Thursday, June 4, 2009

Josh Days Free Bars 2.0

Well it's been a while since I last did this but I felt like writing for the blog because we know how boredom strikes when its 3:09 am. Well here it Goes!

Do to my past/
My life won't be complete no more/
And my imperfections/
Won't let me meet my queen no more/
Cuz sisters bitter as hell/
They believe we dogs/
A guess a nigger should just play his part/
Which is sad to see/
Life with days I'll be glad to see/
Wait miss lemme speak my peace/
Peace/Huh that's what we looking for/
You want life real sweet/no notebook story/
More like Jay and B/
One day ill be/that famous face/
I gotta dreamWhere everybody speak our name in street/
I think no woman cud beDeep down truly ready for me/
But don't be scared/ya boy ready to sweep/
Cuz ya boy got set goalsLike vinateri for three

Holla at me Maxx

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