Tuesday, April 12, 2011

WELCOME BRANDY: Pensar (Lifestyle and Relationships)


     The product of an illiterate father and an entrepreneur-minded mother,
education was vital in my pursuance of my dream. Gifted as a young
writer, I would write poetry and short stories, but keep them hidden
not knowing how people would respond. It was not until high school
that I decided to translate my passion into purpose when I entered
several writing contests. Post high-school, I became enthralled in
journalism and teaching writing. I began writing MySpace bios for
friends and contributing to my college newspaper. The popularity of my
music column lead me to seek additional writing opportunities. I have
written for several online as well as print publications. I currently
own and operate 
www.1stophiphopshop.com as well as contribute
sporadically to a personal blog 
imma510gurl.blogspot.com andiheartdilla.com

As a member of November's Children I will provide you with insightful
commentary about everything hip-hop. Pensar wll be my thoughts about
various topics that will hopefully begin a conversation between you
and I and others about hip-hop. I represent the West Coast, Richmond,
CA to be exact. Hit me up, lets talk hip-hop

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