Thursday, June 18, 2009

New Music Update

What's Good?
How is everybody summer going? Hope you got those tunes to keep you focus and vibing for the summer. Well here go some new music for your playlist.

Letoya has come a long way since parting ways from girl group Destiny Child and her debut solo album. I guess she is on the Agenda for this summer to release a album and I believe she has the right A&R in her corner ( Hopefully).
Letoya Luckett- Don't need you

Is There anything since I bigged him up on the last post but whatever here goes a track from J.Cole's new mixtape title The Warm-Up.
J. Cole- Show me something

Well, Well...Well MC is making her way back with her new controversial single. Everyone believes she speaking about Slim Shady. I feel she has been two successful in her career to begin a beef. Hopefully L.A. Reid is smart enough to get her to fall back. Beside all the drama her and the Dream got together to produce absolute fire.
Mariah Carey- Obsessed

Johnta Austin has been in the game for a long time writing many songs for all your favorite singers. I'm still waiting for Ocean Drive but I guess he is just referencing track for all these artist.
Johnta Austin- Lost Inside Your Love

J. Miles is a very unfamiliar face in the music business but I guess listening to this song he proves that he has potential. Check it out for yourself.
J. Miles- No Days Off

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