York rap.

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