Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Music Update

You Know What It Is:
just a quick few tracks...kinda new check them out:
This track is real nice.. It has a chill vibe to it... its off of Yung LA's (aka Lealand Austin) latest mixtape with DJ Drama titled Lamborghini Lealand.  T.I.'s protege from PSC definitely put out a good mixtape while T.I. is locked up...get his whole mixtape its official... here Yung LA  & DJ Drama - Lamborghini Lealand

speaking of T.I. he is still putting tracks out.. check this 1 with Wayne. Free T.I. lol I mean I really dont care for real.

Okay...This is the dude from ATL that was playing the guy from Brooklyn NY in the Cast. Yea he makes music too.. This is the first track I heard from him, and I cant say I dont like it.. He is the second 1 to rap on the song.

I talked about who Big Sean was a few times on here. Just figured I would put up another track. This is a real smooth track.

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