Thursday, June 4, 2009

Music Update

What's Good?
I know Maxx and I just drop some tunes for ya'll but, here go some more! ya' dig. Look out for some new segments for the blog so we can make that step ahead. We are also looking for some writers so contact us at .

Brandy I guess is preparing for a new album and its obvious that she's working with Ne-Yo.
Her last project was pretty good I guess the record execs are noticing that she needs be a priority again.
Brandy feat. Ne-Yo- Decisions

"Your Boy Wale and he came to get it". Man This dude came a long way from rapping on the GoGo scene (D.C.) to the mainstream network. Wale speaks about a womens struggle against life. Prostitution has become her only option when in need to support her child. This song is so deep.Wale- Family Affairs

So everyone that is into music knows ya' boy Trey is taking over every hot song on the radio with his remakes. The songs he's dropping is dope. He also teams up Sammie to create I guess a spin off of Boyfriend #2.
Trey Songz- Ego / Trey Songz feat. Sammie- She aint my girl

Joe may have to be one of the most underated R&B artist of todays time. Album after album he produces good music. I personally loves songs. Good Luck with The New album.
Joe- Worst Case Scenario

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