Monday, July 6, 2009

Music Update

Whats Good?
Im' pretty much sure you guys know the drill! Here go some more music to place in all of your playlist.

BabyFace ...Comback? Very questionable move. This recording legend has set so many accolades that he should just let his legacy stay flawless!
BabyFace- I need some Love

My favorite R&B underdog has re-surface to give all the listeners a second chance to see why he should be one of the leaders as a singer!

HE PUT OOOOOOONNNNN!!!! Wale takes it back to his Go-Go roots and provides all of his fans with a Hometown song....."Sardines,Hey! and Pork and Beans".
Wale- Pretty Girls

What else can you expect from Joe but some good ole' slow music. I believe the veteran is good and ready to drop a album.

C'mon lets go Whitt, next stop ...staying clean.

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M0S3S said...

lmao thats fukd up "next stop stay clean"