Monday, June 8, 2009

Theme Song of My Life!!!

What's Good?
Do you mind if I vent with y'all?
I sat here and look at this video almost 5 times...No Bull! I swear this has always been my life song because no matter what I road I take in life "there will always be Haters thats the way it is/ hater niggas marry hatter bitches and have hater kids". People dont understand that in my life and the amount of people I touch in whatever way, that when they say something it is always magnetized by 20. Shit really bothers me because I just wanna be me, so why would you feel its your duty to mention me in a negative light when in fact I gain a friend with every hello ...just because im that much of a genuine person. I may not be the best person but I try everyday to keep everything at peace in my circle. Thanks 'Ye

-Friends are friends and every friend needs that time of seperation when things just are'nt right. When time has healed the wound you will become friends again.

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Anonymous said...

that song is right on target