Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What's Good?
I know I never done this before but here goes a whole rack of songs to keep you occupied. Please apply to the playlist.

YUUPPP!!! Trey looks to setting the trend to blaze for his upcoming Album. I hope he shows and prove with this album while taking a different route in the R&B world.
Trey Songz- Feelin' myself

So as Loso aproach his release date, I hope he see's light to stardom beyond every other album he has put out. This album by far will set him above all rappers striving to run the rap game. trust me when I tell you.
Fabolous feat. Keri Hilson- Everything, Everyday, Everywhere.

R. Les aka the Madd Musician has release another song. It sounds as if the song was a song that didnt make the cut from his debut album.
Ryan Leslie- All My Love

Listen we as listeners can not tell if these guys career can progress but you can say you gave them a chance in their debut. The song is Good kinda shocked me to see 4 white boys singing it.
NLT- Where is my Rose

Is Usher making a comeback, I say that because his last album surely was'nt. I know Usher is a wonderful performer who can create pandomonium while on stage so I hope him and his staff bring material up to par.
Usher feat. Pharell- certified

The London Crooner is slowly making his way overseas with his wonderful sound. There is something about the british accent that can grab an audiance. His last mixtape was great especially selecting a star feature.
Colin Munroe- Start A War

Who Knows what are Ne-Yo's True intentions of releasing all these songs. I guess he's empty out his last style to create a new one. I hope Europe will help him create it. Shout out Tos Money.
Ne-Yo -If you want me to stay

LLOYD has been doing a real good job. Good luck to him on his first release off The INC.

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