Thursday, June 18, 2009

Josh Days Free Bars

What's Good?
Feel like writing so here we go!

It's hard when your moves are magnified by veinte/
and God never looked over my soul, he walked with me/
I made it outta east New York nigga ya kidd'n me/
I'll sacrifice my body not to go bac/ give up a kidney!
but really, im here but the world has been cold to me/
dont understand how the girls said no to me/
but now im fly and they all look like ho's to me/
guess cuz in college there's whole new breed of women/
but they gold diggers here
They smell dollars when its coming/
catch a baller when he stunting/
leave a baller down to nothing
leave em singing dream hard you know ... Love vs. Money/
they want a good guy but with those thugs they be running/
and i be chasing after them because these women i be loving/ huh
but cant get lost , cuz like traffic women cause detours/
we never even our love and hate on a seesaw/
down at the bottom the fat bitch thats holding me up/
pardon my french/
but its reference from a Jay-z song/
im everywhere like with this money , shit i dont see yall.
yall niggas pressing 0's no comma's just like a free call.

Holla at me Maxx!....D. King I see you!

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